EarFun UBOOM L Review – The Best Value Bluetooth Speaker

EarFun UBOOM L Review – The Best Value Bluetooth Speaker

The EarFun UBOOM L, EarFun’s latest portable Bluetooth speaker, stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to exceptional audio performance. Collaborating with esteemed Austrian music producer and YouTuber, Olaf Lubanski, EarFun has unleashed a tune that fully maximizes the device’s potential.

EarFun may not be a household name to many, as it is a relatively new player in the market, having entered the industry in 2019. Despite its short tenure, the company has managed to capture attention by delivering reasonably priced audio products that excel in sound quality.

Intrigued by the buzz surrounding the Uboom L, we embarked on a comprehensive evaluation over the past few weeks. Our findings shed light on its performance and features. This speaker cost only USD 76.79 on Amazon.

I. Design of EarFun UBOOM L

The Uboom L Bluetooth speaker boasts a design that exudes a sense of familiarity and reliability, earning it the label of being “safe.” In terms of aesthetics, it closely aligns with the standard appearance expected from a Bluetooth speaker, lacking any extravagant embellishments that would set it apart from its vast array of competitors.

With an all-black color scheme dominating its exterior, the only exception being the metallic EarFun logo on the front, the Uboom L offers a sleek and uniform visual presentation. Upon closer inspection, the speaker’s construction and finish exuding a premium quality, setting it apart from budget speakers. Featuring a squared-off cylindrical shape complemented by graceful curves along almost every edge, the device’s end caps and passive radiators are coated with a rubberized material, providing a tactile and durable feel.

To ensure protection against water and dust, both the USB-C and auxiliary ports are safeguarded by a robust rubber cover. Thanks to this thoughtful design choice, the Uboom L possesses an impressive IP67 rating, granting it an exceptional degree of water and dust resistance.


Moreover, the speaker possesses a unique feature – it is buoyant and can float. Although this functionality is not intended for audio playback while floating (as it would likely compromise sound quality), it offers the reassurance that if the device accidentally plunges into a pool of water, it can be effortlessly retrieved

The Uboom L speaker’s compact cylindrical shape offers remarkable versatility. It can conveniently fit in a bicycle’s water bottle holder or backpack bottle pocket. With a weight of 650g, it strikes a balance between substance and portability.

II. Sound Quality of EarFun UBOOM L

The Uboom L pleasantly surprised us with its sound quality, delivering an impressive audio experience that surpassed our expectations. As our first encounter with a product from this brand, we were genuinely impressed by its performance, which proved to be spacious, immersive, and surprisingly detailed.

The Uboom L’s distortion-free high-volume capability and low-latency mode for smooth video playback add to its appeal. It is an excellent choice for affordable, outstanding audio performance in music, movies, and gaming.


The speaker’s dual-passive radiators enhance the lower frequencies, delivering a satisfying thump and depth to the sound. Bass enthusiasts seeking emphasis on sub-bass may find slight disappointment. As the radiators are tuned to 65Hz, limiting coverage of the deepest tones.

Nevertheless, during our extensive listening sessions, particularly with electronic music, we found the bass to be warm and satisfying overall. For those seeking an extra boost, the “outdoor mode” can be enabled. Offering a slight increase in bass rumble without sacrificing clarity.

One aspect that truly stood out on the Uboom L was the vocal reproduction, which delivered a natural and presence-filled sound. The treble exhibited remarkable texture and depth, surpassing what we typically encounter in speakers within the same price range. Considering the affordability of this device, the level of audio refinement it offers is truly impressive.

An additional feature worth highlighting is the low-latency mode, referred to as the “video mode” by EarFun. Activated by double-tapping the Bluetooth button, this mode ensures near-perfect lip sync when watching videos or engaging in gaming sessions. While it reduces the Bluetooth range slightly, the improved audio-video synchronization significantly enhances the overall viewing experience, making it a worthwhile trade-off.

IV. Feature of EarFun UBOOM L

The EarFun Uboom L impresses with its array of features. Solidifying its position as a top choice in the affordable Bluetooth speaker market. One standout aspect is its utilization of Bluetooth 5.0. Ensuring a consistently stable connection between the speaker and our mobile device throughout our testing period.

The Uboom L offers an impressive 16 hours of playback time with its 5,200 mAh battery. The speaker’s USB-C port and included cable provide convenient and future-proof charging. However, it’s important to note that the USB connection is solely for charging and cannot be used for audio.

Despite lacking fast-charging capabilities, the Uboom L can still achieve a full charge in approximately four hours from a completely drained battery. While it may not be the fastest charging time available, it remains acceptable, particularly when considering the overall battery performance. Furthermore, the extended charging duration is balanced by the speaker’s impressive battery life, ensuring that users can enjoy an extended playback time between charges.

V. The Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Sturdy, long-lasting construction
  • Impressive audio quality
  • Simple installation
  • Ability to pair in stereo and with multiple speakers
  • Extended battery life
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Lack of application support
  • Bluetooth signal weakened by video mode
  • Unremarkable design


In conclusion, the EarFun Uboom L excels in delivering fantastic sound quality at an exceptionally reasonable price point. Solidifying its status as a highly recommended option. While its design may not be the most stylish, it possesses an inoffensive aesthetic and exudes a sense of quality craftsmanship. The impressive battery life, coupled with its waterproofing capabilities and the inclusion of an auxiliary input, further enhance its value. Although the feature set may be considered basic, the Uboom L prioritizes delivering outstanding sound performance at its price range. If you are seeking a portable audio solution that combines quality and affordability, the EarFun Uboom L is the ideal choice to meet your needs.

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