Koss KSC21 Sport Clip
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Koss KSC21 Sport Clip Headphones Review

Koss KSC21 Sport Clip Headphones Review

Koss KSC21 Sport Clip is a sub-10-dollar headphone for the ones who want lightweight headphones for traveling. The KSC21 headphones sound good for their inexpensive price tag. So, if you’re looking for inexpensive headphones for your next flight, Koss KSC21 Sport Clip can be a good choice.

Koss is not just some brand in the headphone market; they are known for putting out decent headphones with a more vintage appearance. You might know them for their headphones like the Portapro.

Now, while wired headphones are becoming a thing of the past, and smartphone devices are moving towards a wireless solution, some people prefer the wired connectivity over wireless methods. The reason being, with a wired connection there’s no input lag, there’s no need to worry about the battery giving up when you need it the most. That’s why it’s worth giving the Koss KSC21 Sport Clip another look in today’s world.

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What’s in the Box?

For a sub-10-dollar headphone, the Koss KSC21 Ear Clip headphones come in a rather good package. The package is mostly made out of semi-hard plastic with a window in the front through which you can see the headphones.

On the sides and back of the box, you will find the model of the headphones, in this case, KSC21, the Koss Monogram, some features of the headphones as well as their attributes. Also, on the backside, you will find the customer care phone number and their address if you want to reach Koss. Also, back there you will find information about the warranty for the headphones.

Opening the box, you will find that the headphones are placed in a plastic frame with the cables tucked away in the back. The headphones are protected with another plastic cover. Besides the KSC21 headphones, you will also find an operation manual and papers on the limited warranty.

Besides the papers and the headphones, there are no other accessories provided; then again, it’s a sub-10-dollar headphone, so we shouldn’t expect much.

Build Quality

Whether it’s built quality or sound quality, we should keep in mind that it’s an extremely inexpensive headphone. So, you shouldn’t expect any top-of-the-class build quality or audio reproduction. Buying these, you should adjust your expectation on the sound this headphone will put out and its longevity.

Looking at the headphones, you will find that the Koss KSC21 Sport Clip headphones are made out of plastic. The reason behind the name Sport Clip is the pivoting clip that’s attached to the KSC21 headphones.

The Koss KSC21 Sport Clip headphones are small on-ear style headphones. So, to keep the headphones in place, it comes with clips. The clips don’t press the headphones against your ears; rather, it helps to keep them in place. The ear clips have the right and left tagged on them so that you won’t have a problem identifying with the earpad that goes on which ear.

Like the other components of the headphone, the ear clips are also made from plastic. Now, while there’s nothing wrong with the plastic, it might cause fatigue for some people after using the headphones for a while. However, the pivoting clip makes sure that most people can fit the headphones on their ears.

Koss KSC21 Sport Clip

For the earcups, you will find soft foam cushions. This helps with the overall comfort of the headphones. The soft foam cushions of the KSC21 ensure that your ears aren’t hitting the drivers all the time.

Since the Koss KSC21 Sport Clip headphones are made out of plastic, these are very lightweight headphones. Besides the weight of the headphones, the adjustable ear clips along with the soft foam covers should provide you with decent comfort on your next flight.

Looking at the cable of the KSC21, it uses a 3.5mm jack to connect to the supported devices. The 3.5mm jack is angled, so it’s not hitting anything or sticking out from the connected device. The cable is 4 feet in length, so it should be able to satisfy the needs of most people.

However, this cable is the weakness of the KSC21 headphones. The cable is extremely thin and doesn’t have any kind of coating. This makes it more susceptible to tearing and breaking. Most customers complain about weak and fragile cable, and it can be a deal-breaker for most people.

In the end, the cable is extremely fragile, and it can come out of the speakers shortly. If you use the Koss KSC21 headphones with care, they will last you for a long; otherwise, you should invest in something with better cables.

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Sound Quality

As mentioned before, the Koss KCS21 Sport Clip is a sub-10-dollar headphone so that you won’t be getting any kind of noise cancellation features with it. Also, the on-ear style doesn’t give you any noise isolation features as well.

Listening to the Koss KC21 Sport Clip headphones, you will find out that, for an inexpensive pair of headphones, the volume is sufficiently loud, and the voice sounds clear. Koss claims their KSC21 Sport Clip headphones have high fidelity audio reproduction.

Koss KSC21 Sport Clip

For most cases, the Koss KSC21 Sport Clip headphones deliver on their claim. The audio reproduction on the headphones is decent, and the bass is great too. The headphones might be cheap, but they don’t cut corners when it comes to audio reproduction.

Buying these, you should keep in mind that Koss explains the KSC21 headphones as a means of listening to music while staying connected to your environment. As there is no active noise cancellation or passive noise isolation, you will experience sound leaks.

If you’re buying this for everyday use or traveling, you should find the sound reproduction of the Koss KSC21 Sport Clip headphones decent enough to keep using them. For the price, the KSC21 gives out great value.

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In conclusion, Koss KSC21 Sport Clip headphones are one of the best bangs of the buck headphones. If you use the headphones with care, you will find them serving you for a long time.


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