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Final Audio Design SONOROUS VI

 Final Audio Design SONOROUS

Final Audio Design SONOROUS is a trusted brand among audiophiles because it has been making high-quality headphones for a very long time, with its signature cutting-edge Japanese technology and they started their journey in the 1970s in Tokyo, Japan, and came a long way since then. Usually, audiophile headphones that are very bulky are quite boring looking. But Final Audio is different; they have a reputation for producing some of the most unique and beautiful headphones to ever exist.

Audiophile-grade headphones do not come cheap, though, because they are all about the sound and the overall quality. So, manufacturers use high-quality materials to make audiophile-grade headphones, which makes them quite expensive. Hence, you might not find as many cheap audiophile headphones in the market. This is because, if it’s cheap, achieving audiophile quality sound is practically impossible. But there are affordable options like the SONOROUS VI from Final Audio Design, which you can consider if you are on a tight budget.

The Sonorous series is a lineup of audiophile-grade headphones from Final Audio. The Sonorous series offers some of the best, luxurious headphones in the market right now, and compared to something like the SONOROUS X, the Sonorous VI is cheap. So, let’s see what the SONOROUS VII offers for its budget-friendly price tag.

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If you are expecting something flashy for the unboxing, you will get a bit disappointed. Though it is no dealbreaker, some people like to have a decent unboxing experience. These headphones come in a basic cardboard box, which is not too shabby. You will find the headphone image with branding on the front, with the technical specifications, features, and other useful information on the backside.

Inside the box, you will find plain cardboard where the headphone is secured. You will find a 3.5mm to 6.35mm adaptor and a basic 3.5mm stereo cable alongside the headphone. The cable connectors are gold plated, which is essential for good signal passthrough. The overall packaging is very basic, and it is missing a carrying case. Even a cloth carrying case that would protect the headphone from dust would’ve been great.

Build Quality and Design

 Final Audio Design SONOROUS

When you take your first look at these headphones after the very basic unboxing experience, you will be stunned by how beautiful it looks.

The headphone is constructed out of steel leather and polycarbonate materials. The headband is made out of thick stainless steel, which has a sleek polished brushed metal finishing. Final Audio Design SONOROUS is padded with soft materials and covered with leather to provide additional comfort to your head while supporting it. The headband is connected with the earcups, which feature a sliding mechanism that allows you to adjust the height of the earcups according to your head size. The sliding mechanism is very smooth. The bare steel headband is extended at both ends. One of the ends has an “R” marker to indicate the right earcup, and the other has an “L” mark to indicate the left earcup.

The earcups are mounted with bare stainless steel. Sides of the cups are made out of very high-quality textured plastic. The faceplate is made out of stainless steel with a finish similar to the headband, and it matches the aesthetics accordingly. The use of plastic does not indicate cheap construction by any means, because it does not feel cheap at all. Overall, the build quality is top-notch – definitely something you would expect out of a premium headphone.

Fitting and Comfort

The headphone is a bit heavy, weighing around 400g; it is kind of obvious considering the materials used to construct it. But the weight won’t be much of an issue because of the balanced build and even pressure distribution. The earcups are made out of very soft materials and covered with soft leather. The headband is adequately padded, which makes the weight of the headphone easy to bear for your head.

The headband is relatively flexible and provides a decent clamping force that spreads through the soft earcups to create a decent seal around your ears. The earcups are not rotatable, which is a bit of a drawback. It also limits the flexibility of the headphone to an extent. Overall, this is not the most comfortable pair of headphones you will find in this budget, but it will get the job done. And the fitting might also vary from person to person.


This headphone features a combination of 50mm balanced armature drivers and dynamic drivers developed by Final audio with advanced technologies, which results in clear sound with less distortion. It features a coil is copper-clad aluminum wire CCAW voice coil combined with a magnetic circuit that has a high driving force, which enhances the bass tone and clarity. The headphone has a frequency response of 20-35000 Hz, an impedance of 8 Ohm and a signal to noise ratio of 105 dB.

This headphone comes with decent stock cables; the cable quality is fairly reliable compared to most other stock cables. The headphone features a twist and lock cable mounting system; you need to insert the two cable ends in both the earcups and twist it approximately 45 degrees to secure it into the headphones.

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Sound Quality

Last but not the least, sound quality is the most important aspect of audiophile-grade headphones. A good audio source, along with a high-quality audio sample file, is recommended to test these headphones’ true potential. The bass is very precise with its response. The overall bass is very deep and clean; you can crank up the volume yet experience zero distortion. The mids are fairly smooth, which will elevate your overall listening experience. The mids are very clean too, with accurate vocal and guitar notes, which smoothens the harsher tones.

The trebles are very good; you will always feel the presence of a considerable amount of treble, which will sound very crisp and clean. However, these headphones are less forgiving towards poor audio samples; it won’t be as much of a pleasant experience. The soundstage is pretty much decent, with an ample amount of space. As these are closed-back headphones, the soundstage is surprisingly well.

Considering every aspect of this headphone, it can be easily regarded as a top-notch headphone, and it deserves a place in your headphone collection. You can even get this as your first pair of audiophile-grade headphones, and you won’t be disappointed.

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