Top 10 Electrostatic Headphones in 2020

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If you love listening to music when you are alone or you do not want to use the standalone speakers, what you need is just the best electrostatic headphones. Electrostatic headphones are lightweight, and they give you high-quality sound that you will always envy to listen to.

They send the sound waves just a few millimeters to your eardrum, hence they are much smaller than the standalone speakers. They come in various types and distinguishing which one is better than the other is not simple. We will provide you with the best electrostatic headphones so that you can make an informed decision when buying one.

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Top 10 Electrostatic Headphones in 2020

10. Cyberdrive C-80 Electrostatic Headphones (Bass Enhanced Edition)

Are you looking for the best electrostatic headphone? No doubt, this an excellent choice for you. You will enjoy your music to the fullest when you use these headphones.

The headphone has a thin membrane that is well covered, a resistant film that helps in transmitting electrical output directly to the layer to enhance sound. It also has metal ultra-treble speakers that give you accurate and high-quality sound. The dynamic response tweeters help you to have a wide range of music genres.

  • The headphone supports 2.5 mm balanced audio.
  • It has metal ultra-treble speakers.
  • The headphone has a thin membrane that is well covered a resistant film.

9. Premium Over-Ear Headphone

This headphone will give you nothing but accurate acoustic performance. It is suitable for studio mastering and mixing.

The headphones have breathable leather ear pads that endure you are comfortable, especially when using for long. They have an adapter plug to enable you to connect to your smartphone or tablet. These headphones have extra-long cable for your connectivity.

  • They have an adapter plug.
  • The headphones have a DJ stereo monitor.
  • The unit has replaceable ear pads.

8. Linsoul Shuoer Tape Electrostatic

This headphone is one of the best electrostatic headphones on the market. It is unique and full of details, hence giving you excellent performance.

The headphone has a 10 mm dynamic driver that gives you high-quality sound without distortion. It has detachable MMCX cable that offers the user with additional fun and freedom in exploring extra sound signature by replacing the wires. The headphone has a tape that ensures all details are displayed.

  • The headphone has detachable MMCX cable.
  • It has a 10 mm dynamic driver.
  • The unit has a retro tape-shape look.

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7. USB Type C Earphones Stereo in-Ear Earbuds Headphones

Here is another unique headphone; it comes with an array of features that make it outstanding. It is compatible with many devices such as Xiaomi, Huawei, and Google Pixel 2/XL, among others.

This headphone has soft replaceable earbuds inside that add comfort, even after wearing for a long time. It has a microphone with a 3.9-foot anti-wrap copper wire that is flexible enough to allow the user to move outside freely. The headphone has three essential functions that enable the user to adjust the volume, answer/hang-up calls, and switch to the next song.

  • The headphone is lightweight.
  • It is compatible with many devices.
  • The headphone has three essential functions.

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6. Koss Pro-4AA Studio Quality Headphones

This headphone will bring you great excitement of the live performance. It is what all music lovers around the world have been looking for.

The headphone has adjustable slide bars that ensure a snug fit. It has a durable steel and padded rubber headband that ensures the headphone is long-lasting and comfortable. This headphone has an 8-foot coiled cord with a 6.3 mm plug.

  • The headphone has a standard-setting design with performance-enhancing technology.
  • It has adjustable slide bars.
  • This headphone has an 8-foot coiled cord with a 6.3 mm plug.

5. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Edition 32 Ohm Over-Ear-Stereo Headphones

This headphone is a heart winner of many HiFi and music enthusiasts. They give you natural sound and are perfect for many styles of music.

The headphone has bass and treble that enable you to adjust the volume. It has an adjustable, rugged, soft padded headband that ensures maximum comfort. This headphone also has a 10-foot single-sided cable that enables you to connect to your smartphone.

  • The headphone has an open-back design.
  • It has bass and treble to adjust volume.
  • This headphone has a 10-foot cable.

4. HIFIMAN HE-400I Over Ear Full-Size Planar Magnetic Headphones

This headphone is designed for critical listening, either in the studio or home. With this headphone, you will enjoy high-quality music and optimal comfort.

