BuddyPhones POP Fun

BuddyPhones POP Fun Review (2023)

BuddyPhones POP Fun Review (2023)

Introducing BuddyPhones POP Fun Headphone, the ultimate all-in-one headphones designed for children. These headphones ensure safe volume levels, deliver remarkably balanced sound, and boast a flexible build, albeit made of plastic. They only lack water resistance to safeguard against accidental juice spillage.

Specifically engineered to protect the hearing of toddlers and young teens, BuddyPhone’s volume-limiting headphones are a game-changer. The prevalence of noise-induced hearing loss among headphone users, including children, necessitates such safety measures.

Previously, most headphones tested for toddlers fell short of our stringent safety standards. However, it appears that BuddyPhones has paid careful attention, as the POP Fun headphones come close to perfection.

These fabulous headphones adhere to our prescribed loudness limits and offer a surprisingly well-balanced sound signature. More details on this aspect will be discussed later. So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump right in.

I. Product Tech Specs

  • DRIVER UNIT: 40mm¬†Neodymium
  • SENSITIVITY:¬†85-94 +/-3dB @1mW 1kHz
  • CORD: 0.8m
  • PLUG: Gold Plated 3.5mm

II. Design of BuddyPhones POP Fun

BuddyPhones POP Fun provides a comfortable wearing experience and ensures a secure fit. While their construction may raise initial concerns, these headphones surprise with their overall comfort, making them suitable even for adults. They are designed to cater to children’s needs. These headphones offer many practical features with wireless connectivity, onboard controls, dual volume modes, wired capability, foldable design, decorative stickers, and more. This beautiful headphone cost only USD 35.89 at Amazon.

BuddyPhones POP Fun

Design and Construction

Lightweight and Gentle The BuddyPhones POP Fun features a design incorporating a relatively light clamping force, resulting in a gentle fit. However, their overall plasticky construction may initially leave some doubts. The headband, covered by a silicone layer, possesses a slight dampening effect and offers minimal cushioning. Although slightly stiff and small, the fabric earpads contribute to overall comfort.

Comfortable Fit

Despite initial doubts, these headphones offer a worry-free and comfortable experience. With their lightweight design and minimal pressure on the head, even with a less cushioned headband, these headphones are perfect for children with smaller ears.

Breathable and Sweat-Resistant

The BuddyPhones POP Fun’s breathable fabric-wrapped earpads are perfect for active use. They prevent sweat buildup, ensuring comfort during extended listening sessions or energetic activities.

Stability Considerations

This headphone is great for everyday activities like home listening or commuting, offering sufficient stability. However, they may not be the top choice for running or vigorous movements. Unlike models like Explore+, they might feel less secure during highly active moments. For energetic kids, it’s essential to exercise caution and ensure a snug fit during vigorous activities.

Construction and Material

The BuddyPhones POP Fun, like many under $50 headphones, is primarily made of plastic. However, its smooth finish adds an elegant touch. Despite being plastic, these headphones don’t rattle when shaken, showing good internal stability.

Safety and Environmental Compliance

BuddyPhones POP Fun prioritizes children’s health and well-being by meeting strict safety and environmental standards. Compliant with RoHS, REACH, and PROP65 requirements, these headphones use safe materials. This ensures peace of mind, minimizing worries about allergies or health issues.

Flexibility and Endurance

BuddyPhones POP Fun is built to withstand daily use with its impressive flexibility. These headphones can be stretched and bent without losing their structure, making them resistant to accidental drops. However, it’s important to remember that extreme circumstances can still cause plastic to crack, so taking proper care is recommended.

Washable Earpads

BuddyPhones POP Fun stands out with its removable and washable earpads, offering easy maintenance for cleanliness. You can remove sweat or dirt, ensuring a hygienic listening experience. However, note that replacement earpads are currently unavailable for long-term care.

Carrying Pouch

BuddyPhones POP Fun lacks a carrying pouch, which may be considered a minor inconvenience, unlike some other models. A pouch offers extra protection and convenience for transportation.

Liquid Vulnerability

The BuddyPhones POP Fun lacks an IP rating, making them susceptible to liquid spills. Given children’s activities, accidents can happen. It’s crucial to be cautious and prevent any liquid contact with the headphones to avoid potential damage.

Convenient Onboard Controls

BuddyPhones POP Fun provides complete control at your fingertips with three prominent physical buttons behind the right earcup. These controls allow users to perform various functions effortlessly:

  • Play/pause: One press on the Power button
  • Repeat/previous track: Long press on the “-” button
  • Next track: Long press on the “+” button
  • Answer call: One press on the Power button
  • Reject call: Long press the Power button
  • Change volume mode: Simultaneously press the “+” and “-” buttons

II. Performance of BuddyPhones POP Fun

BuddyPhones POP Fun is an excellent reference point for children, introducing them to what quality headphones should sound like and fostering an appreciation for natural audio reproduction.

