JBL E365BTNC Headphone
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JBL E365BTNC Headphone Review: How Popular is it in 2021?


JBL E365BTNC Headphone is the best choice for everyday casual use. They have a remarkable audio reproduction and have an amazing wireless range. Its versatile sound signature is perfect for a wide range of music genres. Their bulky design is also quite suitable for physical activities. This headphone comes at a price which means you have to spend a considerable amount of money to buy this. But you will not regret spending money on this amazing, quality headset. Now let us talk about why this headphone is so good and what makes it different from others. Let’s get deeper into the specifications of this headphone.

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Product description


To those who do not know JBL E365BTNC was released in 2017. It is obvious to have a question in mind, how this one is still holding up well in the market? JBL has added one very new interesting feature to this headphone. It has included an app that controls and adjusts noise cancellation. This might seem like a hindrance to some users, but it is worth saying that most of the apps that control ANC for their respective headphones don’t essentially enhance the noise cancellation quality. The Bluetooth connection on these headphones is Bluetooth 4.1 and it provides 10 meters or 33 feet connection range which is standard. There is no real skips or stutters under normal use except for unreasonably long distances.

The JBL E365BTNC consists of a proper control scheme that enables to have quick access to common functionalities such as call management, music management, track skipping forward and backward, and volume control. They also provide you with dedicated ANC and Bluetooth buttons. The physical buttons on the E65BTNC are better-made than the E55BT and have better feedback. Though the placement of the ANC button is in a weird position, it won’t be much of a problem to use. You also get a small audio beeping feedback as soon as you hit the maximum volume or switch the ANC on and off.

Another interesting feature of JBL E65BTNC is Multi-point pairing. You can connect the headphone to multiple devices at the same time. By using this feature, you can connect it to your laptop, smartphone, etc. The headphones will automatically recognize from which device you are getting a call and will notify you. It will switch the connection to the device needed in the situation.

The headphones also come with a built-in microphone and it offers better than average sound quality. Sounds recorded on this microphone can be heard clearly. The leakage performance of these headphones is satisfying. With the music at 100dB SPL, the leakage averages at about 39dB SPL, and peaks at 58.5dB SPL. It is typically higher than the noise floor of most offices.

The bass response of the headphones is quite well. It is very powerful and deep. Hence the bass is quite clearly a little boosted. And this is what a lot of people will be looking for. It has a decent battery life as well. The headphones offer an uninterrupted 15 hours of listening time which is quite good. JBL’s spec sheet says that you can expect 24 hours of playback when used wirelessly with ANC off, the ANC feature can be used for about 30 hours when wired. The headphones get charged really fast as well which saves time. It escalates the headphones utility.

JBL E3364BTNC comes with the option to spellbind Google now and Siri at the touch of a button. The music can be easily controlled with the built-in microphone and avoid unnumerable fiddling with the phone. It comes with a 1/8” TRPS cable to use these headphones reflexively even when the battery is dead. This is very useful. They also support audio and microphone on consoles.

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Product Quality And Design


Let us start with the design of JBL E365BTNC. The way the headphones look is surely impressive. It will bring a smile to your face straight out of the box. It is available in black, blue or grey and white. The earcups are lined with soft, leather-patina material. It is very comfortable to wear, does not weigh down or hurt your neck.

The structure of the headphones is really well built. The headphone is reinforced with a thin metal sheet which makes it stronger. The hinges of the headphones are made of metal which should last longer and suffer less damage over the usage period. It comes with a pouch that protects the headphones from scratches, dust, and water exposure. Whatsoever it does not protect the headphones from any hard impacts.

  • Noise cancellation.
  • A wired mode is available.
  • Multipoint pairing.
  • Fold-down portable design.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Google now and Siri activation.
  • Comfortable ergonomic fit.

The JBL E365BTNC headphone is a great product. It is worthy of each penny. It is better than most of the available earphones in the market within the same price range. The features are really interesting which suits different kinds of users. You will have to spend much more money to have all the features that this model has if you buy from any other brand except this. This is why we feel it is worthy of buying.

The JBL E365BTNC provides a strong listening experience with rich bass. The noise cancellation when no audio plays is worth the price. It is decent for sports, they are stable to run with. Also, quite comfortable with long listening sessions.

It is evident that JBL E365BTNC Headphone is a very reasonable, comfortable, well-designed model. It provides you the highest level of features than most others within the same price range. Buy it for your regular use, for work, gaming whatever you want. We assure you these headphones are not going to disappoint you.

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