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Before we give you ways for you to start off as a beginner YouTuber, we are proud to tell you that you are smart to make YouTube a journey you want to thrive towards. The reason why we say you’re smart is that there are many perks to starting as a beginner YouTuber. It’s a free platform for you to express your creativity, a place for you to learn about the online world, and how SEO (search engine optimization) works. Moreover, the juicy part of all is that you could actually earn a living off of just pursuing YouTube. Still, there are certain aspects of this journey you need to be mindful of, for instance, the must need equipment for beginner YouTuber such as yourself.

It makes sound glorious but hard work, time, and effort are also much needed. Plus, the importance of having the right type of equipment for filming is of extreme importance, especially for beginner YouTuber. Cameras, tripod or gimbal stabilizer, mic, lighting, computer, and editing software, should have a heavy emphasis. This is why, in this article, we will guide you on the necessary equipment for a beginner YouTuber.

Equipment Necessary For A Beginner YouTuber

Listen, people, you love watching films and videos right? We are all guilty of spending hours a day on YouTube, just watching our favorite YouTuber vlogs, cooking videos, or cute animals playing around. You know why you prefer certain videos or channels over the other right? Content could only do so much to sway you on that. It’s the clear quality of the camera, the stability of it, the audio from the mics, the lightings, the graphics, and the edits. These are the factors that reel you in and keeps you wanting more and coming back to a certain YouTube channel. Exactly why, we are trying to stress to every beginner YouTuber, the uttermost importance of having good equipment. Without further ado, let’s get right into the list of equipment you will need!


Must Need Equipment for Beginner Youtuber | Camera

Obviously enough, that as a beginner YouTuber, one should at least have a camera to even begin with. Please refrain, from entering the realm of YouTube and thinking that your phone camera would do the job of filming videos for you perfectly. If you are serious and do want to pursue YouTube, you should at least have a proper video recording camera of some sort. So, the quality and graphics of your videos won’t be blurry or static and would be more pleasant and captivating for the audience’s eyes.

Thus, what you should be looking for in a camera as a beginner YouTuber is, first of all, it should be able to record in full HD which is 1080P, but now you could double that resolution by using a 4KHD camera. The camera needs to be equipped with a good built-in mic for good audio, should be noise-canceling if possible. Functions of the camera vary depending on what type of content you wish to provide your audiences, so be vary on that as well. Portability of the camera, if you wish to vlog or change locations for your shoot. Last but not least, and the most quintessential element to consider is actually the price of the machine itself since you’re just a beginner YouTuber.


Must Need Equipment for Beginner Youtuber | Lighting

Lighting in videos makes or breaks the views that video could achieve. Even with a great camera of HD quality or 4K resolution even, you still need good lighting to bring out the best in those cameras. Because of that, as a beginner YouTuber, you need to pick your lighting tools adequately, so that viewership is guaranteed at this point.

Lighting option includes, natural lighting, LED on-camera lights, ring lights, umbrella lights, and soft-box lights. Despite all these availabilities, the most common lighting for YouTubers is the LED on-camera lights, for vloggers mostly, and the ring lights. These two are easy to set up, creates even and directional lights, portable, vary in different shapes and sizes, eliminates shadow, and are affordable. Plus, to get the results out of the LED lighting is to position it directly behind and on top of your camera. For the ring lights, you could just place it directly behind your camera but, the camera is placed in the middle, for the full lighting effect.

Tripod/Gimbal Stabilizer

Must Need Equipment for Beginner Youtuber | Tripod/Gimbal Stabilizer

A tripod is three-legged support to stabilize a camera. The main purpose of a tripod is to keep the camera steady and make sure there’s no movement or vibration at all. Therefore, as a beginner YouTuber owning a good quality camera is one thing, but having a good tripod to hold the camera at a steady level is another. You will need a tripod for such support, because your hands will be shaky, hence causing the camera to lose focus, leading to low-quality video files.

A gimbal stabilizer allows you to rotate the camera along one single axis, it acts as pivoting support. What that means is, you can safely place your camera on the gimbal and you would be able to fully turn it a whole 3600 while the quality of the video still stays stable. So, every motion is a stabilizer, whereas the tripod just supports your camera and keeps it steady, but if you started filming and decided you want to rotate to another angle that wouldn’t come out looking like a smooth transition at all. Thus, if you are more into filming in many directions then a gimbal stabilizer would be a greater choice.


Must Need Equipment for Beginner Youtuber | Microphone

Having a good microphone is fundamental as a beginner YouTuber, trying to work your way up in this field. Let’s explain more to why, for example, if you are watching a video on YouTube and the graphics and qualities are all there. But, then you can’t clearly hear what he/she is saying. The audio is so poor, and you only hear sounds of the background or wind because it’s not noise-canceling. Therefore, you decided to stop watching and switch to watch another YouTube video instead.

Thus, you should try to avoid that, and we are here to help you figure out what you might be looking for in a good microphone for recording. As a beginner YouTuber, you won’t need the long condenser type of production mics. If you could find a portable clip-on mic, that you could easily be hidden in your shirt or jacket, and the most important part is that it could cancel out the background and unwanted noise, then that’s the mic you need.

