DuoTen Waterproof Bluetooth Headphone
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DuoTen Waterproof Bluetooth Headphone Review

Bluetooth headphones have come a long way from the olden days where you had to sacrifice some audio quality for the convenience of going wireless and not being tied to your device. Fast forward to 2020, Bluetooth headphones has improved latency and have come a long way to give customers a good balance between stellar audio quality and the convenience that comes with having no wires. The DuoTen Waterproof Bluetooth Headphone is a perfect balance for someone who is looking good reliable pair of Bluetooth headphones and some added durability without sacrificing the all-important sound quality. Not only is it waterproof, but it also has the newest Bluetooth 5.0 standard which brings with it a lot more features and creature comforts. This review will give you an in-depth look at how this headphone can improve your music listening experience.

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DuoTen Waterproof Bluetooth Headphone


The box and unboxing experience of these DuoTen Waterproof Bluetooth headphones was commendable. The box itself is nicely designed with tasteful use of black and yellow color schemes. The unboxing left us with a good first impression of the headphone. In the box, there isn’t much to ride home about though. You got your essentials covered and that is about it when it comes to in the box accessories. You get the headphones itself, a very high-quality charging case, a charging cable, and two extra earbuds.

We feel how the unboxing experience of a product is, speaks a lot about the care of a manufacturer as put into the product. Although the unboxing experience was good even if the included accessories were minimal, for the price we would rather have a great build quality and sound rather than a full-features box. Speaking about build quality, let’s look at how they hold up.

Great looking Design and Features Galore

Design these look absolutely great. They are professional and understated. The dark color-scheme of these makes them a perfect pair for office use in a professional environment where you do not want to pull too much attention to yourself. Having said that, the design is not by any means muted. It does have its own design language and character but these just happen to be more on the subdued side. As for the build quality of these, you will hard-pressed to find a flaw.

For a pair of Bluetooth headphone that regularly sells for around $40, the quality of these stood out to us. The charging case is also well built with no outright visible flaws that we noticed during our time of using these headphones. On top of all these, you get quite a few creature comforts as well. first up, these are IPX7 water rated.

You can keep rocking these on and listen to music in the rain. The feeling of some of your favorite tunes during the rain is also very enjoyable. Apart from the rain – a more practical use for these will definitely be during a workout. During an intense workout, it is natural for you to get quite sweaty and cheap headphones that are not IP rated can soon become a nightmare in these situations. That is also a major relief with these, you can keep working out without having to worry about damaging these DuoTen Waterproof Headphones. These are some well-built and comfortable to wear headphones perfect for different scenarios. Whether you are in an office environment or working out at the gym, you can rock these without worry.

DuoTen Waterproof Bluetooth Headphone

Stellar Sound

Let’s get into the crux of any headphone review, the sound. When it comes to sound these do not sound like its prices. Do not worry, we mean that as a compliment. Only coming at around $40, the sound hits way above its price tag. It produces balanced tones with mid and high ends that do not distort at high volumes and good bass as well. Granted these might be one for bass heads that want an ear thumping bass – but then again, we do not thing bass heads are looking for wireless small headphones either.

Given the price and the small comfortable size of these, the sound left us impressed. Rich upper tones with a deep bass response that makes listening to tracks an enjoyable experience. The good news does not stop with these, these are also noise canceling. Equipped with CVC8.0 does a good job of keeping you immersed in your music also while just letting enough of the outside noise to be audible and keeping you aware of your surroundings.

You also might have noticed that these are Bluetooth 5.0 version, because they are. With Bluetooth 5.0, you get 4x more range for communication and improved sound quality. Honestly, we think one of the reasons these sounds so good is because of the Bluetooth 5.0 rating. Solid sound quality with some cool and nifty features that make these a joy to use.

The Bluetooth 5.0 also lends to the ease of pairing that these headphones have. I if you want an experience like Apple’s AirPods, where they start to pair the moment you take out them of the case, these will give you the same experience without the Apple tax.

The DuoTen Waterproof Bluetooth Headphone is an overall great pair of headphones that feature some great functionalities that make the experience of using these very enjoyable at a decent price tag. We love the build and sound quality and coupled with the extra features such as the IPX7 rating, Bluetooth 5.0 and its easy pairing, make it a worthy contender that punches well above its weight.

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