ENACFIRE Future Wireless Earbuds
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ENACFIRE Future Wireless Earbuds Review

Music is essential to a lot of people. It can brighten your mood and help you focus better but only if you have good earphones. With the right pair, you can form a deep connection with the music. Nowadays, people everywhere own wireless earbuds in pairs. It is true that having wireless earbuds lets you enjoy music discreetly while you commute on public transportations. But, it’s not always easy to pick one pair of wireless earbuds you like with the number of choices available. So, let’s take a close look at ENACFIRE Future Wireless Earbuds and let you decide if the earbuds are worthy.

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ENACFIRE Future Wireless Earbuds


ENACFIRE has been manufacturing feature-rich wireless earbuds for a while now. But, it’s the price of these earbuds coupled with the features that make it quite desirable. ENACFIRE’s future wireless earbuds have no problem in combining value with quality.

These products are marketed as genuine wireless earbuds. As such, you are not going to find any cord with the package. It means that the ENACFIRE Future Wireless Earbuds will not get into a tangle inside a pocket. But, the earbuds will stay encompassed inside the charging case when they first arrive.

The company provides separate charging ports for a pair of these earbuds that is available inside the charging case. You can take them out of the case and fit them inside the ear canal with ease. The reason why they will fit well is their overall size. These earbuds are crafted to be of the same size as the diameter of a contemporary US quarter.

When you take the earbuds out of the case, this equipment will enter the “pairing mode”. Now, you need to take out your phone and check for its Bluetooth settings. The phone should show “ENACFIRE” among the regular list of nearby devices to pair with. It takes a short amount of time to pair the smartphone up with these wireless earbuds.

There is every chance that you will lose track of time as soon as you put them on. The performance is usually so good that you are bound to listen to your favorite tracks for hours with ENACFIRE.

Design and Quality

When it comes to design, you may notice that it bears a slight resemblance to another top-quality headphone. The headphone in question is the Audio-Technica’s ATH-CKS5TW. You are going to get eartips in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. As a result, you will never face the problem of ear tips being too big or small for your ear canal.

You will get a couple of extra sets of ear tips in the package. The extra ones are really just the other two sizes that you should definitely try out before you proceed further. These tips have been designed with one goal in mind: to perfectly fit your ear canal. As such, these tips are made medium-sized and are pre-installed.

It means that when you get your hands on them you will get quick results. To be precise, you will have the option of either downsizing or upsizing right away. But, a lot of the customers have found the default tips to work perfectly. However, you should still take your time to decide which size provides a snug fit and takes out pressure points.

As previously mentioned, the ENACFIRE Future Wireless Earbuds come with charging cases. The cases themselves sport a fine all-black design and has the company’s logo on display on its lid. In the case of these wireless earbuds, the company claims that they contain an IPX5 rating. It makes the earbuds have waterproof properties.

ENACFIRE Future Wireless Earbuds

So, you can definitely take them out during a workout session. These earbuds are capable of resisting sweat or a mild rain. However, it is not the same as using earbuds during a shower. In fact, you need to avoid using it when you are taking a shower as it can ruin the earbuds.

The company states that the Future Wireless Earbuds features a Bluetooth range between 33 and 66 feet. You may already know but, 33 feet is the regular size for any Bluetooth device. Moreover, if you get a device that offers a better range then you have hit jackpot.

You can get confused about which bud you should put on which ear. So, the manufacturers made the smart decision of inscribing “L” and “R” on their back. Now, you can easily identify the correct earbuds for both of your ears. The best way to enjoy them is by placing the point of its circle at the front.

These earbuds also consist of a small LED up or towards the back. They are manufactured in this way to stop orienting in a way that is not included in their design. In addition, each pair of ENACFIRE’s Future Wireless Earbuds have been made to provide comfort while you enjoy music. So, you can expect them to stay in place even if you start wiggling.

The way these wireless earbuds fit the ears further proves that can be a part of your workout. Most importantly, these earbuds are built for comfort and to be highly functional.

Product Features

You cannot complete speculating headphones and earbuds without checking the sound quality. As you may already know, these wireless earbuds consist of Bluetooth 5.0 technology. So, it’s quite clear that the company likes using the latest technology. Furthermore, the Bluetooth system works in a pair with 6mm drivers to provide splendid audio quality.

The best way to test audio quality is to start playing music tracks from different genres. So, you can open up Spotify and play songs from your favorite genres. The best wireless earbuds maintain consistency when it comes to the highs, mids, and lows of a song. In the case of ENACFIRE, the device is likely to be on-point when it comes to audio quality.


  • Consists of Hi-Fi stereo sound standard
  • Boasts off deep bass
  • Long battery life


  • Cannot be used while taking showers

Final Thoughts

In the end, ENACFIRE Future Wireless Earbuds seem to have a lot of features you can realistically ask for. With that said, there’s no harm in giving these earbuds a shot.

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