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Beats Studio 3 Review

The manufacturer of Beats studio 3 headphones is Apple computer, which is also the first company that markets it. This earphone is of lightweight that enables someone to hold them on the head for an extended period. The actual weight of the Beats Studio 3 is 2.2 pounds, which any person can carry with ease. The headphone comes in black color with some goldish on it that makes it attractive to the user and other people. The beautiful color and the lightweight of the Beats Studio 3 headphones make it best for daily use.

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The content of the box

This Beats Studio 3 comes with a black box with grayish on it. The box has a soft cushioning on the inner part to protect the head when it falls from any external damage. The other factor of the box is to store the headphone when it is not in use. This box keeps the charge and other speaker components when they are not in use to enhance their security. The other parts that one will find in the box are the USB charger and the manual of the headphone.

Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones

Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones


The headphone uses the latest technology of Bluetooth that makes it have fast connectivity with IOS phone and android devices. It has a wireless technology that makes it easy and fast connectivity. This headband is foldable to make it fit on the box, and this makes it easy to carry and move with it from one place to the other. The box on the outer part is soft, making it comfortable to hold on the hand.


Beats Studio 3


The beat studio earbud uses noise cancelation technology in its mic that makes it easy to communicate with it. This headphone uses the modern technology method of mic development that makes it clear and audible during phone call communication.

This headphone has a warrant for two years, which ensures the owner enjoys maximum usage. The pure and active noise canceling device makes the headphone one of the best in sound.


The headphone has a modern look that makes it easy to put in the case, and a person can move with it. The headphone has an attractive look that makes it easy to move with it while listening to music. The soft cushion placed on the ear makes it comfortable on the ear while listening to the music. There is no worry when waterfalls on the earphone; the material used is waterproof that enables one to use it in the rain.

Beats Studio 3

The finish of the best studio 3 speaker has a beautiful finish with a visible logo for Apple on both sides of the speaker of the headphone. The quality of the speaker guarantees you high-quality headphones with a unique style of it’s on it. The outer layer protects the wires not to break when the headphone falls. The headphone has a modern design mixed with excellent sound that makes the product stand out in the market

Battery performance

The battery of this headphone has lithium ions as one of the components. The lithium has a power-saving mechanism of up to 22 hours. When the battery charge for 10 minutes, it will work for more than three hours. The above shows that the components of the headphone are more functional. The speaker charging system is compatible with all types of USB cables that enable it.


The material used to make the Beats studio 3 headphones is a combination of different high-quality content that makes it long-lasting. The sound produced by the Beats studio 3 is of high-quality making it the best to play games with it. The distance of connectivity makes it best for a person to use it while the audio system is three meters away. This Beats studio 3 is easy to fold, then pack in the box and move with them.

The loud voice of the speaker makes it effective for a person to use it comfortably. These headphones balance clearly on the ear to ensure one uses it with ease. The two ears hear the sound of the music at the same interval. The battery of the headphone works for long and has a lifetime of 10 years and more. The outer part has an attractive finish with a unique style that makes the best in the market. The apple design makes it unique and beautiful.


Beats studio 3 headphone is somehow expensive that most of the headphone. This headphone is only compatible with iOS and Android devices only. A person cannot use the headphone on the devices that have other applications. The additional finish of Beats studio 3 headphones may deteriorate faster, making the earphone appear dull on the surface.

Most of the time, the quality and consistency of the speech when using the Beats studio 3 is not achieved, despite the headphones use the internal canceling technology. It will hang when people with small heads wear it because the headphone is not adjustable.

Beats studio 3 headphones use the current technology of Bluetooth connectivity, making it fast to pair with any device that uses iOS and Android devices. The high performance of the headphones is with the current technology that enables it t produce a loud voice. The battery of the headphone has lithium ions that make the headphone work for more hours, making it enjoyable. The outer appearance on the speaker makes it best for the user to brag of the quality of the headphone. This headphone is foldable, making fit on the box to enhance easy portability. The flexibility of the Beats Studio 3 makes it best for indoor and outdoor use.

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