B&O Beoplay H9 Review

B&O Beoplay H9

B&O Beoplay H9 Review

B&O Beoplay H9 Review

The B&O Beoplay H9 is one of those active noise cancellation headphones that want to stand out from the crowd. Rightfully, it owns a spot as one of the best ANC headphones available today. The luxury brand offers any audiophile fashionista money well spent. In honesty, it is year ago that we were reviewing the H9i, and now we present you with Beoplay H9 3rd Gen Headphones available.

B&O Beoplay H9 Design

B&O Beoplay H9 Review

When comparing the 3rd generation H9 headphones to the original model, many things have changed when it comes to the technology side. The over-ear earphones have an aluminum frame and earcups lined with leather. Compared to the predecessor, the size remained the same. What has changed is the earcups providing you with more space to give your lobes a more relaxed listening experience. We found wearing the design comfortable without excess pinch to your ears. However, if you have a smaller head, you may find the headphones a tad loose.

The finish is luxurious, and you can buy it in a chestnut color or black. Both have the aluminum frame with excellent stitching on the leather. Another thing that changed, and we want to thank B&O for the change is the removal of the battery flap. The third-gen offers you a non-removable battery that is hidden away. Therefore customers can look forward to earcups without the paneling falling out. Furthermore, you get a larger battery capacity for extended use. Moreover, you can use the headphone wired or wire-free. Included you get the charging cable and audio wire as well. On the other hand, during our test with a phone, the sound is a bit too quiet. However, when used in wired method you get plenty of loud noise. On the right earcup, you get gesture controls by using with taps or swiping.

With the multifunction’s you can control the sound to boost the volume and more. What is more, you can also swipe through different active noise-cancellation settings as well. For hands-free use, you only need your voice to use your phone’s voice assistant. A fact is it has a dedicated Google Assistant button. Other accessories you get are the carrying case with flight adapter that is a nice touch to use on planes.

B&O Beoplay H9 Performance

When it comes to the overall sound with subtle noise-canceling, the H9 model stood out from the crowd. Once again the sound is superb using the H9iii. The sound is exceptional, with a colossal bass delivery. The highs are crisp and well-balanced with the outstanding sound stage. The only problem with the wireless headphones is you do not get aptX or aptX HD support. That price is undoubtedly significant, which is a bit of a hurdle. For us this was a bit of a disappointment.

But considering the price with expanded battery capacity you get longer-lasting use. You get up to 22-hour playback, and it charges with a USB-C charging cable that is nice. Another problem we found that B&O did not address is that you can easily leave the ANC on and it drains the battery. If you consider that these headphones are smart to stop the music when removing the cans—the idle issue would be a great touch when fixed. Now when it comes to the active noise cancellation, the H9 3rd gen is superb. Whether you are on a plane or train it cuts out the external noise completely.

B&O Beoplay H9 Specs

  • Battery: 25-hours with wireless and ANC
  • Color: Chestnut and Black
  • Cord Type: Wired and Wireless
  • Extras: Active Noise Cancellation, B&O app, On-device Control, Google Assistant
  • Form Factor: Over-ear
  • Included: Audio Cord, Charging Cable, Flight Adapter, and Carrying Pouch
  • Noise Isolation: Yes
  • Warranty: 2-years
  • Weight: 285 grams

B&O Beoplay H9 Pros and Cons

What we like:

  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Less sound leakage
  • Cushioned well
  • Voice Assistant

What we do not like:

  • Has no on/off button for the ANC

Should You Buy it?

Yes, but it will depend on how you like your noise-cancellation. If you want to shut out the outside world, you will love the new H9 wireless headphones. Furthermore, you can use them wired or wireless as the battery use is excellent. Moreover, you can enjoy a long flight without the humming background noise of the engines. Lastly, you will get a stylish pair of Bluetooth headphones that stand up well against brands like Bose or Sony, as well.

Our Verdict

The B&O Beoplay H9iii is the best wireless over-ear headphones you can buy. You get an overwhelming bass response with great soundstage. Furthermore, the build and material are excellent with stellar battery life. What it does fall short of is excellence compared to the older model. You do not get multi-device pairing found in most of the other wireless headphones. On the other hand, you do get the best active noise cancellation with voice assistants. Whether you are at home or on the go, the 3rd gen B&O Play H9 is the one to have. The price is a bit high, but it remains a gorgeous device.

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