The headphone has a planar magnet that allows you to listen to music without distortion and excellent transient response. It has a 1.5 m removable cable that enables you to connect with your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and iPad. The earbuds are made of leatherette and cloth that provide more comfort and as well as improved sound quality

  • The headphone has a planar magnet.
  • It has a 1.5 m removable cable.
  • They are lightweight and durable.

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3. iTeknic Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Are you looking for headphones that will protect your ears from excessive noise? Worry no more. This headphone is designed such that they protect your ears.

The headphone has advanced AS3435 noise-cancelling technology that helps in reducing noise in a second, whether in a busy office or street, flight cabin, or any noisy place. It has a built-in 500 mAh battery that lasts for 30 hours non-stop. The headphone has cloud-soft ear pads that provide comfort, even after wearing for long.

  • The headphone has enlarged earmuffs.
  • It has Bluetooth 5.0 for streaming.
  • The headphone has a built-in 500 mAh battery.

2. beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250 ohm Headphones, Gray, (459038)

This headphone is durable, robust, and hard-wearing. It is suitable for professional editing, mixing, and mastering. Get one and see the value of your money.

The headphone has soft, replaceable velour ear pads that ensure you are comfortable, even after wearing for long. It has a single-sided cable that enables you to connect to digital devices. This headphone has bass and treble that help you to adjust the volume.

  • The headphone has an open-back design.
  • It has bass and treble for volume adjustments.
  • The headphone has soft, replaceable velour ear pads.

1. OneOdio Adapter-Free Closed Back Over-Ear DJ Stereo Monitor Headphones

The headphone ranks on top of the list. It has an array of features that make it unique and outstanding. This headphone will give you nothing but what you need, making it the best electrostatic headphone.

The headphone has high-quality padded ear cushions for offering comfort and sound isolation. It has an adjustable headband to enable you to alter it to your desired angle. The headphone also has a long DJ-Style 9.8-foot cord that allows you to reach digital devices.

  • The headphone has a swiveling ear cups to enable you to monitor anytime.
  • It works with iPhone, iPad, iPod, among other devices.
  • The headphone has high-quality padded ear cushions.

Are Planar Magnetic Headphones worth it?

To be honest, the world of audiophiles is becoming full of the emergence of a new set of headphones. Planar Magnetic technology is paving its way to the field by coming along with affordable headphones whose audio quality is just another paradise. Below is an article that explains why Planar Magnetic headphones are way far different from other headphones.

The working of Traditional Dynamic Headphones

To comprehend how planar magnetic headphones function, you must first get to know how Traditional Dynamic headphones function. The speakers of the headphones get their power from electromagnets.  As a result, the diaphragm moves, pressing and enlarging particles of air, which in turn develop waves of sound that your ears pick up. To be specific, when you control the electrical current that passes through the coil enables the speakers to convert the electronic source into quality music and audio.

In unfamiliar and intricate electrostatic speakers, the electric coil and the cone are fused as one part of the device. Instead of using both portions, an electrically-charged material is preferably used. The content is coated between two metal plates that have both positive and negative terminals. Such a demonstration adjusts the charge of electricity by using outer plates that move the inner matter backward and forward. The movement makes the molecules to throb in the space that, in turn, produces waves of sound.

Generally, electromagnetic speakers must be huge because the cone matter has to twice large to enable the formation of the same volume of the audio. You can only get such speakers in headphones that start at the cost of $3,000 and above.

What makes Planar Magnetic Speakers Unique?

Planar magnetic speakers incorporate several functioning ideologies between electrostatic and dynamic speakers. In a Planar demonstration, a thin elastic matter in electrostatic style coated between external layers is the one that produces sound. However, just like a dynamic driver, the cone has exceptionally slender wires that contain electric current passing through it. As a result, the cables help in regulating the current backward and forward forming vibrations.

A sequence of specific and well-spaced magnets on all side of slender, electric cone enables the success of the working of the whole demonstration. That is where the name ‘planar magnetic,’ magnets working on a level facade originated. The cones are accurately cut and placed at the cone that is held firmly by magnetic fields. The extended and horizontal layers of constructions make the planar magnetic headphones have a full diameter as compared to those headphones that are complete in size.

