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Top 10 Cheap DJ Equipment in 2020

Cheap DJ equipment entails a wide variety of instruments and devices that play a crucial role in any DJing work. The outstanding feature of these kinds of products is that they deliver quality output at a pocket-friendly price. Cheap DJ equipment range from party lights, speakers, to mixers, turntables, and cases for storing and transporting this equipment. Here are some of the best qualities and cheap DJ equipment the market place has to offer.

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10. Shangpei Stage Lights

Shangpei Stage Lights - Cheap DJ Equipment

This product embeds both quality display and reasonable price in one basket. It has a total of 36 LED lamp beads, each with a fixed color.

The product has seven lighting combination effects with ultra-high brightness and energy saving. It has a fan system for cooling during a performance that extends its service life. The product uses two separate power designs.

  • The product has seven control modes
  • It has a cooling system for more extended service
  • The product has ultra-high brightness that is less power consuming

9. HSL Moving Head DJ Light Beam

HSL Moving Head DJ Light Beam - Cheap DJ Equipment

What is a fantastic party without overhead moving lights? This product creates a terrific atmosphere with its incredible lighting features. It is an incredible option for all different styles of live performance.

The product has a plastic and aluminum construction for an intuitive LCD. It has a triangular design that incorporates three individual motorheads capable of 540 degrees pan and 240-degree tilt

  • The product has built-in auto programs
  • It uses DMX control, master-slave and sound activation
  • The product has RGB LEDs with 3 degrees beam angle

8. DEEJAYLED Fold Table

DEEJAYLED Fold Table - Cheap DJ Equipment

This product is an excellent and essential cheap DJ equipment for you. It has a robust framework that will support DJ equipment, such as mixers or turntables.

The product is an open edge stackable folding DJ table. It has a heavy-duty chrome steel frame and impacts resistant corners. The product is well riveted for stability and sturdiness and is available at a meager price

  • The product has a durable and heavy-duty casing
  • It has chrome steel framework for durability and stability
  • The product is foldable for secure storage and transport

7. Pioneer HDJ-X7-S Headphone

Pioneer HDJ-X7-S Headphone - Cheap DJ Equipment

The Pioneer HDJ-X7-S Headphone gives you clean monitoring even at high volumes. It has powerful drivers that produce quality sound making it reliable cheap DJ equipment.

The product has a robust and redefined design that offers a tight grip and comfortable fit for an over-ear headphone. It has 50mm drivers that produce crystal clear sound that adapts to high volumes in a live performance

  • The product has a swivel mechanism that allows for comfort
  • It has 50mm drivers that produce immersive sound output
  • The product is available at a low price

6. Pyle 6-channel Mixer

Pyle 6-channel Mixer - Cheap DJ Equipment

What is a good concert or live performance experience without a quality audio output? Enhance your audio immersion experience with this cheap DJ equipment.

The product is a 6-channel mixer that can connect to six devices simultaneously with ten bands graphic equalizer. It has a USB soundcard and audio interface to record and connect to Mac or PC. The product has master volume controls, independent channels balance, and high plus low-frequency adjustment

  • The product has Bluetooth for wireless connection
  • It has LED illumination
  • The product has + 48phantom power control

5. Aproca Hard Travel Case

Aproca Hard Travel Case - Cheap DJ Equipment

Protect your valuable DJ equipment such as turntables and portable mixers with this cheap DJ equipment. The product is a high-quality and multiple purpose case to fit perfectly a variety of electronic equipment.

The product has a make of high-quality density EVA and 16800 materials to provide durability and long-lasting performance. It has a comfortable grip for easy portability and special mesh pockets for other accessories.

  • The product is water-resistant and dustproof
  • It is compact and lightweight for portability
  • The product has a hard outer casing and a soft inner lining

4. Odyssey FR1200E Turntable Case

Odyssey FR1200E Turntable Case - Cheap DJ Equipment

The Odyssey turntable case is an ideal product for storage and transport of DJ equipment such as turntables and mixers. Consider having this product.

The product is large enough with a durable and robust design to protect your valuables from bumps and scratches. It has a sturdy black wood laminate and chrome-plated steel hardware. The product has heavy-duty handles.

  • The product can fit 1200 style turntables
  • It has a foam-lined interior
  • The product has rear cable access porthole

3. Pyle PA Loudspeaker

Pyle PA Loudspeaker - Cheap DJ Equipment

The compact Pyle PA Loudspeaker brings excellent audio quality to your setup. This cheap DJ equipment is a perfect speaker for DJing.

The product has a high-quality sound production as it has a heavy-duty self-powered 10-inch 700 watts subwoofer. It is compatible with any media and can connect to other active powered speakers through an XLR cable.

  • The product has Bluetooth for wireless connection
  • It has sturdy handles for easy transport
  • The product has a max power output of 700 watts and RMS power output of 350 watts

2. Pioneer DJ Controller

Pioneer DJ Controller - Cheap DJ Equipment

Are you looking for the ideal DJ equipment? This product is the perfect tool for you, especially if you are looking to hone your DJing skills.

The product has a smart design with an intuitive layout with all the features where you need them. It has an on-board Serato sound card that provides for connection to PC/Mac through USB. The product is portable

  • The product has USB BUS power
  • It has a construction from premium materials and audio circuitry
  • The product has large and low-latency jog wheels

1. Numark CC-1

Numark CC-1 - Cheap DJ Equipment

This product ranks top of our list. Numark CC-1 offers a versatile cartridge that is suitable for every DJ style. Consider having this cheap DJ equipment

The product has a full-range frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz that allows you to hear every detail. It has a sleek and slim-line design that is easy to handle. The product has a high output and enhanced tracking ideal for spinning and scratching.

  • The product has a robust frequency response
  • It has an output of 6mV
  • The product is ideal for spinning and scratching

Cheap DJ equipment has played a significant role in enabling upcoming artists and DJs to be better equipped with quality instruments and devices for their work. They provide quality features at a reasonable price. Why pay more while you can get more and spend less? The above are among the best cheap DJ equipment that every disk jockey should endeavor to have.

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