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Top 10 Beats Earbuds in 2021

It is hardly possible that you haven’t heard of the brand “Beats”, as it is one of the best headphone brands in the market right now. They are popular for their bold design, signature sound, and marketing. But these headphones do not come cheap, they are rather quite expensive. So, here is a list of top 10 earbuds from Beats, you can choose from these if you want a decent pair of Beats earbuds.

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10. Powerbeats Wired Headphone

Powerbeats Wired Headphone

The Powerbeats Wired Headphone is a sporty earbud from Beats that will provide superior comfort, fitting, and deliver powerful bass while you’re engaged in sports activities.

These Beats earbuds are made out of lightweight materials, which feels very comfortable on ears. It comes with a flexible rubber constructed adjustable ear hooks to ensure the best comfort and grip.

  • These earbuds are sweatproof so you don’t need to worry about damaging it if you sweat too much.
  • It features a subwoofer and a tweeter which works in harmony and provides extra bass and dynamic sound.
  • The noise isolation is outstanding as well.

9. UrBeats Earbud from Beats by Dre

UrBeats Earbud from Beats by Dre

The urBeats Earbud Headphones is a premium top of the line earbud from Beats by Dre. These earbuds come with an all-metal build which ensures the highest sound quality and ensures its durability. This headphone looks and feels very premium. The metal finishing adds a very nice touch to its aesthetics with the red wiring accent.

  • These earbuds deliver incredible Bass.
  • It features driver pumps which balance the sound.
  • These earbuds also feature an in-line mic which can be used for phone calls.

8. Powerbeats Pro Wireless

Powerbeats Pro Wireless

The Powerbeats series is known for its outstanding fit and comfort during sports activities. This is a True wireless (TWS) earbud which is a worthy upgrade over its previous models.

It features an ear hook design that ensures a superior grip while you are engaged in sports activities. It is a TWS earbud which means there are no cables to worry about.

  • Battery life up to 9 hours which is outstanding considering it as a TWS earbud.
  • The battery life can be pushed to 24 hours as it comes with a charging case.
  • The sound quality is great too.

7. iBeats from Monster Beats by Dre

iBeats from Monster Beats by Dre

This is an earbud from the Monster Beats by Dre line. This promises superior audio quality.  The body is made out of metal. It has a shiny finish which looks very premium. The ear tips are made out of soft rubber and the fitting is very good. It comes with a high-quality cable as well.

  • These Beats Earbuds come with built-in driver pumps which stabilizes the sound.
  • The sound quality is overall clean and detailed with a punch of bass.
  • It comes with different sizes of ear tips to ensure proper fit.
  • This earbud also features an in-line mic to assist phone calls.

6. Beats urBeats 3 headphones (3.5mm)

Beats urBeats 3 headphones (3.5mm)

This is the 3.5mm variant from the urBeats 3 lineups. These earbuds are small but impressive at the same time.

The UrBeats 3 is a pretty stylish earbud available in four color variants; black, blue, white, and red/black. The build quality is quite good and sturdy. The fitting is very good because of the wingtips it provides. It also creates a decent seal which provides good noise isolation.

  • Feature a tangle-free cable and magnetic which will give a proper tangle-free experience.
  • Amazing Sound Quality

5. Beats urBeats 3 (Lightning)

Beats urBeats 3 (Lightning)

This is the lightning variant from the urBeats 3 lineups. These are exclusive for Apple devices since modern iPhones and MacBooks no longer have the 3.5mm audio port.  The build quality is similar to the 3.5mm variant. It’s stylish and sturdy; it won’t disappoint you. The fitting is excellent.

  • The features are similar to the 3.5 mm variant as well.
  • However, the sound quality might differ because of the different connectors.

4. Beats Urbeats Earphones Matte Black

Beats Urbeats Earphones Matte Black

This is the best earbud from the urBeats lineup hands down because of its professional design.  What makes these earbuds the best UrBeats headphone is its unique design and color combination; you will love it. The fit is very good too.

  • The sound quality is incredible.
  • The fitting will ensure great noise isolation which makes a sound quality even more enjoyable.

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3. Powerbeats3 Wireless from Beats by Dre

Powerbeats3 Wireless from Beats by Dre

This is a very comfortable pair of earbuds that you can use while running and workout sessions. It’s built out of lightweight materials that make it so comfortable. The matte black finish gives it a sleek look. The ear hook design ensures the best fit.

  • It features a battery life that can last up to 12 hours which is outstanding.
  • The sound quality is overall decent with the Beats signature Bass.

2. Beats Tour2 Wired In-Ear Headphone

Beats Tour2 Wired In-Ear Headphone

This is a high-quality offering from Beats with excellent sound quality. It’s built out of plastic and weighs only 0.85lbs. So, you can guess how light and comfortable it would feel on your ears. It is very decent looking with the white and red accent.

  • The sound quality is remarkable.
  • You can enjoy your music cranked up to full volume without experiencing any distortion.
  • Overall, it’s one of the bestselling earbuds from Beats.

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1. The Beats X by Dre

The Beats X by Dre

This is the best wireless earbuds from Beats offering a lot. This is a stunning looking wireless earbud with its matte black finish. It is very sturdy and durable as well.

  • These Beats earbuds provide a decent battery with fast charging support.
  • It also features fast connectivity with Apple devices.
  • The sound quality is very impressive since it delivers balanced sounds with a punch of boosted lows.

In conclusion, these are the best earbuds from Beats. All of these are very good and you can choose any of them depending on your preference and budget.

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