An electric current passes through the wires placed in between the magnets is the one that helps in the production of audios. Although, just like an electrostatic driver, a huge vibrating level film takes the part of the cone system to give more room for accuracy and range. When you combine all the functioning ideologies, planar magnetic headphones are produced in cheaper speakers and headphones. Besides, those ideologies can help in the production of much way better audio as opposed to ordinary dynamic speakers and headphones.

How better are the planar electromagnetic headphones?

The speakers of Planar Magnetic headphones make the headphones to resist all forms of electronic and sound disturbance. A well-fixed cone matter between permanent magnetic fields provided a solution to the problem. The cone makes the speakers provide quick responses having minimal to no ephemeral audio since the source of the sound seizes to convey varied frequencies.

To be precise, planar magnetic headphones contain smooth, accurate audio that does not require one to use headphone amplifiers. The trouble is that the structure of the planar electromagnetic headphone lacks the ‘oomph’ as a predictable varying speaker since it can form more massive and well-spread audio. They have large weights as compared to quality compositions.

Best Planar Electromagnetic headphones

1. Audeze LCD-4 Audiophile headphones

It is the top-rated electromagnetic headphone having a unique Planar Magnetic structure. They are expensive headphones made of leather, wood, and metal. The LCD-4 contains the latest technologies from Audeze Laboratories. It costs $4,000 in US markets; you should try one when you come across one. They have an excellent audio quality that would not distort your ears.

2. Audeze EL-8

Audeze EL-8 appears on the second list of top-rated headphones. They are a step far away from the structure of the LCD, making them more competitive in dynamic markets. The EL-8 has an outstanding sound system and braced with new appealing looks.

3. OPPO PM-1

The PM-1 headphone has the best quality made from top materials. Having been given a great name like OPPO makes the headphones classy. The headphone produces detailed audios with warmth hence suitable for linking with several genres. They are light to provide the best comfort while walking around as you listen to your favorite songs.

4. Audeze LCD 2

LCD 2 is the younger brother of firms that manufacture the most exceptional LCD-4K headphones. They existed on the market for a few years, and they still exist even today. The sound of these headphones is just smooth, taking care of your eardrum from distortion. They weigh correctly to allow easy carrying and do well, especially if you do not have house speakers.

5. Audeze Sine

They are the most affordable, costing $449 and the latest headphones on the market. Their weight makes them more portable. The real trick is that the headphones are compatible with iPhone 7. The Sine headphones have incorporated a lighting wiring made in DAC, making the firm that developed them the first to make headphones compatible with iPhone 7.


OPPO PM3 is a smaller brother of OPPO PM-1, and they almost want to look alike. The only difference is that they lack an interlock for the speakers hence making OPPO PM-1 competent in using them in noisy surroundings. They are made of thick pads and extraordinarily comfortable headband making them more comfortable. The headphones produce a smooth and energetic sound.

Headphones are extraordinary devices to use when listening to your favorite music, especially if you live or love to spend time around noisy environments. We trust the above article will help you in choosing the best headphone for your leisure.

Electrostatic headphones are essential to music lovers. But you cannot enjoy your music with distortion; hence you need to have the best electrostatic headphones. They help in providing a high-quality sound that you will always envy to listen to. Electrostatic headphones come in different types, and therefore, selecting the best among the many on the market is not easy. The above are the best electrostatic headphones; thus, when buying, you can choose one and get excellent performance as well as the value of your money.

What is the Advantage of an Electrostatic Headphone?

Choosing headphones are not an easy task. Most music lovers like to stick to conventional, electrodynamic headphones, and their main dilemma is picking between two brands. However, expert audiophiles prefer to research the different types of headphones before buying one.

Although not as popular as electrodynamic headphones, electrostatic headphones are generally well-liked by audiophiles. What is the advantage of an electrostatic headphone? We attempt to explain it here.

What are Electrostatic Headphones?

Electrostatic headphones are, well, headphones that work using electrostatic forces. In simple terms, electrostatic forces deal with the attraction and repulsion between particles of different electric charges.

Insulating materials such as glass or plastic can gain or lose charges through friction or from an external electric field. However, they do not lose these charges on their own – causing them to become positively or negatively charged, and apply a force on other charged materials.

This is the same force that causes small pieces of paper or pencil shavings to stick to a ruler when you rub it against a cloth or causes lightning when it rains.

