Bose quiet Comfort 35 ii
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Best Bose quiet comfort 35 ii Review

Bose quiet comfort 35 ii

Bose quiet comfort 35 ii are wireless headphones that feature with noise cancellation features that will ensure you will listen to your music without much distraction from ambient noise hence making your music sound better. These headphones will feature other exciting characteristics such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built-in. You will find quickly and conveniently accessible to millions of songs and select your preferred playlist. They also feature voice assistants that will enable you to ask anything without typing anything. The manufactures have also equipped these devices with Bode AR which is an audio augmented reality platform.

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Exciting Features of Bose quiet comfort ii

Bose quiet comfort ii

The extended battery life of up to 20 hours

while typical headphones will have an average of 5- 8 hours of listening time, these Bose quiet comfort 35 ii will have a fantastic battery life of up to 20 hours. You will listen to your music all day in a calm and relaxed environment without worrying about the battery level of these headphones. Charging it for only 15 minutes will give you 2.5 hours of listening time that is quite impressive. It is even safe to listen to music while charging your headphones.

Bose Connect App is available.

Bose Connect App will give you comfortable and the much-needed access to everything your Bose quiet comfort 35 have. You will conveniently adjust and customize the setting according to the way you want them. This will help you spend much of your time listening to music instead of setting up your headphones. If for example, you are traveling and you are in the train station, you will adjust and select how much you want to hear by just changing the level of noise cancellation.

Wireless connectivity.

Sometimes wired headphones will discomfort you, especially while you are traveling. But these Bose quiet comfort 35 ii features a wireless connection via Bluetooth connectivity. You will even connect two Bluetooth Bose headphones via one device and share your favorite playlist. Remember sharing is caring.

Noise cancellation features.

When you want to listen to your favorite music and you are in a noisy environment such as in a stadium, train station or Airport you will activate the voice cancellation feature and adjust the levels of noise cancellation to suit your environment. With Proprietary technology, these headphones will clear away the ambient noise so that you will listen to your music quietly.

Quality sound at any level.

Some headphones will have sharp and discomfort sound while you listen to music in loud volume. But with these Bose quiet comfort 35 ii, the quality of the sound will not be compromised no matter how loud the volume is. These headphones some drivers and volume optimized Equalizer that will give you clear and quality sound no matter where you are. Noise rejecting a dual microphone system will provide clearer audios even in noisy environments.


whether you are practicing, exercising, in office, at the gym, traveling or hiking these headphones, will still have an astonishing performance. You will regulate the noise reduction level to suit your environment.


These headphones feature foldable earcups that will fold easily into a foldable position that will ensure they will be carried along. The materials that make these headphones are lightweight.

Action Button

Bose quiet comfort 35 ii headphones will feature an action button on the left ear cup. These buttons will be of great help because it will help you to initiate voice assistant commands in countries where voice assistants are available. This button will also be of great help even if your country does not have voice assistants. The action button will help you toggle through 3 different ANR settings for optimal performance.

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Some Frequently asked questions about Bose quiet comfort 35 ii

Difference between Quiet comfort 35 wireless headphones and quiet comfort 35 wireless headphones ii

quiet comfort 35 wireless headphones ii

Just like Bose quiet comfort 35 ii headphones, Bose soft comfort 35 will still have and offer the same features of noise reduction features, wireless freedom portability, 20 hours of listening time, dual microphone, and other functions. The only difference now is that Bose quiet comfort 35 ii has a new Action button is at the left earcup, this action button will help you get instant access to voice-controlled tasks in countries where voice assistants such as Google assistants and Amazon Alexa are available. But in countries where there is no voice assistant, this button will act and help you toggle through three different ANR settings that will give you optimal performance.

How do you achieve the total noise cancellation mode in Bose quiet comfort 35 ii

These Bose soft comfort 35 ii will have both active and passive noise reduction technology. They feature complex and sophisticated techniques to achieve this. They use a proprietary electronic approach to activate noise reduction by merely placing the microphones both on the inside and the outside of the earcups. Their automated system will automatically sense the sound in any environment and then will measure, compare and react instantly by producing opposing cancellation signals. Passive noise cancelation is achieved by combining the acoustic design and the materials used in making the earcups cushion.

What are the buttons that are buttons that are featured at the back of the right earcup?

The right earcup of these Bose quiet comfort 35 ii has three functional buttons that will serve a different purpose. The giant middle button will help many functions i.e.; it will start, pause your music or videos. It will also answer or end calls, and it will initiate voice commands. The other buttons on either side of the multi-function button are the volume up and down. You will use these buttons to adjust the volume of your music.

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Can I charge my Bose quiet comfort 35 ii via my laptop or PC?

Yes. Bose quiet comfort 35 ii will charge quickly via a USB cable and will not have any problem while charging. You will listen to your music while charging these headphones.

With so many exciting and tempting features, these are the best noise cancellation headphones of modern times. They will offer you a clam and conducive environment to listen to your music, and they will provide you with long hours of music listening time, Convenience to carry and so many excellent features. They have some added features than their predecessor models that will make them very perfect and too good to resist.

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