Behringer HPX4000
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Behringer HPX4000 Review: Great Low Budget Headphones

If you work with music, create digital content, or if you are an audiophile, you definitely know that the least you have to settle for is an accurate-sounding headphone. However, often we fail to save enough money for that and have to buy a less expensive, and obviously less accurate model. However, even these less expensive models can be quite taxing. They might take up a big chunk of cash from the money you were saving for the best headphones. For generations, people have suffered from this situation. Good news for you, the days of choosing between the worst and the worst are over. With the Behringer HPX4000, you have a better option at your hand now. The Behringer HPX4000 is an affordable yet decent headphone that offers a good amount of sound accuracy. And today, we will take a better look at it. Let’s get started then!

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Behringer HPX4000

Behringer HPX4000

Product Description

The Behringer HPX4000 was released quite some time ago. But, experience tells us that when it comes to headphones, the release year is just a number. Now, the high accuracy of the headphones comes from the fact that it was originally intended to be a DJ headphone. And we know how much accuracy matters in that line of work.

That is why, if you want a decent sound balance and accuracy at an affordable price, you will not be disappointed with the Behringer HPX4000. The sound balance is rather neutral. That is to say, the bass is not boosted. You will get a tight bass, but it will not be overwhelming. The mids are crisp, and you will be able to hear subtle details such as the pick strokes on an acoustic guitar. Vocals really stand out in these headphones. The treble is high but not piercing. You can hear the snares fine. If you are a fan of guitar or keyboard synth solos, you will enjoy these headphones. You will not find any case where the frequencies bleed into one another, so that is great too.

The volume of the headphones is not that loud, but they are loud enough. They come with 40mm cobalt capsules which provide a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. You can use the headphones with your DJ mixers, laptops, computers, smartphones, or even MP3s as they have an impedance of only 32 Ohms. They sound great on any device. However, if you plug them in a DAC, you will definitely get a higher volume and much more clarity.

Behringer HPX4000


It is a closed-back headphone, which means you will experience better noise isolation. However, it is an on-ear headphone and you may not feel comfortable wearing it for too long. However, the cushions are quite soft and your ears will not hurt. The ear cups swivel for a better fit.

You will get a nice, durable cable of one meter along with the headphone. This wire is straight at one end and coil at the other end. If necessary, this cable extends up to 2.5 meters. This is very convenient as the cable will not seem unnecessarily long when it is close to you, but it will adjust when the need arises. With the cable, you will get a 3.5mm to a quarter-inch adapter. The adapter screws onto the 3.5mm jack, so it will not come off like other adapters.

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Product Design and Quality

The Behringer HPX4000 headphones have an, well, okay build quality. If you put it next to three hundred dollar headphones it will look like a piece of plastic. However, if you take a look at the fact that you will be paying less than twenty dollars on this it makes everything better instantly.

The headphone has some branding. On the headband, you will see a white logo of Behringer. On each ear cup, there is a logo of HPX4000. Additionally, the ear cups have steel-like mesh, which looks pretty cool. The cushions and headband are black and very comfortable as they are made of breathable material as well.

One of the features that we did not expect is that the ears cups can swivel. This feature is mostly present in headphones that have a high price range. With this feature, the earphones will be protected from accidental blows, and they will be able to adjust themselves to your ears easily.

It is very unlikely to find high-quality cables in low-range headphones. Although it does not come with a braided cable, it still offers an oxygen-free copper wire cable of 1 meter. It can be extended to 2.5 meters as per necessity.

Product Features

  • 40mm cobalt capsules for high-precision sound
  • Neutral sound balance with tight bass, crisp mids, and piercing highs
  • High-end, oxygen-free copper wires
  • Durable build
  • Lightweight
  • Swivel ear cups
  • Wide frequency range


Overall, the Behringer HPX4000 headphones are great. The 40mm cobalt capsules sound amazing, and the output is clear and quite accurate. Though you will not get a boosted bass, you can still have a good preview of your songs while you are mixing them. The sound balance is quite neutral and there is no sound bleeding, which is a good sign.

The headphones are pretty lightweight. Moreover, you can wear them for hours without any stress. The swiveling ear cups provide a better adjustment and protect the headband from direct blows. The design of the headphone is decent enough as well.

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In Conclusion, The Behringer HPX4000 is a great headphone if you are looking for one under the twenty-dollar mark. It will provide you great features and quality without hurting your wallet. If you are looking forward to buying a high-end headphone, but need some time to save up the money, you can take this to support you for some time. Even if you are a person who is just looking for cheap yet decent headphones, we highly recommend this product!

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