EasySMX Gaming Headset PS4
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EasySMX Gaming Headset PS4 Review

EasySMX Gaming Headset PS4

The EasySMX Gaming Headset PS4 is known for its 7.1 surround sound capability. It is one of the best-rated gaming headsets in the market right now. And why not? Not only does it have great surround sounds, but the headset is also capable of producing great sound quality altogether. How does the headset do so? Well, the 50mm drivers are mainly responsible for the great sound.

You also get to have impressive features like noise cancelation, lightweight design, and universal compatibility. As a result, you get a lot out of this gaming headset. When you’re deep into your gaming session, you must concentrate on your games without any background interruption. And this headset can, thus, block out every background noise easily.

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Moreover, the headset ensures superior clarity of sounds. Hence, you can pick up little details from your games. This will eventually provide you with an advantage in your games.

The soft cushion on the ear pads and the headband ensure that you don’t feel any discomfort. Also, the soft headband doesn’t pressurize your head by any means. As a result, you can play your games for a long time without any discomfort or interruption.


The unboxing experience is simple and easy. The product comes in a large box that doesn’t feel cheap at all. The box is strong and it protects the product from getting damaged at the time of shipment.

After you get inside the box, you’ll see the product. From the first look, the product looks quite impressive. The sleek design and the premium finish will make you fall in love with the product instantly.

Apart from the product itself, you’ll get the control guide, warranty card, and cables. As this is a wired headset, you’ll need to use those cables to connect it to a device. However, the cables are quite long. So, you can move freely without any interruption. The overall experience of unboxing isn’t time-consuming at all.


EasySMX Gaming Headset PS4

The great thing about the design of the EasySMX Gaming Headset is that it has an ergonomic structure. The lightweight build of the headset will allow you to move with it easily. Not only this but the strong construction also makes sure that this headset is durable. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the product getting damaged. However, if you still manage to damage this device, the manufacturers have you covered with their warranty service as well.

Apart from this, the soft pads on the ear cups are comfortable for your ears. The cotton-padded headband makes sure the headset fits automatically in your head. However, even if the headset doesn’t fit automatically, you can adjust it on the sides.

EasySMX Gaming Headset is known for its comfort. The memory foam pads make sure that you don’t get any discomfort during your long sessions of gaming. besides, the headset itself is stylish. It has a modern design, and the sleek finish makes it look premium.

User Interface

The headset from EasySMX is simple and easy to use. You just have to connect it and play along. However, some things will make the experience better if you know them. For example, you can control your devices from the headset itself. The headset doesn’t contain buttons on the sides. But on the microphone, you’ll get different options to enable different settings.

From the mic, you can control the volumes through a slider. Also, you can enable and disable the light switches. It doesn’t stop right there; you can even use a switch to mute or unmute your microphone. On the other hand, the device can be connected to different devices due to universal compatibility. As a result, it enhances the whole gaming experience.

Product’s Features

The EasySMX Gaming Headset PS4 has a lot of great features. The headset can block out almost every kind of background noise around you. At the time of gaming, you must know where your enemies are. So, the headset will do you a favor by blocking out background interruptions. As a result, you can get the upper hand when playing games.

The surround sound feature of the headset creates a virtual environment. From this environment, you can pick up small details from the games. So, it’ll be easier to track your enemies and kill them.

It’s normal for gamers to play long sessions. So, it is natural that you will feel discomfort from the long sessions of gaming. But that is not the case with these headphones. The soft cushions and the cotton headband will take out any discomfort from your ears and head. So, you can go on with your long sessions of gaming without an issue.

Apart from this, the headset also has a 360-degree microphone. So you can adjust it according to your wish. The mic is also great at producing clear sounds. As a result, you can communicate with your friends easily without any problem. As this is a wired device, it doesn’t have a battery and, thus, no battery support is needed.


EasySMX Gaming Headset PS4

This headset is great due to all the latest features it possesses. So, this makes it a high-performance device, right? Let’s find out how.

The 50mm drivers of this headset are responsible for providing great sound. And the surround sound can enhance the whole gaming experience. Apart from this, the headset also features a loud bass. This makes the explosion sounds in games feel real. But it ensures the clarity of sound too. So, the sound doesn’t feel artificial or muddy. Hence, this is definitely a high-performance device. If you want to enhance the whole gaming experience, this will do it easily.

That’s all we have for you. All in all, the EasySMX Headset is one of the best gaming headsets in the market. It delivers great features at an affordable price. Moreover, the sleek design of the headset is great too. So, give it a try for yourself and you won’t be disappointed.

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