Apple AirPods Max Vs Beats Solo 3

Apple AirPods Max Vs Beats Solo 3: Which one is more worth it?

Apple AirPods Max Vs. Beats Solo 3: Which one is more worth it?

Apple AirPods Max Vs. Beats Solo 3, Among many wireless headphones on the market, These two are among the most popular and highly regarded by consumers due to their advanced features and exceptional sound quality. As a result, choosing between the two can be difficult if you’re seeking high-quality headphones. Nonetheless, please continue reading to determine which one is more worth it.

Design of Apple AirPods Max Vs. Beats Solo 3

The comparison commences by discussing the design of the AirPods Max and the Beats Solo3. Both headphones are visually appealing and have distinct styles that can attract most users. However, the AirPods Max stands out with various unique details, making it different from other options in the market, which is a subjective point that varies for each individual.

In contrast, the design of the Beats Solo3 is more conventional yet iconic as the brand has invested considerable effort into its aesthetics, making it easily recognizable to most people. The different finishes available for both headphones in this section are worth mentioning.

Furthermore, it’s worth emphasizing certain aspects and features of the AirPods Max design. Notably, the headdress, a micro-perforated mesh, sets them apart from other headphones. Additionally, the digital crown on the right earcup is identical to the one on Apple Watches, making it a distinct and recognizable feature. Undoubtedly, the AirPods Max is a rare find for design, as they are meticulously crafted and cared for.

Price of Apple AirPods Max Vs Beats Solo 3

It’s important to consider the price users will have to pay for either of these headphones. The reality is that neither of them comes at an affordable price considering the features they offer, and there are comparable options available at lower prices in the market. The Beats Solo3 can be purchased for USD 110.41 from Amazon. On the other hand, the AirPods Max are priced at USD 441.59.

Noise Cancellation

Apple AirPods Max Vs Beats Solo 3

Noise cancellation has become an increasingly popular and practical feature in headphones. However, the Beats Solo3 headphones stand out because they only provide a limited degree of passive noise cancellation. This implies that their over-ear design offers noise isolation naturally rather than utilizing sophisticated technology to eliminate it actively.

The AirPods Max are considered by many to be the top-of-the-line headphones in terms of noise cancellation. They provide complete isolation from external sounds and include the widely-used ambient mode. Unlike noise cancellation, this mode lets you hear external sounds more clearly while wearing headphones. It’s convenient for initiating conversations without taking off the headphones or keeping track of your surroundings in the office while working.

Sound Quality

Apple AirPods Max Vs Beats Solo 3

Sound quality is critical when discussing headphones since they aim to offer users an enjoyable music-listening experience and provide a means for listening to other types of content, such as podcasts.

As previously mentioned, both headphones perform exceptionally well within their respective ranges, which is crucial to consider throughout the comparison. It’s important to note that these two headphones cater to entirely different audiences based on their requirements, expectations, and budget. As a result, they both excel at fulfilling their designated purposes.

Although the Beats Solo3 headphones offer decent sound quality. It’s undeniable that the AirPods Max far surpasses them, positioning themselves as one of the best headphones on the market. Thanks to their exceptional sound quality. Additionally, it’s important to mention that the AirPods Max also supports spatial audio on Apple Music, another noteworthy feature to consider.

Battery Life of Apple AirPods Max Vs Beats Solo 3

Beats Solo3 has an impressive battery life of up to 40 hours, which is longer than AirPods Max’s 20 hours due to their advanced technology and features.

It is important to consider how headphones are charged. Whether they support fast charging, especially when you urgently need them. The Beats Solo3 can be charged using a MicroUSB port, while the AirPods Max uses the traditional Lightning port. However, both headphones lack a USB-C port, which is now considered standard. Regarding fast charging, the Beats Solo3 can provide up to 3 hours of music playback with just 5 minutes of charging, while the AirPods Max only offers 1.5 hours of playback.



Apple AirPods Max Vs Beats Solo 3

Think about compatibility; Beats Solo3 and AirPods Max use Bluetooth to connect to various devices, allowing non-Apple users to enjoy their features and user experience.

When working with Apple devices, the Beats Solo3 can function, but they can’t match the seamless pairing and connectivity of the AirPods Max. This has long been an advantage for Apple, as their effortless user experience is highly acclaimed.


They both have excellent features like active noise cancellation, quality audio output, fast charging, and compatibility with Siri. But the question is, which one is more worth it? Beats Solo3 shares many of the features found in AirPods Max, but the most significant advantage is that they are more affordable. You can purchase Beats Studio 3 on Amazon for as low as $110.41, making them a much cheaper alternative to the $441.59 AirPods Max. In our evaluation, Beats Solo3 comes out as the better option compared to AirPods Max, not only because they provide similar features but at a more affordable price but also because they have a longer-lasting battery.