Traditional planar or electrodynamic headphones use magnetic forces that cause a cone to vibrate rapidly to create sound. In electrostatic headphones, however, the electrostatic forces cause a diaphragm to move between two metal mesh plates, vibrating the air around it and producing sound. This causes less distortion and produces crisper music.

How Do Electrostatic Headphones Produce Sound?

Traditional headphones such as electrodynamic headphones rely on both electrical and magnetic forces to work. These headphones consist of a voice coil, a cone-shaped diaphragm, and a permanent magnet.

The electrical signal in the voice coil creates a magnetic field around it, whose poles switch back and forth as the signal changes. These magnetic poles interact with the poles of the permanent magnet, causing the coil to vibrate. The coil, in turn, causes the diaphragm to vibrate as well, and produce sound at the same frequencies as the electrical signal.

The problem with traditional headphones is that some sound is always lost since there is so much physical contact between components. This is where electrostatic headphones step in!

Unlike regular headphones, electrostatic forces rely on electrical forces alone. Electrostatic headphones also contain a diaphragm, but it usually comprises a thin Mylar film coated with a conductive material such as graphite. The diaphragm is then sandwiched between two thin metal plates.

When you’re using electrostatic headphones, the film becomes negatively charged – usually with a high voltage of several hundred volts. The charge remains constant as Mylar does not conduct electricity – and this is why they are called “electrostatic” headphones.

The Mylar film is sandwiched between two metal mesh plates, which receive positive electrical signals from the amplifier, which vary according to the music. By controlling the phase of the signal, the film is made to be attracted to one plate and repelled away from the other.

This attraction and repulsion produces quite a strong force on the Mylar film and causes it to vibrate. As a result, the air around it vibrates as well, and the music from the input electrical signal is reproduced.

What is the Advantage of An Electrostatic Headphone?

The fact that electrostatic headphones rely on electrical forces as opposed to both electrical and magnetic ones sets them miles apart from traditional headphones. Conventional headphones and speakers have the diaphragm physically attached to the voice coil, which means there are friction, interference, and chances of damage. This can distort the sound coming out of the headphone speakers.

The electrostatic headphones rely on the use of electrical charges alone. The Mylar film diaphragm vibrates between the metal plates without actually touching them – there is a very miniscule gap between the two due to the presence of charges. The diaphragm itself is extremely thin – even the air around it is heavier! A very thin diaphragm – about ten to twenty times thinner than a plastic bag – can offer numerous benefits for the listener.

As opposed to regular headphones that use magnetic fields, electrostatic headphones have the forces spread out across the entire diaphragm. This means that even when the two metal plates push or pull on the Mylar film, the diaphragm remains completely flat. Regular headphone speakers, on the other hand, might change their shape due to vibrations, which can result in some sounds being distorted.

The thin film has another bright side. Because the film is thin and light, it can respond to voltage changes much more easily. The sound that you hear through your headphones is essentially a series of voltage variations. The film manages to pick up these variations intricately and move accordingly within fractions of a second. This means that there is no time lag between the input signal from the wires and the vibration of the film.

So, in the end, it boils down to this – the use of a thin Mylar diaphragm make electrostatic headphone sound much better than regular ones. This is the chief advantage of electrostatic headphones that sets itself apart from the rest.

What is the Disadvantage of Electrostatic Headphones?

It’s clear that the internal structure of electrostatic headphones provides them a superior advantage over traditional ones. However, they are not without fault either. Using electrostatic headphones usually requires high voltage supplies, and you need them to “charge” them for a minute to let the voltage build-up before using them. They are also usually more expensive, which is why these headphones are generally used by the most sophisticated audiophiles. Nevertheless, the sound quality of electrostatic headphones is superb and beats traditional headphones hands down.

To conclude, the main advantage of electrostatic headphones lies within its construction. Whereas conventional headphones use both electric and magnetic forces to produce sound, electrostatic forces rely simply on the attraction and repulsion between charges. This allows manufacturers to use extremely thin and light diaphragms, which prevent distortions due to interference or physical limitations. On the whole, if you are an audiophile, electrostatic headphones can be a worthy investment because of the superior audio quality it offers compared to average transducers.

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