LG Tone Infinim-HBS-900 Review

LG Tone Infinim-HBS-900 Review
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LG Tone Infinim-HBS-900 Review

LG Tone Infinim-HBS-900 Review

The LG Tone Infinim-HBS-900 headphone has retractable earbuds that give these Bluetooth earphones edge. The battery life is stable, and with the around-the-neck design it is light in weight. Even the control buttons positioned well, and you get some impressive features. But will these earbuds hold up for daily use? Find out here as we answer all the essential questions you need to know. Check out Jabra Elite 85h Review

LG Tone Infinim-HBS-900 Design

LG Tone Infinim-HBS-900 Review

One of the current top-end Bluetooth headsets in the LG range is the Tone Infinim HBS 900. The earphones have done well in the marketplace. Similar to the other Tone collection, this one also has an around-the-neck design. The lightweight makes it able to forget you have a pair of headphones on around your neck. Furthermore, what makes it so great is that you can leave the headset on and when needed, you can stick the buds in your ear. You can even use a sing earbud for talking calls when needed. However, we cannot confirm that it will suit everyone’s taste. Depending on your neck size, the headset does not lock down on your neck. Then again, if your neck is larger, it can become uncomfortable to wear.

We found the buds fit comfortably in the ear but would not recommend it for jogging. The earphones not waterproof but should work well with not so strenuous exercises at the gym. Compared to the other Tone models, we found the Tone Infinim HBS 900 sturdier in build. When speaking to some of our staff, they found the Ultra HBS-800 from LG less-rigid and lighter. Overall, others found the Infinim swankier in design. The significant function available in the headset is the retractable buds. Furthermore, the earbuds still fasten magnetically but are missed as one uses the auto retracts function more. On each side of the neckband, you have the retract button to reel the cable back. As the wire is thin we cannot say how long it is going to hold up with prolonged use. Moreover, there are other buttons as well to control playback from playing music, answering/ending calls to volume control. The button placement is excellent and within reach.

Are there extra features?

Yes, you have the aptX to help stream sound better to your phone if it does support the codec. Furthermore, when you receive a call, the neckband vibrates, but you need to remain within the connection range. Alternatively, you can turn the function off. Compared to the Tone Ultra, the Infinim does not have active noise-canceling, and you find the microphone on the left side on the front. Furthermore, Android users can download the Tone and Talk app that supports reading out notifications as well.

LG Tone Infinim-HBS-900 Performance

The LG Tone Infinim HBS-900s equipped with audio from Harman Kardon. As a Bluetooth headphone, it sounds good, but you need a tight seal, or you lose bass making the headset sound on the thin side. You get three ear tips sizes included, and we recommend you play around with them to get a comfortable fit. We compared the HBS-900 with the Sol Republic Shadow Wireless with the same design. The Shadow played louder, and you get a bigger soundstage and bass.

The bass resonance is reasonable with the Infinim with excellent clarity. While listening to a wide selection of tunes, the resonance remains goods, but the bass line does have a bit of kick at times. The Infinim is not an audiophile headphone and not made for complicated music with loads of instruments. The sound can become mushed together. The battery offers up to 14-hours of playback, and you are informed by a female voice when the battery is full. Even callers said we sound decent when used as a headset. However, when outdoors and the wind is blowing, you do have some trouble hearing callers on the line. While there were some hiccups we found no significant issues using the headphones.

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LG Tone Infinim-HBS-900 Specs

  • Battery: 17-hours talk time and 14-hours music playtime
  • Color: Silver
  • Cord Type: Bluetooth
  • Extras: Supports Different Bluetooth Profiles and Retractable Earbuds
  • Form Factor: Neckband
  • Included: Charging Cable
  • Noise Isolation: No
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Weight: 1.9 ounces

LG Tone Infinim-HBS-900 Pros and Cons

What we like:

  • Decent sound
  • Retractable earbuds
  • Strong batter life
  • Lightweight
  • The control buttons well placed
  • Vibrates when calls come in

What we do not like:

  • The retractable cord is on the thin side
  • The earbuds are plastic

Should You Buy It?

Yes, the LG Tone Infinim HBS-900 offers you cutting edge and available technology. The headset connects well with your mobile device for making/receiving calls. The sleek finish and sound give you a premium audio sound, and the earbuds retract by pushing a button. For Android users, the SMS reading function available on with the Tone & Talk app works well when on the go. Furthermore, you get a charging cable without the wall charger included. The battery use is exceptional for up to 17-hours in standby time.

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Our Verdict

We liked the LG Tone Infinim better compared to the other models available. The retractable earbuds are useful to have as it keeps the cords neat and tidy when not used. We found using the headset at work convenient. The call and music quality is exceptional, and it works better than previous versions. The biggest problem is that the retractable wires thin, so you need to be careful with them. On the other hand, HBS-900 remains an excellent buy.

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