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The Best Headphone Splitter You Can Find in 2020

Devices usually come with a single output socket. Even the higher-end laptops or desktops that we use do not come with multiple sound output options. That puts us in great complexity as we often have to share earphones when we want to watch a movie, video, or listen to our favorite music with someone else. And when it comes to headphones, we can’t even do that. But now, there is a solution. Now we have headphone splitter. These are devices with which you can enjoy music and movies on one device by connecting multiple headphones. Sounds great, right? With the help of this awesome device, you and your friends can wear your favorite headphones when listening to music on a single device.

Headphone splitters consisted of 2 output at first. But nowadays, headphone splitters come with even six outputs, thus allowing up to six people to use their personal headphones. And the best thing about these devices is that they come in pretty cheap. And so, in this article, we will provide you with an in-depth review of the best headphone splitter in the market.

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The Best Headphone Splitter You Can Find in 2020

Product Description

The AmazonBasics Audio Splitter Connector is arguably the best headphone splitter out in the market. It is star-shaped and comes with five outputs. It is an Amazon product.

The splitter comes with an AUX cable that works with any smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tab that has an AUX port in it. The headphone can be availed with AUX cable of twelve meters or six meters even if you consider using it with a distant TV or computer.

You can get this headphone splitter in a total of 8 colors to suit your style. Those are Blue, White, Lime Green, Black, Pink, Purple, Red, and Neon Green This product is very compact and portable. You can easily carry it in classrooms or to a friend’s place.

The body of the AmazonBasics Audio Splitter is made of ABS plastic, which makes it very resistant to physical impacts and corrosive substances. The cable that comes with it is made of PVC and is very flexible and has high tensile strength. So, you can see that for its price, the audio splitter is very durable.

The headphone splitter can also be used for accomplishing academic purposes. Five students can use one device to hear audiobooks or enjoy informative-videos.

The Best Headphone Splitter You Can Find in 2020

Design and Quality

This particular headphone splitter comes with five outputs and looks like a starfish. No matter which color suits you, you will find it in the wide array that this device is available in. All the colors are vibrant.

You can use the AmazonBasics audio splitter device with almost all the devices of your household. Every device uses AUX ports. However, some of the modern smartphones and laptops such as google pixel 3, Google Chromebook, iPhone XS, MacBook Pro, etc. do not come with AUX jack. Sadly, you will not be able to use this device with such gadgets.

Once you enter the 3.5 AUX cable of this device into any other device, the audio output will be split and bypassed to five AUX ports simultaneously. This feature has simplified our lives. We can now share music with anyone without having to share our headphones!

You never know when you might need it. Luckily, the compact design of this audio splitter truly ensures comfortable portability. You can carry it anywhere, anytime, and even in your pocket! Make your classrooms and hangouts more fun with this product!

This can also be used for other purposes. For example, in a classroom, up to five students can be accommodated with this device. So, if you are a teacher trying to show a film during class, you can keep the children from arguing over a single earphone.

The AmazonBasics audio splitter is made of ABS plastic and the cable that comes along with it is made of PVC. The materials make it very durable. Even if it falls from a moderate height, it is not likely to break. The cable will hold up nicely with moderate tension.

We all have different tastes in music. If the earphone or the host device is not fine-tuned, we feel uncomfortable listening to it. With the AmazonBasics audio splitter, we can fine-tune each and every output AUX jack so that every individual can tune into the setup that speaks to them.

You can mix your favorite songs by using the audio splitter. You can make enjoyable new tracks out of them, use fade-ins as well. This product comes with an official 1-year warranty. If your device stops working abruptly, you can avail of the opportunity to get it fixed for free.


  • Split audio with 5 different headphones,
  • Supports 3.5 AUX jacks,
  • Mix tracks, use fade-ins,
  • ABS plastic body for ultra-durability,
  • Suitable for academic and professional use,
  • Twelve and six-meter cables allow using distant devices,
  • Compact design,
  • Easy to use,
  • Ability to carry anywhere,
  • Comes with a total of eight colors to choose from,
  • It comes with one year of warranty.

The AmazonBasics audio splitter is a great device that will bring you and your friends together. It is highly recommended. Even if you are feeling a bit confused about whether to buy it or not, just check all the amazing user reviews this product has.

The product delivers what it promises. Although there are a lot of cheaper options out there in the market, they are not as durable as they claim, nor is the quality up to the standard. They will often fail to provide you with the immersive audio experience that you will enjoy with this device. But with the AmazonBasics audio splitter, you will find no lackings. And even if this product stops working, you can repair it for free with the one-year official warranty. SO, we hope that this article provided you with all the necessary information about the AmazonBasics audio splitter.

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