Jaybird X3 Review

Jaybird X3 Review

Jaybird X3 Review

Jaybird X3 Review


Jaybird is a brand loved by all athletes! Over the years, we had the Jaybird X2 made for casual listeners and athletes. Now we already have the Jaybird X3 to carry the torch forward. However, recently, the Jaybird X4 joined the race as well. But, today we will be looking at the Jaybird 3 to find out if there were any improvements made compared to the X2. You may like to see Jaybird Tarah Earphone Review

Jaybird X3 Design

Jaybird X3 Review

The design of the Jaybird X3 is similar to the X2, and you get loads of fittings included. However, the buds did get a makeover and look fantastic. For one, Jaybird still uses a plastic exterior, but it feels better than the material used in the X2. We checked out the black/silver model, and it even looks slimmer but bulky after you add the ear tips and wings. Another thing we noticed is that the earbuds are more angled and shoots straight down into the ear.

There are three different sized sport fins. Furthermore, you get silicone and Comply foam tips with a shirt clip and two by cable-shortening clips. With all the customization ear tips, you can get a tight seal, but it can be tedious to find one. Furthermore, the cable-shortening clips are a bit fiddly. But when you have your combination adjusting, it works well. You get the medium silicone tips attached to the headphones. For many athletes, the fin-style hook is a pleasure to use and prevents the ear tips from hurting the ear. On the other hand, if you wear glasses, the hooks keep the earphones secure while you move around.

Moreover, it has a sweat-proof layer with a compact, lightweight build. We used the X3 in vigorous workouts, and it handles strenuous exercise well. You are even alerted if the battery needs charging, as well. But what we would have liked changed is the waterproof rating as it still has the same Nano coating. Therefore, you know what the battery status is, whether it is connected, or if it is powered off. One more change, compared to the X2 is the inline remote/mic that is bigger. To keep the earbuds safely stored away, you get a hard-shell carry case that you can carry in your pocket.

Jaybird X3 Performance

Compared to the X2, the X3 has a newer wireless connection Bluetooth 4.1. Now you can connect the buds with two devices if you want. Furthermore, you can connect both devices at the same time as well. However, when tested, we found strange things happening. When connected to the iPad and using a Pixel, SIRI pops up when holding down the multifunction button instead of Google Assistant. On the other hand, we did not have any lag and kept a consistent connection all the time.

The link will remain constant for up to 25-feet then you get a mild skip in sound during workouts. You can use the earphones with both the Android and iOS devices, but the initial pairing differs but is seamless for both. Furthermore, using the controls works well to raise or lower volumes utilizing the top and bottom buttons. You can skip between tracks and call up the voice assistant by holding the middle button down.

For better ease of use, you have the app.

From the app available, you can select from a couple of presets to customize the sound. Once you choose one, the X3 saves it regardless of which device you use.

When it comes to battery use, nothing has changed, and you get up to eight hours of playback. Here we would have liked it if Jaybird took a step forward.

Has the sound changed?

Depending on how you listen to your music, the app provides you with EQ presets. We used the Signature profile that is the default setting.

Using the headphones with a low frequency, we found it too loud for regular use, but might be great for running. Using it in mid frequencies it did lose some clarity compared to the sibling.

The vocals sounded pulled back a bit while the loud bass made the mid-range sound busy. Lastly, you do get a slight push in the highs but can be a bit harsh.

What is the difference between the X3 and X4?

As mentioned before, we want the sweat-proof construction changed, and Jaybird listened to its customers. The X4 has an IPX7 rating making it great for any vigorous workout.

Furthermore, the X4 looks better as the fake metal caps on the buds removed, but when it comes to sound, it has the same sound signature.

Jaybird X3 Specs

  • Battery: 8-hours
  • Color: Four Shades
  • Cord Type: Bluetooth 4.1
  • Extras: Inline Remote/Mic, Voice Assistant, Sweat and Waterproof
  • Form Factor: In-ear
  • Included: Charging Case, Silicone/Comply Ear Tips, Shirt Clip. Speed Cinch, and Ear Fins
  • Noise Isolation: Passive
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Weight: 5.5 grams

Jaybird X3 Pros and Cons

What we like:

  • Smaller profile
  • Reasonable battery use
  • Can pair it with two devices
  • Port free charging
  • Comfortable
  • Secure fit

What we do not like:

  • Charges via micro USB
  • Some dropouts
  • A bright sound that might not appeal to all athletes

Should You Buy It?

Yes, if you are part of the folk who does not need true wireless earbuds. Furthermore, if you make up part of the gym folk, you will love the Jaybird X3. You get wingtips to secure the buds in your ear and works well to prevent them from falling out. Moreover, the build is durable with sweat-resistant construction. While we did have minor connection problems, it does remain stable if you stay within the wireless range. On the other hand, if you love a bright sound while working out you will find the X3 to become your preferred exercise companion.

Our Verdict

Jaybird X3 is a good pair of sports buds, but it lacks the IPX7 rating found in the X3. However, if you already own the X3, you have one of the best sports earbuds available. However, if you are planning on buying the Jaybird for the first time, we recommend you spend it on the X4 instead. On the other hand, if you want something similar to the Jaybird X3 with updated tech, the Jaybird Tarah is the one to buy. The Tarah looks identical but more durable and ready for any activities at the gym. Another reliable option is the Jaybird Vista with an IPX7 rating.

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