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JBL Club One Headset Review

JBL Club One Headset are like light mini loudspeakers that can be carried around one’s neck easily all day long. The perfect headphones are a complementary fit to the user’s ears and around their head. They also contain cushions or foam for the user’s comfort and also prevent noise from breaking out to the environment. The use of headphones has increased in various ways. People need headphones for multiple purposes, starting from listening to music, watching movies, attending classes and zoom meetings, and many more. Even Airplane navigators and pilots use headphones for their work. Headphones are now more in demand than ever in this pandemic.

Choosing the correct headphone is very essential. You need the perfect headphone to fit for the purpose you need them for. There are plenty of models, designs, and brands to choose from. Some people may prefer headphones with a cord or wire, but the majority of the people simply love the wireless ones. Wireless headsets do not bind you to a certain area, they allow you to roam around and experience audio music, receive calls, or attend important online sessions on your way to work.

JBL Club One is one of a kind wireless headset with excellent features and stunning sound quality. For your ease, we have listed down all of its details down in our article so that you do not have a hard time switching from one page to another trying to find the important details.

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Product Description

JBL Club One Headset

JBL Club one is not like your ordinary other headphone sets. It is a premium quality bass boosted, along with natural low sounds with high sculpted sound. You have never experienced your favorite music in JBL club one headset the way you have experienced it in other normal headsets. It is equipped with the best high-resolution audio quality, a 40 mm customized range grapevine driver, and fine-tuning. The JBL Club one also prevents sound leakages with is advanced adaptive noise-canceling features. It also has a Silent Now feature which allows true adaptive background noise cancelation even when you have not turned on your wireless headphone.

Along with the headset, you will also receive few accessories like a USB-C charger cable, two extra audio cables for allowing users to listen passively. One of the cables is coiled and the other is cloth lined with a single remote control with button inline and a dual-mic technology. JBL headphones also have a quarter-inch headphone jack adapter and an airline jack.

The controls are divided between two ear cups. The left ear cup contains a power button, Bluetooth 5. 0 pairing control button, and one special button that disables and enables automatic noise cancellation and also switches to ambient mode. Pressing the button for 2 seconds puts the headset in noise cancellation mode, while a direct sharp press puts it in ambient mode. The headsets have dual aux input which provides a 3500-megawatt input and is resistant to other power surges.

As for the right ear cup house buttons for volume control and a central playback management button. The management button turns on voice assistance summoning Alexa or Google assistant. This allows users to send a text or help them with their work easily. The headband can be folded and adjusted. There is also a JBL app available on iOS, Android, and Amazon that allows users to customize features on their headset. The headphones also come with a 23 hours rechargeable battery.

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Product Design & Quality

JBL Club One Headset

JBL club one headphones have a basic over-hear design and have a black-on-black color. It weighs about 379 grams which is pretty lightweight compared to other headphones. Its extendible features make it comfortable to wear and carry around. The headband is covered in leather padding, while the ear pads are covered in foam. This acts as a shock absorber and prevents hurting the user’s head, neck, and ears. The outer framework of the headphone is made of plastic, which gives a robust feeling and prevents scratches and fingerprint marks. The entire plastic framework is connected to the leather and foam covering with metal yokes to support.

JBL club one has kept the use of these metal elements slender and precise. There are some braided cabling that runs from the top of each ear cup into the headband, making the JBL headsets look purposeful and adding a bit of visual boosting to the Club One’s ‘Pro’ credentials. At the bottom, you will find the word ‘CLUB’ written in black, and the exterior of each ear cup had the ‘JBL’ logo written in black, making the headset look fancy and stylishly simple.

  • JBL headsets have a pro-quality sound system
  • Allows you to experience music vividly
  • Has automatic noise cancellation system
  • A special silent or ambient mode
  • Has features of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support
  • The app features can be customized
  • Lightweight and flexible

JBL headsets claim a whopping 45 hours of wireless audio time, or 23 wireless hours if noise cancellation mode is turned on. JBL Club One may not be the most reasonable headphone set, but its price is worth all its features.

It is available on Amazon for $345.95, you may receive a year-end discount price of $279.95 if you order within the end of 2021. We would highly recommend JBL club one to all headphone enthusiasts who prefer premium quality headphones, as it would be worth every penny.

Now that you have read our JBL Club One review article, you should have an easy time choosing whether you want to buy it or not. JBL has never let its users down, with its outstanding sound quality and features it will capture your heart just like it did with its previous users.

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