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Digital soundboard for musicians
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There has been a noteworthy improvement in music innovation lately, and proficient sound isn’t a particular case to this. The appearance of digital soundboard has brought some astounding highlights, impacts, and choices for sound architects that, in the past, would just be accessible on the most costly consoles. To begin with, there is no immediate association between your physical information sources and your channels. This gives you adaptability in raising a similar info signal for various purposes. There is additionally no direct association between your physical output and your mix busses, embeds, or frameworks.

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Best Digital Soundboard in 2022

10. Yamaha 01V96I 16-Channel Mixer; Black


Yamaha 01V96I 16-Channel Mixer; Black - Digital Soundboard

This digital soundboard keeps on including a similar interface, the equivalent immaculate sound, just as a physical bundle. In any case, the main critical alteration comes as the new USB interface.

Besides, the shocking Yamaha 01V96I digital soundboard is rumored for its fabulous sound quality and is equipped for testing 24 pieces, 96 kHz with no exertion by any stretch of the imagination.

  • 24 inputs
  • Enhanced head amps
  • High-resolution Reverb

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9. Soundcraft Si Expression 1 Digital 16-Channel Live Audio Mixer Console

Soundcraft Si Expression 1 Digital 16-Channel Live Audio Mixer Console

This forefront advanced digital soundboard is, without a doubt, one of the better items currently available, considering all the extraordinary highlights offered by it.

Moreover, it will furnish you with the best understanding of the inventive 1-contact pure blend. This suggests the FX, Aux, or the principle transport will blend everything on the touch screen.

  • Inputs 4 lines
  • 16 mono microphone inputs
  • Faders can be assigned freely

8. Allen & Heath QU-16C Rack Mountable Compact Digital Mixer, Chrome Edition

Allen & Heath QU-16C Rack Mountable Compact Digital Mixer, Chrome Edition

This specific digital soundboard fuses high-differentiate turning just as fader handles that help improves permeability in conditions where the light is somewhat low. Also, there have been many programming upgrades in this model when contrasted with the previous renditions.

Besides, the astonishing 16 analog mic preamps in this digital soundboard incorporate carefully recallable setups that can be spared just as reviewed for any meeting in the future.

  • Metallic finish
  • Color screen
  • 17 ALPS faders

7. BEHRINGER, X-32 COMPACT 40-Input 25-Bus Digital Mixing Console

BEHRINGER, X-32 COMPACT 40-Input 25-Bus Digital Mixing Console

The cutting edge 16 mic preamps alongside 16 simple XLR contributions in addition to 6 assistant data sources and another 16 information sources accessible using the AES50 ports make this item beneficial for any client out there.

Also, this digital soundboard gadget courses the transport signs to sixteen simple XLR yields in addition to 6 TRS jack yields alongside a few full-size earphone jacks at each finish of the board, all of which help to create the impact as wanted by the clients.

  • 16 programmable MIDAS
  • 17 faders
  • 6 extra line in/ outputs

6. Mackie, Digital Mixer, Black, 16-channel (2044387-00)

Mackie, Digital Mixer, Black, 16-channel (2044387-00)

The DL1608 digital soundboard offers the opportunity to remotely control the blend from pretty much wherever in the area.

Moreover, the sound nature of this digital soundboard is undoubtedly, and the gadget can flaunt premium equipment, such as sixteen Onyx preamps. At the same time, the creative Cirrus Logic converters convey incredible sound quality.

  • Wired to wireless mixing
  • Controlled from any pad
  • 16 channel mixer

5. PreSonus StudioLive Digital/Analog Performance Mixer


PreSonus StudioLive Digital/Analog Performance Mixer 

A hybrid soundboard that has an interface with a vast collection of controls for you to balance and mix audio manually. Besides, the 18×4 interface records all the audio and mixes them with the main audio. Also, it is perfect for studios, or big events like concerts, parties, etc. In addition, the 12 high gain XMAX mic preamps and the Studiolive AR16c’s hybrid interface design makes it easy for recording and mixing both analog and digital sounds.

Designed to be durable and used on all occasions. It is USB type C compatible and you can plug in an external 3 band equalizer to maximize your audio mixing. Plus, the board is designed to smoothly deal with sounds without any delay in adding effects, which makes it a perfect choice for live streamings.

  • Main mix recording
  • SD card capacity up to 32 GB
  • 18 channel mixing
  • 12 balanced microphone inputs

4. Creative Sound Blaster Digital Mixer


Creative Sound Blaster Digital Mixer

A portable smart soundboard that is perfect for live streaming or recording. It has lots of built-in sound effects like entrance, laughter, gunshots, etc and the effects can be played anytime during broadcast or Livestream. Also, it features a versatile output like dual headphone output, line speaker output, and a 4 pole mobile input for smartphones. The soundbar was developed with the assistance and recommendation of professionals like gamers, singers, live streamers to meet the needs of all content creators and be a great addition to their studio equipment.

The Soundblaster K3+ was designed by keeping the needs of all creators in mind. Adding onto that, it has a portable design with a less complicated interface. In addition, it can be used with smartphones/ tablets to help mobile content creators. In short, it is a portable soundboard that matches the needs of all sound enthusiasts.

