AKG Y50BT Headphones
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AKG Y50BT Headphones: A Complete Review

AKG Y50BT Headphones

This is 2020, and Bluetooth headphones are a necessity nowadays. Bluetooth headphones gained much popularity since smartphones started removing the headphone jack. Most people rely on their smartphone as their source of music, so they are opting for Bluetooth devices now more than ever. Bluetooth technology, along with its headphones, has progressed in leaps and bounds throughout the years. Bluetooth headphones are much lighter and smaller now, so they are superior for portability and comfort. The newest Bluetooth technology and codecs ensure the best connectivity and audio streaming. The Bluetooth headphone market is very competitive, and there are many brands offering decent Bluetooth headphones at reasonable prices. But AKG is well known for its high quality yet affordable headphones. Though AKG specializes in wired headphones, they also make wireless headphones, which are pretty good. And the AKG Y50BT Headphones is an excellent affordable wireless on-ear headphone that competes with headphones that are considerably high in price. So, let’s see what this headphone is offering for its price.

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The unboxing experience is nothing very flashy. The AKG Y50BT comes in a cardboard packaging with a transparent front. You can take a look at the headphone without even opening the box. After you open the box, you will find the headphone itself. Inside the box, you will find a basic 3.5mm audio cable that you can use to connect your headphone to your device (only if your device has a 3.5mm jack or you would need an adapter). This is a decent touch because if your headphone runs out of battery juice, you will still be able to use it.

The headphone package also includes a micro-USB cable for charging and a soft carrying bag made out of cloth, which won’t give your headphone protection from heavy damage, but it will surely protect your headphone from dust.

Design and Build

AKG Y50BT Headphones

These headphones come in four color variants to choose from (Red, black, teal, yellow), and it looks quite smart and fashionable. The headband is made out of metal and has a glossy finish. It has the AKG logo printed on it, and the head supporting portion is padded with soft materials that are covered with synthetic leather.

The headband is adjustable and can be extended up to one inch. The earcups are rotatable to 90 degrees, which makes this headphone portable and travel friendly as well. The frame is quite flexible too, and it will be able to fit most head sizes. The use of metal for a product that comes with a price tag below 100$ is quite impressive as well.

The earcups are made out of plastic and have a glossy finish similar to the headband. The use of plastic does not make this headphone feel cheap; the plastic, in turn, makes this headphone very light. You will find a big AKG logo printed on the faceplate of the earcups that adds a nice detail to the simple design of these headphones.

You will find the controls of the headphone on the right earcup. First, you will find the volume rockers and a multi-functional button in between. You will also find a LED indicator that will flash when the headphones are turned on and connected via Bluetooth, which flashes red when turned off. Besides that, you will see a small pinhole for the mic.

You can use the multi-functional button to play or pause a track; double-pressing will play the next track, and triple pressing will make the headphone play the previous track. Long pressing it will trigger your phone’s voice assistant.

Overall, this headphone features a simplistic yet stylish look, and the build quality is also excellent. In fact, the build quality will give you the feel of a higher-priced headphone.


The AKG Y50BT Headphones is very light because of its plastic build and the other lightweight materials used. The headband is flexible and made out of metal, so you don’t need to worry about it snapping into pieces.

The headband is generously padded, which is very comfortable for your head. The earcups are also very soft and covered with synthetic leather. As it is an on-ear headphone, it will sit right on your ear, making a decent seal on your ears, not around. It might be a bit uncomfortable for people who are used to over-ear headphones, so these headphones are not recommended for them.

These headphones are overall quite comfortable; you will forget about them after putting it on because of its lightweight and firm pressure distribution. You can use these headphones for heavy listening sessions too; it won’t make your ears hot or create any fatigue even after 4/5 hours of listening.

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AKG Y50BT Headphones

This headphone features a 20-hour battery life, which is impressive. You can charge the headphone through the micro USB port. And in case the battery runs out, you can still enjoy music using the 3.5mm port.

The pairing process is quite simple. You can easily pair it with any Bluetooth supporting device. The connection is pretty stable; the working range is around 8 meters from the source device. There are no major connection issues, and the latency is very low.

This headphone supports Qualcomm’s aptX codec with compatible devices, which improves the overall connectivity and sound quality significantly.

Sound Quality

This is where the AKG Y50BT Headphones step up the game good. The sound quality is surprisingly excellent.

This headphone offers a punchy bass, which most of the average music listeners look for in a headphone. The bass is not so much that distorts at higher volume, though. It does not interfere with other frequencies. Hip-hop and electronic music becomes quite enjoyable with this headphone.

The mid-range is surprisingly good with its clarity and smoothness too. You will be able to enjoy the vocals and guitar distinctively and enjoy every detail. The high end is very dynamic. The treble does not sound harsh by any means, and it rather sounds soft and pleasing to your ears. You can enjoy high pitched tones even when you crank up the volume.

The sound stage feels a bit congested, as it is a closed-back headphone with small driver units, which is typical for this type of headphones. However, you will still be able to separate the instruments.

This headphone is surprisingly good for a product that is manufactured by a company that specializes in making wired earphones. This headphone gives you the perfect bang for your buck, and it can easily compete with other headphones that are a lot more expensive.

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