Best Alternatives to AirPods in 2021

Alternatives to AirPods
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Are you looking for truly wireless earbuds? If you are nodding, then there are high chances that the only thing that comes in your mind is the AirPods. They are incredible at what they do, no doubt. However, you can’t help but wonder if you will afford them because it is no secret that you have to dig quite deep into your pocket to provide them. Fortunately, there are quite several great alternatives to AirPods.

Just like great AirPods, they have features such as wireless connection, wireless charging, and noise-canceling technology. Which are those earphones that qualify to be alternatives to AirPods? Keep reading to find out.

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 Best Alternatives to AirPods in 2021

6. iMORE Stylish

iMORE Stylish

You probably have heard about AirPods. You also know the money you have to cough to own it. Now, imagine getting precisely that for about half its price. That’s what these alternatives to AirPods offer.

They are good as far as bass is concerned. After all, they ensure that it is punchy, well-balanced, and non-overpowering. Its battery life is incredible. That’s because it can last up to 6 hours, giving you great playtime continuously after a single charge. In addition to that, you get a charging case that will last you for up to 24 hours. What a great traveling companion?

5. Samsung Galaxy Buds


Samsung Galaxy Buds

The next alternatives to Airpods are the Samsung Galaxy Buds. They are compatible with their sisters, Samsung devices, and Apple smartphones. That’s a plus to buyers of the same. They also integrate with Apple products as well as services. Their batteries can last up to 6 hours. The earphones also come with a charging case that gives you nine additional hours of effortless charging.

As far as sound quality is concerned, it is amazingly high. It is all thanks to being tuned by AKG and the Ambient Aware mode. The latter is responsible for the blending of the audio and the outside noise. Consequently, you can comfortably listen to your music and keep track of what’s happening around you simultaneously. The former, high-quality sound, is also facilitated by its adaptive dual microphone. They are also smart enough to pause music as soon as you remove them from your ears.

4. RHA TrueConnect

RHA TrueConnect

The manufacturer identified that people love the verticle pipe design of AirPods. Therefore, the designers not only adopted it but also made it better than that of its predecessor. That’s just a single reason as to why it is one of the alternatives to AirPods. Say goodbye to the bass that dominates your tracks with this pair of earphones. Equally important, they fit comfortably and securely. Therefore, you get to wear them for long without hurting your ears and, at the same time, deal with noise isolation.

When it comes to its battery life, a full charge offers you 5 hours of listening time. Thanks to its charging case, you can enjoy up to 20 hours of listening time. Pairing is only a matter of seconds, and the controls make it a breeze to change or pause music and increasing the volume.

3. Jabra Elite 65t

Jabra Elite 65t

One of the many reasons why these earphones are among the alternatives to AirPods is the fact that they are fully sweat-resistant. What do you expect from a device with an IP55 water-resistant rating? Therefore, you get to enjoy your favorite music even when working out without having to worry about damaging your earphones with sweat. So, carry them for running and at the gym without worrying about destroying them. The sound quality is excellent for listening to music and making calls.

Its battery life supports 5 hours of listening time after a full charge. That increases to 24 hours because of the charging case. The earphones fit perfectly because of the excellent build and design. Feel free to change your EQ settings with the help of its app. To keep in touch with your environment, use the built-in mic to get the sound from outside.

2. Jaybird Vista

Jaybird Vista

For vibrant and entertaining sound, superb fit, and hefty bass, these are perfect alternatives to AirPods. With a perfect fit, which is facilitated by fins and ear tips, it becomes possible to use them all the time, including during exercise. In addition to comfort, you also get stability hence no interruptions when listening to your music. Last but not least, they are water-resistant; thus, sweating during workouts can’t destroy them. Their water-resistance rating is IPX7.

Its battery is incredible. After a full charge, it will be possible to listen to your music 6 hours continuously. Thanks to its charging case, you also get an additional 10 hours of listening time. It supports Bluetooth connection. These alternatives to AirPods are also compatible with both Android and iOS.

1. Sony WF-1000XM3

Sony WF-1000XM3

It is not every day that you find earphones offering not only the active noise canceling technology but also the transparency mode. That’s why these earphones rank the best among the alternatives to AirPods. As far as Sony is concerned, high-quality sound is a guarantee. Something else fantastic about them is the implementations of the SBC as well as the AAC codes.

Their battery life is long enough to offer you 5 hours of fantastic listening time. They also come with a charging case for an extra charge. However, they support neither LDAC nor aptX. In addition to that, they are not water-resistant.

Evidently, you don’t have to rob a bank to take home earphones that match the AirPods. That’s because there are several alternatives to AirPods that cost less while given the same results. They also allow Android users to have excellent listening time. So, it is high time that you considered these alternatives to AirPods. They will, beyond any reasonable doubt, take your listening experience to a whole new level at an affordable price.

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