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 JBL Under Armour Flash Headphone Review 


Owing to the popularity of Apple’s Airpods and similar products, Wireless headphones are becoming more and more popular day by day. But what was missing in wireless headphones was a design that is specially catered towards athletes. JBL and Under Armour have partnered up once again for finding a solution to that lacking, and they introduced the JBL Under Armour True Wireless Flash Headphone.

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JBL Under Armour Flash Headphone

This is not the only wireless headphones for athletes in the market today. There are a few others that are gaining recognition. A well-renowned competitor would be Jlab Audio Air Lite Headphones. So, does the JBL Under Armour stand out from the others?

We have tried to answer this question and learn all there is to know about this Flash Headphone in this article.


After you unbox the package, you’ll see a case that has a charging port on it, a micro-USB cable, three additional pairs of ear tips, and three additional pairs of wingtips along with the headphone itself. You’ll also get MapMyRun’s premium membership for one year.

When it comes to the headphone itself, it is pretty cool. Designed with some red highlights, major parts of the headphone are black in color. The headphones are a bit bigger than usual, bringing in more weight for your ears. But that won’t be too much for your ears. The control button is on the rear side of the earbuds. It works for various functionalities.

They came up with pretty nice charging cases. It’s a bit large and you may have difficulties in putting it inside your pocket. Besides that, there’s a USB Type C charging cable and an LED indicator light. The Headphone uses type c charging cables.

JBL Under Armour Flash Headphone

Build quality

The charging case is made of aluminum and doesn’t have any sharp edges. It slides to bring out the Wireless earbuds. The capacity of the case is 1500 mAh, which over-rules many other existing earbuds. Along with that, the IPX-7 rated water-resistance makes it much more long-lasting than its competitors. It has cords to attach to any backpack while traveling.

The large and cylindrical shape of the earbuds sticks out from the ears. The black matte finish and the design swipe out this unpleasant factor. The embedded logo on the panel also works as control buttons. You can control playback and incoming calls from the right earpad’s control button. The left earbud’s control button allows you to switch between TalkThru and Ambient Aware.

Inside each earpad, there is a 5.8mm small driver. Despite their size, they can create heavy bass sound. But you won’t find it to be painful due to the ear tips and Flex wings. These parts, in fact, ensure that they seal the device properly inside your ears. One of the downsides of this device is that after almost an hour of use, your ears can become sore because of the sleeves.

Product features

The device comes with onboard control for Google Assistant and Siri. You can easily operate them with the left earbud’s button. You get a command execution delay of one second after the command has been made.

In addition, a safety feature has been added to JBL Under Armour earbuds.  It uses Ambient Aware. This allows you to listen to outside noise when you are moving outdoors. So, when you are running outside, use Ambient Aware to make sure that no accident takes place. Along with that, you have TalkThru. It amplifies voice quality during calls, making it easier to converse. However, the incoming voice audio quality isn’t that great.

  • Battery life 

JBL Under Armour Flash has almost five hours of battery backup and it takes two hours to charge. The battery life can be extended by reducing volume. But, it uses micro-USB charging which would not be expected in this price range. As it takes only two hours to charge, this can be ignored. Additionally, the case itself offers 20 hours of battery backup. So, you’ll hardly run out of battery.

JBL Under Armour Flash Headphone

  • Connectivity

The JBL Under Armour True Wireless Flash Headphone uses Bluetooth 4.2 to connect to your listening device. It has a range of 33 feet or 10 meters. The connection breaks over a few times during longer playtimes, which might not be something that users will be happy about. It doesn’t support a multipoint connection. There are also some lags while streaming online content. Overall, the auto-connect is far better for this device as it doesn’t hitch in connection.

  • Sound quality

You might not get a boosted sound that the audiophiles desire. But for working out, the device gives natural surrounding sound with a good number of low frequencies. The bass is strong, but not so strong that it might interrupt your smooth listening experience. The mids are also clear enough. Overall, the sound quality cannot be termed as ‘bad’ or ‘unsatisfactory’. But they could have focused a bit more on the low and mid. For experiencing the best bass with enough clarity, select proper fitting ear tips. The device is preferable when you love to listen to music and work.

  • Comfort 

As we were saying earlier, the device may be bigger than usual, but this would disappear when you put the earbuds inside your ears. The sports wings help to make sure that the earbud stays in place. They are not a perfect piece of audio accessory. And, if you don’t find the perfect size for your ears, they may fall out.

To sum up, The JBL Under Armour headphone comes with a simple design. They were a pretty good choice when it was first released. But as many competitive products have hit the market, they can hardly be called ‘the best wireless sporting headset’.  For a similar budget, Jabra Elite 75t can be a good choice. You can even move your preference to Samsung Galaxy Buds +. In fact, there are many more options. But if the features of JBL Under Armour serve your needs, go for it!

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