Sound Quality

The BuddyPhones POP Fun headphones provide captivating sound for young ears, immersing them in a rich audio landscape. The bass boost adds a delightful rumble without overwhelming children. This balance between clarity and immersive enjoyment strikes the perfect chord.

Parents can trust that BuddyPhones POP Fun headphones prioritize their children’s auditory well-being. The headphones include volume limitations to prevent sound levels from exceeding recommended thresholds. This thoughtful design allows kids to enjoy music while safeguarding their hearing health.


Like its predecessors, it understands kids’ love for powerful bass. They strike a delicate balance, boosting the bass to provide a satisfying thump without overwhelming other frequencies. This creates an enjoyable listening experience where songs like “Baby Shark” come alive.


BuddyPhones POP Fun excels in midrange performance, delivering natural and authentic instrument and vocal reproduction effortlessly. The clarity and accuracy benefit a wide range of music genres. While there might be slight muddiness with electric guitars, it’s a minimal concern for most children’s preferred music genres.


BuddyPhones POP Fun impressively maintains a smooth and balanced treble response. This prevents sharp or harsh sounds, avoiding listener fatigue even during long listening sessions. The result is a delightful audio presentation that complements diverse musical genres.

Volume Limiter Performance

BuddyPhones POP Fun prioritizes children’s hearing health by incorporating a reliable volume limiter in both modes. This ensures the sound stays below the recommended 85 dB threshold. This thoughtful feature brings peace of mind to parents, preventing constant exposure to loud noises and safeguarding their children’s hearing health.


BuddyPhones POP Fun impresses with nearly 23.5 hours of continuous music playback on a single charge, making it ideal for children. It’s important to note that battery life may vary based on usage. Higher volume settings may reduce battery life as children prefer a more immersive experience.

Extended Use

BuddyPhones POP Fun offers several days of use, even if the battery life falls slightly shorter than claimed. This extended usage is convenient, reducing the need for frequent recharging and ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment for children.

USB-C Charging

BuddyPhones POP Fun embraces the modern USB-C charging port, providing faster and more efficient charging. However, placing the port on top of the right ear cup beneath the yolk may seem impractical. The reasoning behind this design decision remains known only to BuddyPhones.

Fast Charging Capability

While fast charging is not explicitly mentioned, BuddyPhones POP Fun can be charged from 0% to 100% in approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. Although not highlighted, this charging speed offers a reasonable turnaround time, allowing users to replenish the battery when needed quickly.


This headphone ensures uninterrupted listening with an AUX port and cable when the battery is low. They offer appealing sticker options for personalization. With reliable Bluetooth connectivity and an indoor range of up to 60 feet, these headphones are unlikely to disappoint children, despite lacking multipoint connections and supporting only the SBC Bluetooth codec.

Microphone Quality

Unfortunately, BuddyPhones POP Fun disappoints with its built-in microphone. The voice is muffled and muted, making it difficult to comprehend even in quiet environments. In noisy settings, the microphone performs even worse. It’s best to use your smartphone’s microphone for phone calls.

Noise Isolation

BuddyPhones POP Fun’s inadequate seal and small earcups result in limited noise isolation. Ambient sounds are noticeable even during music playback. While this design choice prioritizes comfort and awareness of surroundings, it compromises optimal passive noise isolation.

Sound Leakage

BuddyPhones POP Fun has some sound leakage but is not overly noticeable. You won’t be forced to listen to your child’s music unless you are nearby and intentionally trying to discern the song. While some sound leakage occurs, it remains relatively contained.

Long-Range Indoor Performance

This headphone excels in providing a long-range indoor Bluetooth connection, surpassing many competitors. This suggests the implementation of powerful antennas. During my indoor Bluetooth test, the headphones exhibited remarkable performance:

  • Stuttering began after passing the second brick wall approximately 50 feet (15.2 meters) from the audio source.
  • Playback continued until reaching 60 feet (18.2 meters), where the connection ceased.

Audio Lag

This headphone has a minimal delay for video viewing, becoming invisible after a few minutes. However, mobile gaming has a noticeable delay of almost half a second. For a seamless gaming experience, it’s best to use the wired mode, which eliminates latency.


These headphones possess a versatile charm that may even entice some parents to use them when their children are occupied. With a sleek and playful design, these headphones strike the perfect balance between minimalism and coolness, making them ideal for your children to wear confidently in school.

Above all, the safety of your kids is paramount, and that’s where BuddyPhones POP Fun excels. These headphones boast remarkably precise volume limiters, protecting your children’s ears. BuddyPhones POP Fun is particularly well-suited for kids who enjoy listening to music at home or while commuting to school. However, they may not be the optimal choice for sports activities or those deeply engrossed in competitive mobile gaming.

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