Logitech h600 Wireless Headset

Logitech h600 Wireless Headset
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Logitech h600 Wireless Headset

Whether you are a gamer, video editor, call center executive, or data operator, you need a set of good quality headphones for your work. As for graphics, visual quality has increased over the past two decades, sound quality has had massive improvements in its field too. The subtle changes, vibrations, bass, and various instrumental tunes can be experienced only with a good headphone. People nowadays need headphones for joining a meeting, attending their online classes, and other work purposes. But the most prevalent use of headphones is to listen to music.

There are headphones of much different quality, brands, features, and styles. As the versatility of the features in headphones has increased, so has people’s demands and choices. People do not want to be tied to strings, or cords. Hence people’s preferences for wireless headphones in this generation are more than ever. In this article, we will review the Logitech h600 Wireless Headsets. You will get to know all the additional features, their quality, design, and reasons why you should buy them. Stay tuned!

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Product description

Logitech h600 Wireless Headset

Who wants to sit in front of their laptops or computers all day? Logitech h600 wireless headsets help you cut loose from your laptop and listen to music or talk roaming around up to 33 feet away. Logitech h600 allows you to experience rich quality sound from your computer through a USB receiver. A tiny nano receiver that is connected to your device allows you to listen to voices and sounds through your headphone, making the headphones already ready for use. The wireless receiver or dongle is one of its most convenient features.

The Logitech h600 has laser-tuned speaker drivers and microphones which can emit any background noise, allowing the user to have background noise-free conversations. These headphones are really helpful for attending zoom meetings or online classes. The frequency range of the headset starts from 40 to 10000 Hz, and the range of the microphone starts from 100 to 6500 Hz. The headset comes with a rechargeable battery. Its users have highly praised its battery and that it takes little time to charge up fully. The headphones come with a USB cable charger for charging. The headsets are well compatible and work will multiple devices, like Mac and windows. It is great for Skype calls, Google Hangouts, and others.

The start button is on the right side of the headband. The headset gives beep audio which tells its users that it is turned on. It also contains a mute button, buttons to increase or decrease the volume level. Users also get to hear an ascending tone which signifies that the microphone is turned on, and the descending tone means the mute is on.

Overall the headset is user-friendly, easy to understand how to operate, and comfortable. The headband is adjustable and covered in a pad to prevent scratches or any discomfort which users wear it. The ear cups are also covered in foam as well, to protect the ears from redness or being stressed for too long. As for the microphone, it can be folded and extended according to how the user wants to keep it.

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Product quality & design

Logitech h600 Wireless Headset

Logitech h600 wireless is not simple and black only. It has an attractive appearance, with a blue circle on the outside part of the ear pads. Some headsets come with a white circle too. Its model number is 981-000341. Its weight is around 8.8 ounces and measures 9.5 x 3x 7.1 inches. You can casually wear it at your office or workplace. Its design is suitable for both teenagers and adults.

It does not look too heavy or light, just the right size. Children above 10 years old can use it too. As for the quality, Logitech never compromises when it comes to their quality. Their products have always been great, long-lasting, and durable. Even though pressure at an uneven angle may cause the headphones to get damaged or the microphone arm to get broken, it can resist a few falls on the ground. The headphone frame material is of plastic, thus scratches or few hits will not do much damage to it.

  • Logitech h600 has a USB A receiver
  • It is compatible with all sorts of devices starting from windows, to mac, android, etc.
  • Has excellent sound quality with laser tuned drivers
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Comes with a 6 hr rechargeable battery life
  • Has an ear-cup control system
  • The microphone is adjustable and can be turned in either direction

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Logitech h600 is quite affordable. Its pricing range starts from $57.99. The overall quality and features of this headset is probably one of the best and falls in the category of one of the most affordable wireless headsets available. The sound quality is clear, satisfactory and the tone is distinguishable. It is easily portable and the headphones can be easily folded and transported. You can carry them to your work and bring them back easily as they are durable.

Some people do fine the foam used in the ear pads a little less fluffy, apart from that it’s all great and hence we would really recommend Logitech h600 to people for its multiple and handy features. Logitech h600 has received good comments, reviews, and ratings from its past users. You can find it on Amazon and order from the site directly.

If you all looking for a budget headphone set with all the necessary features Logitech h600 wireless headphones are the ones you should get for yourself. Now that you have read our review article you are aware and knowledgeable about all its excellent features and design. Try it out and check it out by yourself.

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