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Best Headphone Splitter in 2021

Devices usually come with a single output socket. Even the higher-end laptops or desktops that we use do not come with multiple sound output options. That puts us in great complexity as we often have to share earphones when we want to watch a movie, video, or listen to our favorite music with someone else. And when it comes to headphones, we can’t even do that. But now, there is a solution. Now we have a headphone splitter. These are devices with which you can enjoy music and movies on one device by connecting multiple headphones. Sounds great, right? With the help of this awesome device, you and your friends can wear your favorite headphones when listening to music on a single device.

Headphone splitters consisted of 2 output at first. But nowadays, headphone splitters come with even six outputs, thus allowing up to six people to use their personal headphones. And the best thing about these devices is that they come in pretty cheap. And so, in this article, we will provide you with an in-depth review of the best headphone splitter in the market.

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7. AmazonBasics 5-Way Splitter Connector

AmazonBasics 5-Way Splitter Connector 

A very simple device or splitter, which will get the job done. That is, just like its price, it doesn’t make any bold promises, but is loved by all who wants to have options. The option to split audio from one device to 5 female 3.5mm ports.

AmzaonBasic 5-way Splitter comes 8 distinct colors, black, blue, lime green, neon green, pink, purple, red, and white. The split ports are connected to a male input wire that connects with the phone or pc. The wire, however, comes in only black or white.

  • Very Affordable 5 pack pricing.
  • Up to 5 devices can be connected directly.
  • Controls of all connected headphones works.
  • Comes with 5 Extra Auxiliary Cables.
  • 1-year Warranty.

6. Kingtop 3.5mm Combo Adapter

Kingtop 3.5mm Combo Adapter

Do splitters look cheap, meaningless accessory to you? Kingtop is here with their 3.55mm Combo Audio Adapter Cable to prove you wrong. This 3.5mm male to 2-female splitting the audio, and the mic is one premium looking splitter. You can not only use a superior quality headphone with the help of the adapter but also use a similar best quality microphone.

You will become a fan of the splitter by just looking at it. The heads are made of brass metals and are elegantly shiny. No Y splits, as the company says longer cables are harder to manage and are redundant most often. The whole splitter is just 20 cm long. It uses the non-tangling, flat, durable wires.

  • CTIA standard design.
  • Clearly Labeled and Attractive Design Adapter.
  • Sturdy, not winding, not knotted wires
  • Wires have stress reliefs and have passed strict reliability tests.
  • Gold Plated Connectors.
  • 1-year Warranty with 24 hours service.

5. UGREEN 3.5mm Female to 2 Dual 3.5mm Male

UGREEN 3.5mm Female to 2 Dual 3.5mm Male 

This one right here is the opposite of the Kingtop one. What if you wanted to turn your output to one port only, or that your laptop has separate ports for microphone and audio output! UGREEN gives you that opportunity with its 3.5mm Female to 2 Dual 3.5mm Male adapter.

We are thankful because, just like Kingtop, UGREEN has brass metal headings on the 3 ports. However, contrary to the flat wires, UGREEN has rugged cables. These are also as tough, but the cables have a Y-split.

  • 24k Gold Plated Connector
  • Oxygen-free copper wire
  • CTIA standard design.
  • Clearly Labeled and Attractive Design Adapter.

4. Belkin RockStar 5-Jack Splitter

Belkin RockStar 5-Jack Splitter

Like the 1st splitter on the list, Belkin offers a similar 5 port extension to your audio. However, the price is almost double, and also a lot more durable. There are 3 color options for the product, black, blue, and light green. The wires also come in the same colors, unlike the amazon basics.

  • Up to 5 devices can be connected directly.
  • Controls of all connected headphones works.
  • 1-year Warranty.

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3. Oldboytech 3.5mm Male to 2 Female Splitter

Oldboytech 3.5mm Male to 2 Female Splitter

Just like the Kingtop, the Oldboytech comes with a 3.55mm Male to 2 Female audio splitters. Yes, this one only split the audio and doesn’t support microphones.

Design-wise, the Oldboytech is different in several ways. First, it has a Y split in the middle. The heads are made of aluminum, not brass metals. The cables are braided, not flat. The color you will get is Grey, and it looks good.

  • 24K Gold Plated Connectors.
  • 15000+ bend lifespan.
  • Double braided, so durable and tangle-free.
  • Lifetime Warranty.

2. NANYI 3.5mm Female to 2 Male Splitter

NANYI 3.5mm Female to 2 Male Splitter 

Like the Oldboytech, this one is a Y-Split cable. Like the UGREEN, this one is a 3.55mm female to 2 male 3.55mm splitters.

NANYI comes with the longest cable on the list, with a total of 30cm in length. The Cables are round, with braided TPE outer shell. There’s a stress relief on the female side. The heading and the Y-split are made of metals and silver in color.

  • Very Affordable Pricing.
  • Lossless Sound Output.
  • Gold Plated Connectors.
  • Oxygen-Free Copper material.

1. SYIHLON USB Type- C Splitter

SYIHLON USB Type- C Splitter 

We can’t really have no Type- C to Type- C splitter on the list. The new headphones are increasingly coming with Type-C jacks. With the SYIHLON, you can charge your device and listen to music with your type- C headphones.

A straightforward Type-C male to 2 Type-C female port. All the headings have strain reliefs. The Splitter cable comes in classy black colors.

  • Has Hi-Res DAC Chip on the audio output.
  • Supports 24 bit 96 kHz audio split output.
  • Aluminum Alloy Casing on the heads.
  • Supports 18W Fast Charging.
  • 18-month Warranty.

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This list includes almost every type of audio splitter you might need depending on your devices and aim of use. The products here use high-quality materials, so rest assured, your audio quality won’t drop across devices if you use any one of the splitters. If you are looking for a high-quality splitter to use in the class for multiple students or at a party and will use once in a while, go for the AmazonBasics one. If you will be using it frequently, Belkin Rockstar is the better option.

Does Headphone Splitter still offer the same sound quality?

Does Headphone Splitter still offer the same sound quality?

Yes, it actually does. The quality of sound depends on the jack much less than it does on the speaker’s or headphone’s quality. However, there is one loophole that you should be aware of. When you are using a splitter, the audio current from your device gets divided.

This division is insignificant until the output devices are of the same quality or use the same power. To simplify it, make sure that all the speakers, headphones connected to the splitter have more or less the same impedance. Also, good splitters use better quality, lossless cores, and cables, so if you are hook to one of them, and the length of the cord is also not afoot, you are safe.

How many devices can headphone splitter be connected to?

How many devices can headphone splitter be connected to?

Theoretically, you can connect hundreds of audio output devices to the headphone splitter. However, there can be only one device that gives out the audio and input it into the splitter. Japanese YouTuber Hajime Sacho actually carried out an experiment where he connected hundreds of headphones by clicking a headphone and a splitter over another splitter and doing this for numerous times.

Turned out, all of the headphones were able to generate audio! If you are planning to do such, make sure to use an amplifier, else, the volume will drop a lot, if not quality.

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