  • 6 built-in effects
  • Simple interface
  • Compatible with smartphones

3. QSC TouchMix-16 Compact Digital Mixer


SC TouchMix-16 Compact Digital Mixer 

QSC is a renowned name in digital mixer equipment. Their experience in sound mixer development over the past 50 years has made them a producer of some high-quality, reliable soundboards that are idle for all kinds of scenarios. Moreover, their TouchMix series has always been the first choice of those seeking a powerful digital audio mixer.

The QSC TouchMix-16 offers you some very powerful audio mixing tools, all packed in a compact design soundboard. Plus, it has 22 mixing channels and 12 outputs for delivering a good, well-mixed experience.

Also, the board has a compact design, which allows you to occupy less space in your studio for a big number of mixing controls. Plus, the board features a touch screen panel for smart controlling such as fader and mixer parameters.

  • Compact design
  • Touch screen interface and Hardware control modules
  • 16 mic/ line mixing channels and 4 line mixing channels
  • 12 output channels

2. Behringer XR18 Digital Mixer

Behringer XR18 Digital Mixer

Revolutionary Dugan-style Auto-Mixing digital soundboard consequently oversees amplifier increase offering to 2 x XLR mains yield.

Rack ears and insurance guards included for an adaptable rack and in front of audience applications. Other than this, the computerized soundboard six aux and primary LR transports with embeds, full elements handling, and 6-band parametric or 31-band realistic EQ

  • 18 digital input mixer
  • Inbuilt router
  • Automatic microphone monitoring

1. Zoom LiveTrak L-8 Podcast Recorder

Zoom LiveTrak L-8 Podcast Recorder Digital Soundboard

The Mix-Minus digital soundboard capacity naturally forestalls reverberation and input to and from the guest. Or on the other hand, utilize the USB association with course sound from Skype, Face time, Hangouts, Slack, and then some.

Simply press a catch to play introductions, outros, jingles, promotions, and audio cues. In addition, with six effectively assignable Sound Pads, the correct sound is readily available.

  • Eight-channel
  • 13 present sounds
  • Ten tracks playback

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 What to do to get the best sound out of the digital soundboard?

What to do to get the best sound out of the digital soundboard?

A digital soundboard is a piece of complex equipment in a studio setup. It is used for mixing all the audio inputs and mixing them to provide a balanced output. Plus, without a soundboard, it will be hard to produce good quality balanced audio from a studio or in a broadcast. That is why it is necessary to include a digital soundboard in studio and broadcast setups.

The more powerful your soundboard is, the more you will be able to control and mix the audio in your studio. Other than this, you need to use the right kind of digital soundboard also you must possess the knowledge of configuring a soundboard to produce optimal output. So here are some tips for bringing out the best sound output from your digital soundboard.

First, you need to understand your channel settings. In addition, attach and label each channel correctly to avoid confusion while editing. So always remember to mark your channels properly.

Second, you need to set your output level in a healthy setting. There will be one or two series of lights. Each series generally contains 6 lights. 4 green, 1 orange, and 1 red. Before recording, try to balance out the sound of each channel with the volume control. Try to keep all of them in the green indicating section for balanced healthy audio. Also, if the audio output hits orange, it means that the audio coming out is a bit high and red means output is too high and might hamper the eardrums.

Properly maintaining these will help you to get the best output from your soundboard. If you can, call in a professional sound engineer to get more in-depth tips.

How to correctly use a digital soundboard?

What to do to get the best sound out of the digital soundboard?

A lot of people, streamers, singers, and content creators have hard times using a digital soundboard. They don’t know how to properly use the equipment for their studio or streams. So here are some step-by-step tips about how to use a digital soundboard correctly.

The first thing you must do before powering up the mixer is to turn down the master volume completely. It should be two knobs or sliders labeled as Master Volume located at the bottom right corner of the board. Why is this necessary? Because if you mistakenly keep your volume at max while turning on the equipment, you may damage the board and the speakers by making too much noise. That’s why always turn down the master volume before turning on the board.

Next, you need to correctly plug every piece of equipment in their respective ports. Plug the microphone into the port marked as MIC. It should look like a circle with 3 holes inside. Then attach all the line instruments into the line ports. Connect the mixer output to an audio interface using a TRS cable. Some soundboard includes a 3.5mm jack specifically for connecting with smartphones and tablets.

After you have plugged everything, recheck to make sure all the plugs are attached correctly and the master volume is down. Then, power on the equipment.

Moreover, fter powering on, slowly turn on the master volume to match your desired output. Then balance all the channel faders to create a balanced audio output. Also, change the bass and trebles to eliminate undesired disturbance in the audio.

Practically every digital soundboard offers the capacity to spare presets to both the board and an external glimmer drive. This permits different demonstrates to be practiced and modified into the digital soundboard support and reviewed with only a couple of keystrokes. It likewise implies that on the off chance that anybody has altered your board since practice, you can reestablish your whole blend surprisingly fast. However, the digital soundboard comfort, despite everything, has one favorable position in that it merges and assembles all applications and inputs.

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