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The reason why you should use Anker Powercore

Anker Powercore

Start with the history of why Anker Brand become big in the market

While most people have aware of the popularity of the Anker brand but not many people actually know the history behind this trendy brand. The founder of this Anker brand was a former employee from one of the biggest tech companies in the world, Google. Mr. Steven Yang who was a software engineering at Google company decided to leave his job and created his own brand and company. He found “Anker” in 2011 working with its first line product of laptop batteries. After then, the company worked on its expanding of product lines including charger, portable charger devices, and cables.

Anker brand also has its own subsidiaries in various countries around the world such as the USA’s California, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, and China as well as many contractors like South Korea, Kuwait, Saudi Arabi, and Romania. In 2015, Anker was released as the leading brand for mobile chargers on the website. And after gaining so much supports from the customers, Anker also released their new brands as expanding their product lines including “Eufy, Soundcore, Zolo, Nebula and Roav” since 2016 up then. Each brand has its own product line which specifies its own type of electronic devices in the market.

For example, the Eufy brand consists of Smart Home appliances while Soundcore consists of headphones and portable speakers. In 2015, the company booked more than 100 million dollars as annual revenue. This has shown that Anker has become very popular since then. By receiving big support from the crowd, the company has kept working hard by building strong relations with their loyal customers by creating the technology of collecting the data on the website about the reviews from their customers. With its best service, good quality, and affordable price, this brand has kept its popularity since then.

What kind of technology do they use in the latest Anker power bank?

Anker is famous for its charging devices which include Anker Power Bank as one of the most popular product lines from Anker. The popularity of this Anker Powercore is because its technology was named “PowerIQ”. This technology is the key that makes Anker Power bank becomes so popular with their tech users. Anker uses this latest technology as the 2nd generation of external battery power. The PowerIQ helps users refill their device’s batteries with less amount of time for a full charge. Users can spend only a small amount of time on a quick charge. The system helps maximize its capacity to deliver battery as much as possible.

Explain that the quality and the price is a match

If you are thinking about whether buying an Anker power bank is worth your money buying or not then you can find the answer right here. Well, Anker remains as the top market player not only just Anker Powercore but electronic devices or smartphone accessories too. Even there are a few other competitors but Anker still remains the top brand as well. This should be evidence showing that even Anker has been in the market for a decade now but its popularity and its position in the market still remain as the big player. Moreover, it still covers much of the market share as well. Anker also develops its new technologies to respond back its customer’s needs.  Their product department also did research before placing their product’s price into the market as well. Especially you do not need to worry about its quality since it also offers a warranty to its users as well.

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