AKG K712 Pro
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AKG K712 Pro: A Complete Review

AKG K712 Pro

AKG K712 Pro is a flagship headphone made for professional use. If you’ve searched for any kind of headphone recommendations online, then you’ve definitely come across some AKG headphones. AKG is renowned for putting out some of the best premium-quality headphones in the market, and the K712 Pro is no exception. K712 Pro is called reference headphones, meaning these headphones are primarily used in mixing, tuning, and other professional uses. The headphones come with a price tag for $339. So, are the K712 Pro worth purchasing? Let’s find out.

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What’s in The Box?

Unboxing any expensive headphones is always a delight, and the K712 Pro is no different. The K712 Pro comes in a box made out of cardboard, and the lid of the box is made out of velcro. Opening the box, you will find your new headphones, the AKG K712 Pro. Besides the headphones, you will also find some accessories. Inside the box, you’ll find a velvet carrying case. The carrying case comes in handy when you’re traveling with your headphone and for the overall protection of the headphones.

Besides the carrying case, you will find two cables. One of the coils is black and coiled, while the other cable is orange and straight. Both cables can be used with a quarter-inch adapter. The quarter-inch adapter is also included in the box.

Design and Build Quality

AKG K712 Pro

AKG is known for the build quality of their headphones; the construction of their headphones speaks for the premium craftsmanship that has been put into these headphones. And the K712 Pro headphone is a good example of that. K712 Pro features the top-tier design from AKG. It is an open-back style, over-ear headphone. Bringing out the K712 Pro, the first thing you’ll notice is the hammock-styled headband. This choice of design allows you to adjust the headband to your head; in other words, the headband is self-adjusting.

However, the self-adjusting headband can spell trouble for you too. Since it’s self-adjusting, there are a lot of moving parts. As a result, those parts can be points of weakness. Besides the self-adjusting design, the headband is made out of leather; this adds to the overall comfort of the headphones. Headband aside, other parts of the headband are mostly made out of plastic and metal. This may be a letdown for many people, considering the hefty price tag.

Unlike the headband, the earcups are fixed with the body of the headphone. The cups are covered with firm foam, and those foams are covered with suede-plush fabric. Longevity-wise, you can easily get these headphones for two to three years before the earpads become unusable. Moreover, replacing the earpads is quite easy; you can find replacements online, and you won’t need any tool to replace these.

Just like the earpads, the cables are replaceable too. You are getting two cables with the K712 Pro, and both of them can be used with a quarter-inch adapter. The AKG K712 Pro is, by no means, a lightweight headphone. It is a big and bulky headphone with no way to make it any compact. As the earcups are attached to the body of the headphones, there’s no way to fold them either. This is because there is no pivot or swivels them. Furthermore, the earcups also don’t fold flat.

The weight of the K712 Pro makes it hard to carry around your neck all day, and the large design means that you’ll need a bag to carry it. The K712 Pro is also not designed for use during sports activities. The lack of stability is the reason why the headphones seem to easily fall off during any kind of sport. However, for casual listening, the headphones are excellent, and the design speaks for it.

Comfort-wise, the K712 Pro gives the listener incredible support. The big ear cups ensure that you will have no problem using these, regardless of your ear size; in fact, for some people, the earcups can be a bit too big. The headphones don’t have too much clamping force either, meaning that you won’t find the headphones putting too much pressure on your temple. Overall, despite the fact that it is mostly made out of plastic and metal, the AKG K712 Pro has an excellent build quality.

Sound Quality

AKG K712 Pro

As the AKG K712 Pro is made for professional use, you can expect amazing audio quality. The open-back design ensures that the soundstage will be spacious; however, this also means that you will experience some sound leakage. Looking at the sound signature of the headphones, you will find that the overall audio reproduction is very lively, warm, and spacious – spreading all over the sound spectrum. The lows of the K712 Pro are intense for an open-back headphone. The overall bass reproduction of the headphone is clean and tight. Furthermore, the open-back design makes the bass more impactful and present.

However, the thump of the lows is a bit disappointing. Furthermore, without adjusting the sub-bass in the EQ, you won’t be able to feel the rumble to the desired extent. On the other hand, the mids are great. It never sounds too distant or thin; it’s rather more forward. In the highs department, the treble is perfectly tuned. The treble is bright and sound natural, yet it doesn’t cause any fatigue.

The highs are dynamic and filled with energy; it is not too sharp either. when it comes to the soundstage of the K712 Pro, the open-back design ensures that the headphones sound very spacious. In fact, these are one of the most spacious sounding headphones out there. Because of the wider soundstage, you can hear the instruments very clearly. Thanks to the open-back design, you can easily distinguish each musical instrument played on a track. The overall vocals sound amazing too since it has more room for breathing. However, some might find the separation a bit unnatural.

AKG K712 Pro is an excellent headphone for professional use and casual listening alike. The overall sound quality is great, and it provides great value for the money you’re spending on it. So, it’s definitely worth purchasing.

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