How to Connect DJ Mixers to Speaker!

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How to Connect DJ Mixers to Speaker

If you are a beginner at DJing who’s confused about what to do with your mixer and how to connect the mixer to the speaker, you need to understand your equipment first. If you understand the equipment you use perfectly then you can do anything with them. Now at first, let’s talk about what is a DJ mixer.

What is a DJ Mixer?

What is a DJ Mixer?

DJ mixer allows you to input audio from different sources and after that, you can tweak and control the different sounds individually into a single sound. For example, vocals and guitar or any other instrumental sounds besides vocals. You feed the microphone into the mixer in a single channel and after that, you add the instrumentals in another channel. You may ask what is a “channel?” Well, it is the vertical row of knobs that you see in a vertical line. 

The separate channels allow you to tweak and control the audio before you decide to send the sound out to the speakers. The perfect example of this is the live band performances. When the instruments and the vocals are mixed perfectly balanced then you can hear the individual sound without one sound dominating the other. The perfect mixture of all the audio and sound sources makes for a great listening experience. If the mixture of sounds is bad then one sound may drown out the other and the audience’s listening experience will be bad.

Now let’s talk about the different ways you can connect DJ mixers to two different types of speakers.

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How to Connect DJ Mixers to Computer Speakers!

How to Connect DJ Mixers to Computer Speakers!

Firstly, you need to get a male RCA cable that can go to a female 3.5mm cable. These connectors are sometimes referred to as 1/8-inch connectors. After that, you will need to find the “master out” of your DJ mixer. You can find the “master out” at the back of your mixer.

After you find the master connector, you need to plug the male RCA cable into it. You need to plug in the cable according to the colors of the connector. You will find two red and white sockets, so plug the cable into its designated connectors. The red socket will correspond with the right speaker and the white socket will correspond with the left speaker. If after installation you notice that the speakers are inverted then just invert the cables. Also, keep in mind that RCA cables sometimes red and black instead of red and white. This is not an issue however, it’s only a color convention.

After you have plugged in the RCA cable, plug in the USB cable that came with your DJ mixer to your computer and the unit. Then turn the computer on first, after that the mixer, and finally the speakers. You need to turn all the devices in this way if you do not want to damage your speakers. When you want to shut off everything, do it in the opposite order that you turned everything on. Shut down the speakers first, then the mixer, and finally the computer. 

Congratulations your setup is now finished. You can start mixing music now. Now let’s talk about connecting mixers to PA speakers.

How to Connect Your DJ Mixers to PA Speakers!

How to Connect Your DJ Mixers to PA Speakers?

You might have noticed that many mixers have a different “master output” that has bigger connectors. These connectors are for “XLR” cables. These sockets are primarily used for PA speakers, the loudspeakers that you see in concerts or clubs.

The “booth” output you can find is for you to connect to your monitor speakers. The monitor speakers are the one pair of speakers that the DJ has facing them. The crowd has another pair of speakers. The DJ hears what the crowd hears with the monitor speakers and they can hear the crowd with much fewer disturbances. 

The RCA connector is almost always used for DJ mixers or controllers. These connectors are sometimes the only option available for the mixers or the controllers. However, you can use any output that is convenient for you, if you have the right cables with you. The XLR and the ¼ inch connectors are the most common connectors after RCA.

Do You Need an Amplifier for Your Speakers?

Do You Need an Amplifier for Your Speakers?

Sometimes you need amplifiers for your speakers to fully enjoy the music or the movies that you are watching. Everything depends on the kind of speakers that you have. Let’s see in what scenario do you need an amplifier for your speaker.

Firstly, if you are connecting computer speakers to your mixer then you do not need an amplifier. Computer speakers almost always come with 3.5mm male connectors, and these speakers have integrated amplifiers. These integrated amplifiers allow you to control the volume of the speakers and offer a great listening experience. 

If your speakers have a volume knob then you do not need an amplifier. Various speakers such as computer speakers, PA speakers, home theaters, etc. come with integrated amplifiers. If your speaker has a volume knob then the amplifier is behind the speaker. Also, home theaters are amplifiers with a lot of inputs and outputs with additional sound processing. So, if you link your DJ mixer with your home theater inputs then you do not need an additional amplifier. 

You can also determine the need for amplifiers with a PA speaker. If the speaker is active then you do not need an amplifier but if the speaker is passive then you need an amplifier. 

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We understand how challenging it can be for a beginner to recognize all the connectors and cables in their DJ mixers. It can also be daunting to find the right tutorial for you to follow. That is why we made this simple article for you to follow. We hope that we have made your understanding a bit better and made your DJ mixing a bit easier.

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