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JBL Tune 120TWS Review


JBL Tune 120TWS

JBL has focused on developing a lot of varieties of headphones- especially sporting ones. But as they built 120TS, it was not about any unnecessary specialty or any form of showing off; it was more about the audio experience. So, before we even start this review, you should know that the JBL Tune 120TWS does not limit itself to gym gears, extended battery, or any supporting application that runs the headphone. What stands out about this headphone is the great audio experience, how the bass is boosted, and how the rhythms are rich with crisp and sculpted highs. This device packs a lot more features, though.

So, read on to find out if this headphone is actually the best in its price range.

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You can choose 120TWS from a variety of colors- black, blue, green, white, and many others. The device comes in a small rectangular charging case with no sharp edges. The case uses magnetic ends in the opening and closing sound. So, be ready to hear the snaps while opening and closing.  The package also contains a charging cable and three additional pairs of earplugs. As you take the device, you can observe the slim and sleek design that offers ergonomic fitness.

The earbuds securely set in the ears. They could use added fins for additional stability. So, unlike JBL’s under armor series, they are not fit for sports activities or gym activities. The earbuds might survive water splashes or your sweat, but we would recommend not to get them wet.

JBL Tune 120TWS

  • User Interface

The earbuds have a shining outer surface with the JBL emblem. The logo also works as the control panel. You can turn the power on or off by holding the button. One tap at the left ear’s button causes it to skip a track forward and double tap plays the earlier song. You can pause/play or answer calls by one tap on the right ear’s button. Again if you tap it twice, you’ll call upon your phone’s default voice assistant. These instructions can be hard to memorize and, sometimes, can be messy.

  • Battery backup

According to JBL’s estimation, the battery can last up to four hours. The charging case comes with sixteen extra hours. These battery backup specs can be called ‘mainstream service’ for the wireless category. Your battery backup can increase depending on the volume level.  You can get an hour of battery backup by only charging for 15 minutes.


The 5.8mm drivers work in a frequency range between 20Hz to 20kHz. The device doesn’t have any associated apps. But you can use third-party apps that are found free online for balancing EQ. At the same time, many other earbuds have apps that work on EQ, bass and also presets. So, in this regard, the JBL Tune 120TWS falls behind.

The built-in microphone is average in functionality. Voice sounds a bit muffled and fuzzy at times. It comes with a short-range coverage but gives solid signals.

  • Sound quality

So far, this JBL headphone may appear to be average at best; you might even think about moving on. But, we would ask you to stay for the heavy quality sound response. The JBL Tune 120TWS gives a great low end including a little level of punch. While it is not overwhelming, it surpasses regular JBL earbuds with its great sound quality.

The bass might seem to be a little bit underhanded, but you can clearly enjoy most of the tracks. This is a great development compared to the previous JBL devices. Their earlier devices hardly met up to this sound quality.

The mids are also pretty clear with only a little amount of compressing. The device hardly shows any distortion and provides clear sound. The instruments are well heard. The vocals are separate from the instruments and notes. Overall, we weren’t expecting such good quality mid from a device that is so light on its other segments.

The high-end sounds contain little edge on the mids and lows. It is neither uncomfortable nor harsh. Instruments and vocal are clear too. They have prioritized the production of accurate and clear sounds as well.

Because of Bluetooth’s sound compression technology, the JBL Tune 120TS may struggle to develop the soundstage. It is quite common for any Bluetooth wireless headsets. Despite this, the depth of sound is still pretty good Tune. 120TWS gives solid dynamics, which is a great feature to consider.

JBL Tune 120TWS

  • Bluetooth Connection

Wireless headphones from JBL already have negative reviews about connectivity. However, we didn’t find any issues with Bluetooth with this headphone. The JBL Tune 120TWS hardly had any drop connections. The connection remains steady even at a distance of 50 feet from the playing device.

  • Comfort

The earbuds that come with the package are of three different sizes. As the device has no ear wings, it might fall out from your ears more often. The earbuds are not properly shaped. So, you might feel a bit of discomfort while wearing it. And with the tension of falling out, you wouldn’t actually be enjoying a lot for longer playback.


As said from the very beginning, if you’re looking for wireless earphones that you can use outdoors, JBL True 120TWS may not be your thing. You should opt for the JBL Under Armour Wireless earbuds instead, as they’re specialized for athletes and sporting. If you can increase your budget, we would ask you to check out RHA TrueConnect earphones. They have better sound quality than JBL 120TWS. For waterproof designs and in-ear fit experience, you can try JBL Endurance and Samsung Galaxy Buds+. The device gives better sound performance and comes at a cheaper price than Anker Liberty Air.

Overall, this JBL Tune headphone is not the best deal based on its design, connectivity, or quality. But it is preferable for its sound quality and affordable price. We would ask you to reconsider and take the decision wisely.

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