Bose SoundLink Bluetooth On-ear Headphone Review

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth On-ear Headphone Review

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth On-ear Headphone Review

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth On-ear Headphone Review

The Bose SoundLink On-ear Bluetooth Headphone is a headset to beat. The noise-canceling earphones offer you wireless features. Furthermore, it remains one of Bose’s premium on-ear wireless headphones available. However, it is pricey, but what has changed from the older SoundLink Around-Ear headphones to these?

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth On-ear Headphone Design

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth On-ear Headphone Review

Thankfully, these new on-ear wireless headphones do not have Frankenstein’s abilities. You get a wireless form of the SoundTrue around-ear headphone that is wired. The overall package is more prominent and not as compact, plus it does not fold that flat in the carrying case. The earphones weigh 5.4 oz. and lightweight compared to the wired siblings. On the other hand, the earphone is comfy with the plush earcups. The cups conform to your ears comfortably; however, we did not find them durable.

At the midpoint of the cushion, the fabrics thicker than found on the on-ears model. Once placed on the head it fits snug but does move around when you move your head a lot or hop up/down. However, these are not made for a workout, but you could use them for light cardiovascular or lifting exercises. Moreover, we would not recommend you too much sweat on the earphones.

On your right earcup you have the control buttons that are within reach. Using the buttons is easy to take calls and skip tracks. On the other hand, you have dual-microphones called the “Adaptive Audio Adjustment Function.”

What the Adaptive Audio technology does is alter the volume centered on the ambient noise and your speech. We found it works well as we had no problems making/receiving calls on noisy streets.

Moreover, we had no problems pairing the headset with an Android or iOS device. The wireless function worked without hiccups. Another benefit is that you can use it wired as well with the included cable. You receive a carrying case, and micro-USB cable included. The battery use is 15-hour, which is reasonable compared to the 12-hours offered by the Solo2 from Beats.

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth On-ear Headphone Performance

Now, what can we say about the sound! All that we can say is that these are the best Bluetooth headphones we have heard. Not only is it a top wireless earphone but the best on-ear earphone as well. When comparing the SoundLink to the Beyerdynamic T51p with the same price range, the latter sounds better. When playing different tunes we found the SoundLink on-ear wireless headphone sound pretty natural.

The bass is overpowering, but the clarity is excellent. You do get some wireless artifacts but many of you might not hear it. We compared the earphones to the Beats Solo2 Wireless and Studio Wireless over-ear model from Beats. For better sound isolation the Studio Wireless is better as it has some active noise-cancellation. The former headphones even sound better than the Bose (that has a more vibrant and spacious sound.)

We did find the SoundLink fit better than the Solo2, but we prefer over-ear earphones compared to on-ear models (and comes down to preference.) The Bose offers a balanced sound that is warm in the midrange compared to the Solo2 wireless. While the latter gives bass, and the instruments are more distinct offering you the best overall listening experience.

On the other hand, the Beats do have active Bluetooth giving you a faster sound that not all listeners may like. Where the SoundLink stands out, even more, is that it is comfortable to wear. Therefore, one area where the SoundLink falls short of the Solo2 is wired listening.

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth On-ear Headphone Specs

  • Battery: 15-hours
  • Color: Black
  • Cord Type: Wired and Wireless
  • Extras: Dural Microphones, Automatically Adjusts Sound, Active EQ
  • Form Factor: On-ear
  • Included: Carrying Case, Charging Cable and Audio Cable
  • Internet: Voice Assistant
  • Noise Isolation: Yes
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Weight: 5.7 ounces

Pros and Cons

What we like:

  • Compact
  • Comfortable
  • Works well as a headset
  • The buttons are easy to use
  • Reasonable battery life

What we do not like:

  • The wired mode sound is not the best
  • Expensive

Should You Buy It??

The Bose SoundLink on-ear wireless headphone has a comfortable fit for hours of listening and commuting. For people on the go, you can give the earphones voice prompts and the controls intuitive to use. The calls come through loud and clear with the two-way microphones in noisy environments. Even the controls are within reach on the right earcup. Pairing it with voice prompts is quick, and you can get notification sounds as well. The music is detailed and balanced and the best of all you can use it on the go. Alternatively, you can also use it wired, but the sound is not the best.

Our Verdict

When you look for the best Bluetooth headphones, they do not come cheap. However, the Bose SoundLink on-ear is less expensive than the Beats Solo2 wireless. On the other hand, it sounds better, and you get a comfortable fit. While the on-ear design does not appeal to all it remains an excellent wireless headphone. The earphones should appeal to users looking for a less bulky pair of wireless headphones to wear at the office, on the go, or at home.

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