Betron B25 Earphones
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Betron B25 Earphones Review

If you’re looking for high-definition audio, and decent noise isolation in an earphone with the cheapest price tag, then Betron B25 earphones is the earphone for you. Whether you’re looking for an earphone for rough use or just want an earphone at the lowest price tag, at only $10.99, Betron B25 has you covered.

We listen to music every day and everywhere. Whether it’s at the office or at home, we listen to music. Now, for stellar audio performance and all the advanced features, you will need to buy one of the premium headphones out there.

But can you get decent, if not an excellent audio performance without breaking your bank? Yes, you can. There are many alternatives to the premium class headphones out there, and Betron B25 earphones are one of those earphones.

Let’s take a closer look at the Betron B25 Earphones.

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What’s in the Box?

For earphones priced at $11, you shouldn’t expect any grand unboxing experience. Betron B25 comes in a package that looks and feels cheap. The box is made out of semi-hard plastic material, and the plastic is shaped according to the earphones inside.

Opening the hard plastic box, you will find the earphones sitting in their designated frame, and the wire is bundled below. Behind the bundled cables, you will find the carrying pouch; the carrying pouch is a nice addition for an inexpensive earphone.

Besides the soft felt carrying pouch, you will find a protective cap for the earphone’s jack made out of plastic. You will also find a shirt a clip to keep the wires from dangling all the time, and four additional pairs of ear tips. These ear tips will help you to find the right size for you and will help heighten the user experience.

Build Quality

Looking at the Betron B25, there’s no way to tell that these are inexpensive earphones. Betron B25 comes in a few different color options. The color options include gunmetal, gold and black, raspberry red, silver, and black. So, if you are looking for colorful headphones, the B25 earphones got you covered.

Before we look into the build quality of the Betron B25 earphones, you should know that the earphones come in two versions. The difference between the two versions is that one has an in-line remote with a built-in mic, while the other one lacks this feature. However, both versions are priced at $10.99.

Coming to the build quality of the B25 earphones, these are a pair of in-ear style earphones. Betron B25 comes with a 9mm driver, and the driver is matched with a vibrating diaphragm made out of metal. The metal diaphragm is the reason behind the durability of the earphones.

However, despite the metal construction, the B25 earphones are lightweight, and the ear tips are made of silicone. The lightweight design, paired with the right ear tips, will provide great comfort when used for a prolonged time. The wire of the B25 earphones comes in a metallic look as well. Not only does it come in a metallic look, but it is textured as well.

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Betron B25 Earphones: Inexpensive and High-Definition Earphones

The 3.5mm jack on the headphones is gold-platted. The reason almost all manufacturers use gold plated jack and cable are that the gold platting helps in reducing the signal loss. This also helps keep the button and jacks away from corrosion.

With the other version of the Betron B25 earphones, an in-line remote and mic is included with the earphones. The buttons are gold-platted, and with those buttons, you can adjust the volumes, and play or pause the music track you’re listening to.

Also, there’s a built-in mic in the in-line remote. With that, you can answer your calls, going hands-free. The earphone’s length is 4 feet, so it is long enough to meet most users’ needs. Also, the 3.5mm jack means you can use the B25 earphones with almost any device.

You can use the earphones with both Android and iOS devices and other devices that have a 3.5mm headphone jack. While the B25 earphones were made for listening to music, you can use them for your gaming purposes as well. Despite being an inexpensive earphone, the 3.5mm jack is sturdy and fits most devices perfectly. To top it all off, the Betron B25 earphone comes with a one-year warranty.

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Sound Quality

Betron B25 earphones come at just below 11 dollars, so the sound shouldn’t be as amazing as a premium quality earphone. That’s why while using the earphones, you should keep these in mind and adjust your expectations.

When it comes to sound quality, Betron B25 is bass-heavy earphones. Betron also claims that the B25 earphones are capable of noise isolation. Let’s see what Betron B25 earphones are capable of.

Firstly, Betron B25 earphones sound like every other 10-dollar earphone, not that good. The audio reproduction lacks in detail, and due to the emphasis on bass, the sound comes out as muffled.

The B25 earphones have Bass Response Control Technology, according to Betron, there is an acoustic port on the earphones that control the airflow. This is necessary for the low-frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHz. The result of this lower frequency control is the optimization of the vibrating diaphragm, allowing the earphones to reproduce more bass.

Coming to noise isolation, in this case, the results will depend on the ear tips you use—the better the fit of the ear tips, the better the noise isolation. In the case of the Betron B25, as mention before, the earphones come with four additional pairs of ear tips.

With the right fit, the B25 earphones sit comfortably in your ear canal, blocking out outside noises. Accompanied by the right ear tip, the B25 earphones will be able to block most of the ambient noises. But as the earphones don’t have active noise cancellation, you will experience some sound leaks.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an inexpensive earphone for casual use, Betron B25 earphones should serve you well. For the price, the earphones sound average and will get the job done.

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