Wear Headphones with Glasses Comfortably

No More Pain: How to Comfortably Wear Headphones with Glasses

No More Pain: How to Comfortably Wear Headphones with Glasses

Trying to find ways to wear headphones with glasses comfortably may have seemed impossible, but rest assured, those days are behind us. Throughout history, music has been a remarkable achievement of humanity—a sentiment we can all acknowledge. As music has evolved, our means of enjoyment have also advanced, shifting from live performances to various audio devices for playing analog or digital recordings on our devices.

Regarding immersive listening, nothing compares to the intimacy of using headphones. Headphones transport us into a world of music that belongs solely to us. That’s why it truly irks us that individuals who wear glasses have had to endure physical discomfort merely to indulge in their favorite tunes through headphones.

Headphones and glasses don’t mesh well together; one might even call it a recipe for disaster. However, fear not, for we have discovered ways to make this situation much more bearable, which we will unveil in this article.

I. How To Wear Glasses With Headphones

Balancing fashion and functionality and wearing glasses with headphones is achievable. Discover these nine tips for a comfortable and stylish combination of frames and headphones.

1. Wear Glasses with Slim or Narrow Frames

If you wear glasses and struggle to wear headphones on top of them, here’s a simple solution: choose glasses with thin and narrow frames. These frames work well with headphones because they don’t get in the way of the headphone bands resting on your head. You’ll find wearing glasses and headphones much easier by picking lightweight glasses with narrow frames.

2. Lifting the Temples of Your Glasses

To enhance your comfort and style while wearing glasses and headphones together, try lifting the temples of your glasses away from the area where your earphones sit. Doing so can minimize discomfort or pressure on your ears caused by both items and maintain a stylish appearance. The best part is that this easy adjustment won’t affect the sound quality of your headphones so you can enjoy your music without any concerns!

3. Choosing Over-ear Headphones

When it comes to wearing headphones with eyeglasses, one option that can greatly improve comfort is choosing over-ear headphones. Unlike in-ear headphones that sit inside your ears, over-ear headphones rest completely outside. This design prevents direct contact between the headphone and your glasses frames, reducing the risk of pressure on your lenses or face. By opting for over-ear headphones, you can enjoy your audio without discomfort from your glasses.

4. Choose headphones with a soft cushion

The fourth tip when choosing headphones for glasses-wearers is to opt for headphones made with softer materials like foam or leather. These materials are more gentle on your temples and ears, preventing discomfort when worn alongside glasses. You can enjoy your music with headphones made of more delicate materials without constantly adjusting the fit. Additionally, ensure that the headphones’ headband comfortably fits around your entire head and can easily adjust to accommodate different glasses frames.

5. Reposition Your Headset to a More Comfortable Spot

To make wearing glasses and headphones a more comfortable experience, try repositioning your headset to find the sweet spot. Sometimes the standard instructions suggest wearing them too high or too low, so adjusting them to an ergonomic position that feels comfortable for you is essential. If the pressure from the headset causes discomfort or soreness in your ears, consider adding foam covers for additional cushioning. This simple adjustment can greatly enhance your overall comfort.

6. Repositioning Your Headset

Try moving your headset to ensure a comfortable fit while wearing glasses and headphones together. By default, the headset’s headband rests above the temples of your glasses. If there’s not enough room around the earpieces, adjust the headband by sliding it down slightly to rest above the stems of your glasses. This small change can greatly improve your comfort.

7. Place a Piece of Tissue Between Your Frames and Your Head

Wearing headphones with glasses can be uncomfortable, but there’s a simple trick: place tissue between your glasses frames and head for a better fit. This creates an additional cushioning layer, preventing your frames from getting bent or causing discomfort during your audio session. This technique lets you enjoy your favorite tunes while ensuring your glasses feel secure and cozy.

8. Choose Headphones With Thick Earpads

When it comes to wearing glasses with headphones, there are tricks to make it much more comfortable. It starts with choosing the right pair of headphones. Look for ones with thicker padding on the earcups. This provides enhanced comfort and prevents your glasses frames from being squished. The extra cushioning is particularly beneficial when engaging in jogging or exercising. Opting for headphones with thicker ear padding lets you enjoy your music without worrying about discomfort or damage to your glasses.

9.  Fabric and Velour Earpads

Earpads can be your best friends when wearing glasses with headphones, fabric, and velour. These materials offer great benefits for glasses-wearers. They distribute the weight of the headphones more evenly over your ears and provide an extra layer of soft padding that feels gentle on your skin.

Opting for headphones with fabric or velour earpads ensures a comfortable and enjoyable listening experience, even when wearing glasses. Follow these tips to find a pair of headphones you can wear comfortably with glasses and enjoy fully.

II. Choose the Right Headphones

Wear Headphones with Glasses Comfortably

Choosing the right headphones is crucial to enhance the listening experience for glasses wearers. Let’s focus on over-ear and on-ear headphones, the two main types aside from earbuds, which glasses wearers commonly prefer. Comfort is a key factor for glasses wearers when choosing between over-ear and on-ear headphones, while those with good eyesight can prioritize personal preference.

Over-ear headphones excel in distributing pressure on the edges of the earlobes rather than the entire earlobe. This provides relief and prevents glasses from pressing directly against the skull. Though seemingly minor, it can make a significant difference in the long run.

Glasses wearers prefer over-ear headphones for their overall comfort. However, it’s important to note that they may still cause some discomfort, albeit less than other types. Taking breaks and allowing your ears to rest is advisable. You may experience delayed onset of pain compared to different headphone styles. Check out the most comfortable headphones that are suitable for you.

III. Why Do Glasses Hurt With Headphones?

Wearing over-ear headphones for extended periods can lead to various complaints among glasses wearers, including headaches and pain. These issues can significantly diminish the enjoyment of activities such as watching movies or listening to music. Here are some common factors contributing to discomfort when wearing headphones with glasses for prolonged periods.

1. Sore Ear Cartilage

Wearing headphones exerts significant pressure on the outer ear, leading to potential harm such as swelling, redness, and discomfort. Prolonged use of headphones can exacerbate existing ear pain. If you experience Auricular Chondritis symptoms, take a break from headphones and seek medical advice if needed.

2. Headaches

Using headphones in conjunction with glasses can often lead to headaches as a common side effect. When the headphones are overly tight and exert excessive pressure on your temporal bone, it strains the area. The resulting discomfort from this compression typically manifests after wearing the headphones for some time.

While initially bearable, the pain can intensify gradually. Combined with the added pressure from glasses, these headaches can make using headphones with your phone or laptop an unpleasant experience.

3. General Discomfort

Ill-fitting or poorly padded headphones can cause overall discomfort. Insufficient size or cushioning may lead to head pain. Furthermore, the absence of adjustability in the headphones can pose challenges when used in conjunction with glasses featuring thick frames. If your glasses have thick frames, tight-fitting headphones can also lead to discomfort.


Wearing headphones and glasses simultaneously can often be uncomfortable, but there are ways to make it a more pleasant experience. By implementing these nine tips, you can effectively adjust the fit of your headphones and glasses, ensuring a comfortable combination. With these helpful suggestions, discover how to wear headphones with glasses comfortably.

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