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AKG N60NC Review

The sonic industry has seen a massive revolution in recent years and decades. The introduction of programmable sound generators in the 1980s kick-started the journey. It was followed by the FM synthesis, digital-to-analog converters, high-fidelity audios, and the recent iPods. Sound devices integrate intricate systems to optimize performance. AKG N60NC is the epitome of the revolution. The Samsung headphones come with unique features that will change how you enjoy music and other audios. Below is a review of the headphone, and why it is so highly rated.

AKG N60NC is a masterpiece in a nutshell. Samsung combines a unique and stylish design with quality sound performance to bring you a perfect headphone. The piece of art takes massive work to craft, so you pay more than you would for an average headset. It costs no less than $300, but it’s all worth it.

Enjoy listening to music, audios, information, e-books, among others, with the noise-cancellation headphones. Get extended playback time in your ten-hour flight thanks to the quality battery in the AKG N60NC. Lufthansa uses the on their jets. We help you explore the design.

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AKG N60NC is an industry’s darling due to its lavish design. It has a plastic board, with the deep ear pads, and wrapped in soft leatherette. The headphone has an on-ear design, where the earcups are in constant contact with your ears, making them pretty compact.

AKG N60NC has folding arms, while the earcups are a little larger than your ears. This means they fold into a compact semi-circle for convenient storage.

The headphone comes in a sleek black color that is circled with a subtle silver trim to give it a touch of flair. Check the AKG logo that is embedded on each earcup to be sure you have legitimate AKG N60NC. The design of these headphones makes them appropriate for both casual and corporate events. Below are more design features

  • Controls- The right earcup of the headphone has a full assortment of levers and buttons. The first one is the playback control that you flick up to skip forward a track. Flick it down to skip backward, and alternatively press it in to play or pause.

The rear of the right earcup also accommodates the on/off lever. The button also controls noise-cancellation. The two buttons at the front of the right earcup are the volume controls.

  • The left earcup has space for a 2.5mm jack for when you need to use a wired connection. There is also space for a micro-USB port for charging.

Overall, AKG Noise-canceling headphones are a stylish ears-et that will come in handy in your everyday activities. What makes it a unique product are the features that distinguish it from the rest of the competitors. We break it down for you.



  • AKG Signature Sound

Samsung incorporates the technology they have developed over the decades to deliver a unique sound experience. AKG N60NC balances your audio and delivers smooth, multidimensional tones rather instead of the conventional overpowering bass. The headphone has exceptional detail that enables you to feel each layer of sound. The music hits different and frees up your mind to infinite possibilities when played like it was intended to be heard. Samsung brings you the award-winning AKG signature sound with deep bass and rich in mid-range.

  • Active Noise Cancellation

Working from home is fun until you have to find a way to cope with noise from kids playing. You won’t find a better solution than AKG N60NC. Samsung incorporates Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) in the headphone for effective noise attenuation.

It is combined with memory foam and protein leather to make sure that you are not distracted from making a call in a busy café. AKG N60NC is ideal for pretty much all environs, including busy airports, bus-stations, flights, libraries, and office.

  • Wireless audio playback with AptX

The biggest question when buying a wireless headphone is if the sound quality will be affected. Ease your fears with AKG N60NC. The incorporation of aptX and AAC technology guarantees superior-quality sound.

The headphone allows you to access all your playlist through Bluetooth. Convenient controls mean that controlling the volume and skipping songs are hassle-free. Receive an incoming call with the touch of a single button. Bluetooth 4.0 transmitter has a frequency range of 2402 − 2480MHz

  • Long-lasting battery

AKG N60NC would be incomplete without a long-life battery. The headphone uses a lithium-metal battery that runs 30 hours of playback with Active Noise Cancellation turned on. Listen to music for up to 15 hours with both Bluetooth and ANC turned on.

Pros & Cons

AKG N60NC promises excellent performance but has its flaws as well. The unique features mean the headphone stands out in a market flooded with mediocre products.


  • Enjoy music in a unique way through AKG Signature Sound. You will notice a lot of details you would miss with regular headphones. There is no need for overpowered bass when you have multidimensional tones.
  • Are you an introvert that wants peace of mind? Do you find public places too noisy? Are the neighbor’s kids distracting you from studying for your online exam? AKG N60NC is your answer. The headphone has a unique sound attenuation feature.
  • Incorporation of AptX and AAC technology guarantees that picking calls through Bluetooth is flawless. Listen to music wirelessly without distortion.
  • AKG N60NC’s battery will not run out even in your twelve-hour long flight. Switch between options to save more power.


  • The headphone is expensive. AKG N60NC will cost you no less than $300.

What are you looking for in a headphone? Is it noise-canceling? Or is it a headset that has the most exceptional sound quality? The chances are that AKG N60NC headphones will always have an answer for a solution you are looking for. Spend some extra dollars in your contingent, and get a quality that will serve you for long. Your gym sessions, flights, road-trips, and online classes should not be boring. Be sure to get a legitimate AKG N60NC headphone from Amazon or Samsung shops.

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