HIFIMAN HE1000 V2 Review

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Review of HIFIMAN HE1000 V2


As there are many audiophile-grade headphone manufacturers in the market right now, the market is very competitive. Audiophile-grade headphones are not limited to popular mainstream brands. There are many other brands that you might never hear of that produce some of the best audiophile-grade headphones in the market right now. Not implying that they are underrated or anything like that, but a lot of these brands are unknown to casual audio listeners or non-audiophiles. HIFIMAN HE1000 V2 is one of them.

HIFIMAN HE1000 V2 is a prominent Chinese brand known for its signature audiophile-grade headphones. It can be interpreted from the brand name that they specialize in hi-fi audio gears. They produce some of the best audiophile-grade headphones out there, which a lot of musicians rely on to monitor studio sound.

And the HE1000 V2 is a flagship product from HIFIMAN, which is also known as the HeK V2. It is a successor of its previous model, HE1000: the first version that turned out to be a showstopper. The HE1000 V2 is the improvised version of its predecessor with a lot of minor subtle tweaks.

What’s In The Box?

First things first, you are paying a considerable amount of money for this headphone, and so you would expect something special in the packaging, right? The HE1000 V2’s packaging won’t disappoint you although it’s not too special.

The headphones come in a premium leather-wrapped hard box. The interior of the box is padded with dense foam. Inside, you will find the headphone resting deep in the foam cutout. The packaging includes three stock cables: a basic 1.5 meter 3.5mm cable with angled jack for portable devices, a 3-meter Neutrik branded cable with ¼ SE jack, and a 3-meter balanced cable.

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Design, Build And Comfort


It has a design approach similar to its predecessor HE1000, with some tweaks. The headphone is made out of a unique combination of steel, alloy, and wood.

The headband, sides, and frame are made out of steel and the cup is made out of alloy and wood. There is a soft and comfortable leather suspension strap underneath the headband to provide comfortable head support. The height is adjustable as well. The clamping force is tight enough to hold the entire large headphone in place, but it does not create any pressure or ear fatigue.

HIFIMAN is known for its expertise in producing comfortable headphones. The HE1000 V2 is super comfortable with its calfskin head suspension support and the soft leather ear cushions. The earcups are stitched, which looks and feels good, indicating its superior durability. The earcups are easily replaceable too although you might struggle to get them off the first time. And the perfect clamping force ensures equal pressure distribution all around your ears and head.

This headphone is huge, and the earcups are quite large too. So, if you have a smaller head shape, the earcups might rest on your jaws, which shouldn’t be a problem because it is very comfortable. Besides, you can always readjust it using the sliding metal frame adjustment mechanism.

Though it is an all-metal build, the metal is cut very precisely, and there are no sharp edges. The frame of the earcup is made out of wood, which contributes to this headphone’s overall durability and sturdiness.

Overall, this headphone features a stunning look with the metallic and wooden finish. This headphone is built to last, and the comfort is top-notch.


These headphones feature an “Advanced Asymmetrical Magnetic Circuit” along with planar magnetic drivers, which is superior to dynamic drivers. These reduce distortion at a significant level and increases response as well. This headphone has a “Window Shade System,” which means it uses fewer materials on the back of the cups to reduce reflections and interferences.

This headphone packs some rock-solid specs too. It features an insane frequency response of 8Hz-65kHz, a sensitivity of 90dB, and 35-ohm impedance.

This headphone comes with high-quality stock cables. These cables are very interesting. They are shielded with a see-through rubber jacket which is textured, and grippy as well. In most cases, stock cables fail to attract audiophiles; they are more likely to opt for higher quality cables. But these cables are different – a bold move from HIFIMAN.

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Sound Quality

These headphones are very power-hungry, and you need the best quality headphone amps to get the best out of these headphones. In this case, tube amps are typically highly recommended. The diaphragms need to settle, and it needs some burn-in. A burn-in period of 100-200 hours should do the job.

The bass performance of these headphones is just incredible. Unlike its predecessor, rather than focusing on sub-bass and mid-bass, it focuses on a deep and crisp bass response, which we prefer. You will be able to enjoy fast bass tracks without losing any details. The bass is dynamic and emphasizes particular bass frequencies instead. It maintains a coherence, which is pretty tough to achieve, but HIFIMAN did it regardless. If you are a fan of “Red Hot Chili Peppers,” you will surely enjoy some of your favorite basslines of Flea with these headphones on.

The mid-frequency has been brought up, which is a significant improvement over its predecessor. Bringing up the mid-frequency has a downside, though, which is a slight loss of soundstage, but we don’t mind. We think that better immersion is far better than distant-sounding mid-frequency. The mid-frequency is perfectly neutral too, and you can enjoy every mid detail without losing a single detail.

The HE1000 V2 packs some punchy treble too. The treble does not sound sharp or painful for your ears; it’s rather soothing. But the treble can get harsh if you are listening to low-quality audio samples. The soundstage is pretty wide, not the widest out there. And it’s less wide than its predecessor, but it’s fine considering the improvements it’s offering.

Overall, these headphones are very dynamic and balanced sounding, which every audiophile will appreciate.

As mentioned before, these are one of the best audiophile-grade headphones you can find in the market right now within this price range. It’s incredible how these headphones maintain a consistent, balanced sound profile. This headphone is genuinely worthy of becoming an audiophile’s daily companion.

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