JLab Audio JBuds Air True Wireless Headphone Review

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JLab Audio JBuds Air True Wireless Headphone Review

JLab Audio is one of those headphone manufacturers that have consistently produced some great quality audio gear over the years and their JBuds are no different from the rest of its lineup. It calls these “True wireless” headphones, that is because no wires are connecting the two headphones whatsoever. You get total freedom without any wires to worry or being tethered to your device. All that is fine, but what about build and quality? We will take an in-depth and close look at these and tell you once and for all are these worth your hard-earned money.

The best headphones you can buy right now in the market do not just sound great and have superb build, but also gives you some creatures comforts like water resistance and Bluetooth 5.0 even. Let’s dive in and see what these offer compared to the competition.

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The unboxing experience of these JLab Audio JBUDS Air is one of the best. The box itself is colorful and makes a strong statement without having us even open. All in all, we love the packaging itself.

Onto the included accessories. Keep in mind these headphones are supposed to be budget-friendly earbuds that do not break the bank. So, we will not be too hard on it for not including the sun and the moon in the box.

You of course get the headphones themselves, the charging case with a cable attached, and 2 extra pairs of earbuds in two different sizes – large and small and also some silicone tips as well. Yes, the included accessories are minimal, but it is of high quality especially the charging case.

Design and Quality

Design and Quality wise these look just great. They are not too large making them stick out when wearing them and fits just right. The understated classy looking design is professional and subtle. You can wear these to a gym or in an office environment in the public. The two earbuds have the JLab Audio logo on the outer sides and the logos themselves are quite large. For some who do not like excessive branding, might put off because of these. However, the logo is tasteful and we feel like it adds some extra flair to the overall design language to these JLab Audio JBud Air. As mentioned, before we appreciate the true wireless design which allows you to move around freely without having a wire connecting the two buds. This is where a good fit is important.

When out and about you want the headphones to stay in your ear, otherwise you might lose them – and we guess it is safe to say that will not be a pleasant experience. Fortunately, the fit was solid and comfortable. JLab also includes what they “cush fins”.

These are essentially small rubber bands that meant to provide added stability to the buds. The cush fins combined with the different earbud sizes, you should be able to find a great fit easily with these headphones. The case that comes with these is also equally well-made and pretty compact. You can carry them around easily in your pocket and whip them out whenever you need to.

An unusual thing we saw with these headphones is that the charging cables are permanently attached to the case. Not everyone might like this decision as it does mean there is no worry of losing the cable you do a have a cable dangling from the case. Luckily the cable is short and can tuck away easily.

If you are wondering about water resistance, worry not. You have an IP55 rating that should do just fine with some sweat during intense work out sessions.

Budget Headphones Without Budget Sound

These are a perfect pair for bass heads. The low ends are deep and full. Tracks with a thumping a bass line are an absolute joy to listen to on these. Having said that we felt like the extra bass did reduce the clarity in the upper tones but nothing too major.

The sound signature overall pretty balanced and rich with a high-emphasize bass. If you do not like the sound profile, JLab puts the power in your hands. The Jlab Audio JBuds Air comes with 3 EQ profiles which can help in customizing the sound.

You choose the exact way you want to listen to these and tune it to your preference – which is quite a nifty little feature and something that JLab touts a lot with the JBuds Air. The controls are all touch-based which makes you feel like you’re using a futuristic sci-fi communication device. Speaking of communication, we were sadly underwhelmed with the phone call quality on these.

Although the earbuds sound great, the mic quality is very lacking to the point where taking calls with these is pretty much a no go. You better stick to your phone’s mic for that regard. Aside from that, the in-ear design of these automatically makes them somewhat noise-isolating. The isolation was solid mostly due to how snug they fit in your ear. Outside noise kept minimal and when jamming to tunes you can barely hear what’s going on in your surroundings.

All in all, we quite impressed with the JLab Audio JBuds Air True Wireless Headphones. The combination of great build quality with stellar audio performance makes these are a great option for bass heads. Even if you are not a fan of the heavy and want to get these for how stylish they look and well they perform, you have the option to tune the sound signature with the EQ settings. Just don’t make calls with them. Superb audio and great design, these are an easy recommendation from us.

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