Betron BS10 Noise Isolating Headphones
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Betron BS10 Noise Isolating Headphones Review

The main reason why people use headphones is to listen to their favorite songs wherever they go. People commute to a lot of places every day of the week and it can get boring. After all, traveling from one place to the other without anything interesting to do can be a lot to handle. In order to solve this problem, everyone uses a headphone and plays their favorite tracks. There are a lot of headphones in the market today. Each brand of headphones caters to the specific needs of the customers. With that said, let’s get to know what you should look for in wireless earbuds(Betron BS10 Noise Isolating) :

Betron BS10 Noise Isolating


One of the major problems that Bluetooth headphones seem to have is with latency. It is a short delay taking place in the middle of an audio signal sent and the time you hear it. This issue is hard to notice when you are listening to songs. However, it becomes much more noticeable when you play online games.

Usually, the problem arises because the audio does not sync with the visuals. It will vary on the basis of the hardware and software setup you own.

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Battery Life

A lot of over-ear Bluetooth headphones feature a long battery life. You can charge these devices with the help of a USB cable. An ideal pair of these will have 20-30 hours-worth battery life. But, earbuds tend to possess a shorter battery life.

In the case of truly wireless earbuds, you can use them nonstop for 5 hours at full capacity. They will arrive with a separate charging case as well.

It is hard to get one with an all-around performance like Betron BS10 Noise Isolating headphones. If you want a headphone that offers value for your hard-earned money, then this headphone is worth looking into:

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One of the basic needs that people use headphones for is to get decent sound quality. With Betron BS10, you can get much more than just proper sound quality. It will fit in a way similar to a conventional earbud outside. There are slanted tips on this headphone that can fit in like an in-ear headphone.

You can try other tips as well if you want a tighter fit. The Betron BS10 contains joint and jack support that is made of metal. These metal pieces come with slight knurling that helps you grip better. You may also find a plastic piece on the body of the joint that can slide through nicely.

The plastic piece is kept to reduce the size of the left/right wires. On the other hand, the body of the wire is partly woven and contains a bit of outline. There is microphonics on the body of Betron BS10 that will not evade anyone’s eyes. While the quality of the microphonics has room for improvement, it is not terrible in any way.

Betron’s headphones have earphone drivers as well. These 12mm long headphones are responsible for producing incredible sound quality. As a result, you will be able to truly enjoy the treble response. In addition, the driving bass makes the Betron BS10 a very desirable headphone.

Despite having great sound quality, the Betron BS10 would be of little use if it didn’t fit your ears. Fortunately, these headphones consist of three distinct sizes when it comes to ear tips. So, you will not need to worry about the earbuds being too big or too small to wear.

Nowadays, microphones have become a common feature of headphones. It is no different in the case of the Betron BS10 headphones. There is an in-built microphone accompanied by a remote controller. Both of these accessories are situated on their earphone cord.

Betron BS10 Noise Isolating

Design and Quality

The Betron BS10 headphones are quite comfortable to wear. They are made with premium quality material and weigh very little. As such, you may want to keep them on and listen to songs for a really long time.

These headphones comprise a unique design that focuses on the ear canal. Due to this design, the headphones are able to deliver ambient sound. In addition, the design helps with isolating the noise and feel at ease as you listen to your playlist. On top of that, the headphone also allows you to take hands-free calls.

In this case, it can sync with an Apple or Samsung device if you use one. It is ultimately made possible by the earphone cord. So, it’s only natural for you to want to carry the headphone around wherever you go. The manufacturers kept this in mind and have come up with a protective case.

There is more to this headphone that is bound to impress you. For starters, it is incredibly versatile and so, compatibility is hardly an issue. You will be able to pair it up with a range of different electronic devices anytime you want to. It means that you will be able to plug the headphones inside the device you are using with headphone jacks.

You are also going to like the connector that Betron BS10 possesses. The equipment is 3.5mm in length and contains gold plating. These devices are known to work quite well when it comes to transferring signals. As such, your life will become a lot more convenient.

Now, the overall design and structure of these headphones make them appear even more excellent than they usually are. They come with a sound signature that is circular.

Product Features

The combination of an in-built microphone and controls makes it multifunctional. It lets you skip songs, pause them as well as receiving phone calls. In short, you have no need to touch the device to have complete control over it. Other than that, they come with 12mm drivers made of neodymium that helps deliver powerful audio.


  • Promotes music portability
  • Produces low-frequency sound similar to clubs
  • Provides fantastic bass response


  • A bit overpriced.

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There is a wide range of features that you can enjoy if you buy the Betron BS10 Noise Isolating. With that said, you need to decide for yourself whether you want to get a hold of such fine technology.

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