You don’t have to worry, you can find the Best Microphone Audio Interfaces HERE


Must Need Equipment for Beginner Youtuber | Audio

The fact is that the video needs audio to complete the full watching experience flawlessly. Without a great sounding system then, you won’t enjoy that certain video all too much. Annoyance will slowly creep into the audience and you as a beginner YouTuber wouldn’t want to serve that to your audience. Therefore, you need to choose the perfect type of microphone as listed above.

In addition to that, you might need to put in extra effort and some avoidance to make sure your audio whilst recording comes out smoothly. Here they are, you might need to have a distance between the mic and speaker (you), a good amount of distance is enough so there won’t be a lot of breathing noises and other heavy P and S sounds. Be aware of the amounts of background noise there is where you are filming, make sure it’s as little noise as possible if no noise would be better. Lastly, if you have a companion and is not recording alone, then refrain from interrupting one another, while one is talking.


Must Need Equipment for Beginner Youtuber | Computer

Now, as a beginner YouTuber, you probably already know the extreme importance a computer plays, in the realm of video making. Since now you have a good quality camera to shoot as you have followed these listings, then you should have a good computer as well. Mainly because you are going to need to upload it onto a computer to store and furthermore do some editing. Plus, your camera can’t withhold all that storage, thus you need a computer to do all that.

The computer you will need should have the following requirements before you start simply buying the pitched ones on the market by great salesmen. Size of the computer, to be specific to the screen, you might need to get a 15’’ or a 17’’, because it’s easier to see the video through a big pixelation. The speed and memory, it should be able to process fast, the faster the better and the i7 processor is the one to get. Memory here refers to the RAM, a good 16GB of RAM would be perfect for a beginner YouTuber. Extra storage, a huge capacity hard drive, the larger ones that you could find on the market, the better.

Video Editing Software

Must Need Equipment for Beginner Youtuber | Video Editing Software

Now, as a beginner YouTuber, you probably don’t just wish to shoot a video and upload the raw files to the internet with no intentions of editing or fixing it up a bit. Obviously, you don’t, those touch up are crucial in differentiating you from other channels and getting your audience to subscribe for more content. These could be done through video editing software, which are applications, easily found on one’s computer that could help you modify, manipulate, and generate a video file. You can cut or remove sections you don’t like, you could add graphics, effects, stickers, sound effects, music, other short video clips, and many more beyond the limits. A space for you to unleash your creativity.

Here are the 3 most used video editing programs by YouTubers: IMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and Final Cut Pro X. With these 3 programs you would have accessibility to enhance your video as well as better its performance upon uploads. Also, they are easily found on both MAC OS and Microsoft Windows, is easy to install but need time to learn and pick up on how to fully function.

FAQ For Beginner Youtubers 

Is it better to start the channel with short or long videos?

Is it better to start the channel with short or long videos?

Actually, people do tend to think that shorter videos are much more preferred than longer ones, because of the human’s short attention span. But, in actuality, longer videos are better. Let me explain, what “longer” means in this context is the amount of time appropriately needed to fully deliver the full sense of your topic. If you start inserting pointless things and getting way off-topic, then those types of long videos generally won’t perform well. With the proper way, you get more watch time, which then would make YouTube boost your algorithm. The average minutes you should be aiming for per video is between 7 to 15 minutes.

How can you avoid YouTube’s copyright issues?

How can you avoid YouTube’s copyright issues?

First of all, copyrights are a legal issue. The Law itself stated that you can’t use someone else’s work. This gives the owners, their rights to their work and rights to give authorization in regards to people wanting to use their work, but in fair use. YouTube does have a copyright policy stated, therefore one should actually give it a look before beginning to use anyone else’s work. However, YouTube copyrights also follow the “fair use” protection exception. Thus, to avoid copyright issues, one must provide the purpose or use, whether it’s for a commercial nature or non-profit or even educational purposes. Next is, the nature of the copyrighted work itself, the portion used relative to the whole copyrighted work, and lastly the potential market you might affect, upon the usage of the copyrighted work.

Why are the thumbnails, description, and tag important?

Why are the thumbnails, description, and tag important?
Clearly, this is not rocket science, since the thumbnail is actually the most captivating feature when it comes to getting people to click and watch your videos. As for description and tag importance, is because they too play a role in affecting the search results relating to your videos, which will then affect your viewership. Moreover, the description and tag give further details for the audience to links, or more in-depth description about the videos or whatever that is in it that one wishes for your audience to comprehend and know better about.

In summary, YouTube is a great platform to strive towards. But, as a beginner YouTuber, one should really grasp the necessity of good equipment. Which includes, having a good quality camera, great lighting, a tripod or gimbal stabilizer, a wonderful microphone for perfect sounding and audio. Fast processing with huge memory/storage computer and the very most essential one, a superbly multi-functional video editing software. Now, that you have the right types of equipment/gear, you’re journey as a beginner YouTuber could finally take off.

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