Anker Soundcore Life Q10
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Anker Soundcore Life Q10 Review

Anker is making a big name for itself in the audio game with its Soundcore audio brand. Their Soundcore products somehow seem to be well made and sound great yet do not come at a ridiculous price point. Yet another addition to their strong lineup for headphones is the Anker Soundcore Life Q10 series. These are over the ear Bluetooth headphones with USB-C charging. As for price they are pretty reasonable. So, how do these hold up to Anker’s so far solid reputation? Let’s find out! This review will take a deep dive into these headphones. We will touch on the unboxing, the design and comfort and most importantly sound quality and features.

Anker makes some pretty bold claims for these – let us see if any of those hold up.

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Anker Soundcore Life Q10


The box of the Q10 is nothing that special. It features your usual box with some tasteful graphics. The headphones are displayed right at the front with some listing of all the features.

You will find Anker, really wants to promote the 60-hour playtime and the 40 mm audio drivers. Opening up the box, we aren’t quite impressed with the overall presentation. The headphones come inside a plastic shroud and that mostly is it. In the box, you, of course, get the headphones themselves, a USB-C cable and an aux cable. A carrying case would have been a nice touch.

For the price that you can buy these at, we are not going to shave off too many points for the unboxing experience. At the end of the day, when you are buying value headphones, it’s the performance and comfort that matters most. So, onto comfort and design then.

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Beautifully Designed for the Price

We are going to come ahead and say it- these headphones are a looker! The design is very professional and looks way more premium than they are. You have the memory headband and ear cups that sit comfortably on your ears.

As for color choices, you get 3 of them. You have the black and red option, a pretty bold blue option and the classic black option. We generally prefer understated and professional color tones around here. But there is just something about the blue variant and the quality of the finish that we like quite a lot.

The build is solid too. The build is plastic and we don’t expect anything more from Anker at this price point. Having said though, the build is amazingly sturdy. These do not feel flimsy or cheap. For added portability, these can fold up. Meaning you can fold these up and chuck them into your bag and just get on your day. However, these do not rotate though. So, people who are used to rotating ear cups might be disappointed.

Overall Anker pulled off a great job in the design and build department with these. We love the subtle “Soundcore” branding on the sides. You also get a button on the side of the earbuds.

They were tactile and easy to feel out with your fingers. There is also a mic. You should be able to make pretty decent calls. In our testing, the mic was not the best but can get the job done without much of a problem.

Anker Soundcore Life Q10

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Loud Sound with Thumping Bass

If you would ask us to describe the sound quality of these headphones, there are two words that you need to know – loudness and bass. That pretty much sums up these headphones.

Anker markets these as bass-heavy headphones and boy, are they right about that one! These are some of the most bass-heavy headphones we have listened to especially at this price point.

However, the bass is great, it does so by not sacrificing on the mid and high notes that much. The mid and highs were pretty admirable even though not the best we have heard. The treble was pretty good.

You can definitely enjoy a wide variety of music with these. There is no reason to stick with just bass-heavy music – although that is the headphone’s strong suit.

To get some extra added bass, Anker has what it called the BASSUP button. This is a small button that boosts the bass all the way up to 11. Heart thumping bass albeit at the cost of some degradation of the treble.

These sound just perfectly great for the price, especially if you are a bass junkie, you should be giving these a close look if you are shopping on a budget. The battery life was also superb. We got close to 60 hours of listening with the volume just below 100%. Anker has been making waves with the battery life of its headphones and these Q10 show that prowess. The inclusion of fast charging also adds to the whole experience. You can charge these for just 5 minutes and get a whopping 5 hours of playtime.

If you do not want to listen to these in the wireless mode you can easily plug in the 3.5mm jack. The audio technology that it uses is Bluetooth 5 and holds a connection pretty well. In our testing, it held on to a signal well even at a distance of around 50-ish feet. Sound quality-wise we feel the Q10 is pretty impressive especially if you are into the bass.

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Overall, the Q10 is a solid pair of budget over-ear headphones with wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and USB-C charging. The sound signature is very commendable, coupled with a premium design these are a no-brainer for someone who wants an affordable pair of over-ear headphones.

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