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Complement your beloved gaming buddy, the PS5 with a solid pair of headphones to take your gaming time to the next level. One of the best news we could give is that some great PS4 headsets are compatible with the PS5.

In simplest words, if there’s something with an audio jack controller, you can make it work by straight away plugging it into the PS5 DualSense controller. Headsets with a built-in USB connection should also be compatible, but this would need you to sit very close to the PS5 or get a cable extension. Not the ideal scenario.

We would like to say we know a thing or two about a good console headset, so we are going to be ranking our top picks for headphones for PS5. Stick around for some honest opinions.

Top 10 Headphones for PS5 in 2021

10. SADES Gaming Headset for PS5

SADES Gaming Headset for PS5

The stellar sound quality paired with the headset integrated Omni-directional microphone offers an immersive gaming experience.

SADES prioritizes comfort with the supple, skin-friendly leather earpad design plus the adjustable ergonomically headband so you can game for an elongated time without experiencing discomfort.

  • Noise-cancellation
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices
  • Quality simulated surround sound

9. ZIUMIER Z20 Pro Camo Gaming Headset

ZIUMIER Z20 Pro Camo Gaming Headset

This headset offers crystal clear audio so you can hear everything from footsteps to the sound of an empty shell hitting the ground.

The protein over-ear pads are breathable and the headband features thickening pads while staying flexible. Quite lightweight and fits with various head shapes.

  • Analogue volume control wheel included
  • Anti-winding branding cable
  • Omnidirectional sensitive microphone

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8. Nolansend Gaming Headset

Nolansend Gaming Headset

A budget-friendly option that delivers power and performance; the Nolansend gaming headset promises superior sound quality and communication.

The headset is constructed of breathable protein leather over-ear pads suitable for long hours of comfortable gameplay. LED light effects change into seven different colors to enhance the atmosphere.

  • Unique 2-in-1 split cable
  • Audio controls on cable for easy adjustment of sound
  • Swiveling and flexible mic

7. Turtle Beach Recon 50P Gaming Headset for PlayStation 5

Turtle Beach Recon 50P Gaming Headset for PlayStation 5

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Turtle Beach has brought out some of the best gaming headsets over the years, and this one is another fine example with its highly sensitive mic and crisp audio output.

Simplistic design that’s lightweight and comfy to play with. The padding on the ears is firm yet soft enough. Comes in five different color variations.

  • Removable mic
  • Works with PS5 & PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and much more
  • 40-millimeter speakers

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  • 6. Picozon Gaming Headset Headphone for PS5

    Picozon Gaming Headset Headphone for PS5

    If you’re looking for a solid gaming headset at a price to beat, this is the one for you. However, there’s no compromise on the quality.

    Adjustable padded headphones make gaming for hours a total breeze. Comes in two color variations – red, and camouflage. Minimalistic design that will look good with any gaming setup.

    • Mic swivel angle up to 160 degrees.
    • Compatible with many devices including smartphones
    • Easy access mute switch

    5. ARKARTECH Gaming Headset for PS5

    ARKARTECH Gaming Headset for PS5

    Perfect for a professional gamer; the ARKARTECH gaming headset boasts stunning performance and looks that demand attention. Justifies the higher price point.

    An adjustable headband makes it ideal for users of all ages. There are seven different colors in the LED band that change automatically to enhance the gaming experience.

    • 120° adjustable microphone
    • Super lightweight; less than 335 grams
    • In-line controller with volume adjuster

    4. NUBWO N20 Stereo Gaming Headset

    NUBWO N20 Stereo Gaming Headset

    Genuinely live your game with the NUBWO N20 that delivers dynamic, crisp audio and a unidirectional mic equipped with noise cancellation for uninterrupted communication.

    Soft protein ear pads coupled with the adjustable headband prepares you for hours of comfortable gameplay without causing any sort of ear compression. Ergonomic design that’s pleasantly lightweight.


    3. SOMIC G951S Purple Stereo Gaming Headset

    SOMIC G951S Purple Stereo Gaming Headset

    Why settle for the generic dark-colored headphones when you can go for a super quirky yet impressively powerful SOMIC G051S? It’s anything but boring!

    The pastel-colored body also features cute little cat ears. Large and comfy earmuffs block out outside noise without applying excessive pressure on the ears.

    • Omnidirectional microphone that’s 360 degrees bendable
    • Lightweight design
    • In-built 40 millimeters high fidelity speakers

    2. Stynice Gaming Headset

    Stynice Gaming Headset

    Stynice gaming headset exudes luxury. The audio output is very rich with an extreme focus on details and balances to provide an engaging gaming experience.

    This design takes inspiration from a snake’s head to recreate something that snugly fits around the head. Ergonomic build; earmuffs built with leather and soft memory sponge.


    1. Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset

    Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset

    The 600 Gen 2 may be one of the best headphones for PS5 on the market. With the unparalleled build and outstanding audio performance, this one is worth every penny.

    Apart from the breathable, soft ear cushions, the integrated ProSpecs glasses relief system reinforces comfort for hours of gameplay.

    • Turtle Back’s four signature audio presets
    • Unique Superhuman Hearing sound setting
    • 15-hour battery life

    If you’re not convinced to buy one, trust us – it’s going to become one of the most important accessories to get for your PS5. We are sure you will enjoy our suggestions of headphones for PS5 as we’ve selected each one after much deliberation and analysis.

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