AKG K52 Headphones
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AKG K52 Headphones: All You Need to Know

AKG K52 Headphones

Now, studio headphones are a lot different from mainstream headphones in every way possible. These headphones are wired so as to enable you to plug the headphone into a high-quality source. But the most significant difference is in terms of sound quality.

Unlike mainstream headphones, the sound profile of studio monitor headphones is flat so that the listener can monitor the source audio from a neutral perspective. So a studio monitor might sound less detailed to regular headphone users since their ears are used to heavy bass. But once they listen to music with a studio monitor headphones for quite a while and pay attention to details, they will notice how much of a difference a pair of studio monitor headphones can make.

Usually, good quality studio headphones are pricey, but there are affordable options in the market like the AKG K52. Whether you’re looking for premium or affordable options, AKG is renowned for producing some of the best studio quality professional headphones out there. AKG started its journey in 1947 and has dedicated itself to producing high-quality headphones since then.

And the AKG K52 is a closed-back studio headphone, which can be a great pick for beginners that don’t want to break their bank. You might be wondering, does the low price equate with low quality? What are the manufacturers sacrificing in their headphones to provide such a product at this price range? Well, let’s find out.

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What’s in the Box?

The packaging is what you would expect out of something priced around 50$: very basic. The headphone comes in a cardboard box. You get AKG branding, technical specification and other information written all over the box. Once you open the box, you will find the headphone in a bubble wrap.

We would urge you to pop the bubbles later on and take a look at the actual headphone first because you are going to be in for a treat. The box comes with a 3.5mm to 6.5mm adapter that will come in handy when you want to plug these headphones into a high-quality audio source.

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Design and Build Quality

AKG K52 Headphones

This headphone features an elegant yet simple look that feels quite sturdy at the same time. This headphone is made with a combination of metal and plastic. The headband is made out of steel, and the earcups are made out of plastic.

The use of metal in a headphone that is priced around 50$ is quite impressive. This headphone has a matte black finish, which gives these headphones a sleek and premium look even though the price is hardly indicative of a premium product. Besides, the ears cups are made out of good quality plastic that does not feel cheap because of the matte finish at all. The faceplate has AKG branding embedded in it.

This headphone features a suspension band for head support and proper fitting for all possible head sizes. So, you don’t need to adjust anything to make this headphone fit your head. All you have to do is put it on, and the head suspension band will do the job.

This headphone is quite light because of the use of plastic. It weighs just at 200 grams. The lightweight design will allow you to wear these headphones for an extended period without any problem. This headphone comes with a fixed audio cable too. So, you can’t change the cable if you don’t like the stock cable. However, it’s not a dealbreaker, considering the price of the headphone. Overall, this headphone looks very plain yet outstanding, and the build quality is solid even though its mostly made out of plastic.

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Because of how lightweight these headphones are, you won’t be able to feel them after you put them on. The head suspension band is cushioned, and it sits on your head lightly without putting any pressure on your head. The AKG K52 Headphones come with large earpads that are adequately padded. The earpads are covered with synthetic leather. The headband is made out of metal, and it provides a decent clamping force that will allow the earpads to sit around over your ear and create a comfortable seal.

AKG K52 Headphones

As this is a closed-back headphone, it is supposed to isolate background noise. And the isolation of the K52 is okay, not too great. But it still does a better job than most of the other headphones out there in the same price range. So you can use these headphones outdoors. You can wear these headphones for an extended period without stressing your ears because of the lightweight and comfortable build. All in all, these are some of the most comfortable headphones out there considering the budget.


The AKG K52 Headphones is an over-ear, closed-back headphone that provides a suitable combination of comfort, durability, and sound quality. It comes with professional drivers that deliver strong bass, detailed mids, and crisp highs so that you can pay attention to every detail.

The earpads are replaceable so that you can swap them with a new pair if the stock ones get worn out.


You can use this headphone with any mobile device. As this headphone is not very power-hungry, just about any device will do. But to squeeze the best performance out of these headphones, a decent DAC is recommended.

Let’s come to the bass first. The bass of this headphone lacks the punch, but it is still decent. You will feel the presence of sub-bass and mid-bass because of how fairly this headphone treats the overall lower frequencies. Regular listeners will have a hard time picking up the bass right after wearing it.

The mids come with crisp and clean details. Stringed instruments sound very soothing, and you can even listen to chord switching sounds, which are very satisfying.

The high end is well balanced too. This headphone smoothens the higher frequencies, resulting in a pleasant musical experience. Budget-friendly headphones really struggle in the higher sector, but this headphone does an excellent job of making higher-pitched sounds seem forgiving to ears.

Considering the fact that this is an open-back headphone, the soundstage is quite extensive. You will be able to distinguish the sounds of the instruments accurately with this headphone. The overall sound quality is pretty good. As this is a relatively even sounding headphone, it is holding its “studio headphone” title pretty well.

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These headphones are really impressive considering the price. If you are a casual headphone enthusiast looking for a studio headphone, you can go for this one with your eyes closed.

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