Logitech h800 Wireless Headset

Using a Logitech H800 wireless headset
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Logitech h800 Wireless Headset

They say a headset with the perfect sound quality can pick you up from your chair, get you nodding your head to the beat, make you dance around the round, and even get you in the mood for having an energetic workout session. Music can lift up your mood or be your company during times of melancholy. A good headset helps people to experience music with perfect tone quality, expressions, and bass. You need to feel every beat as clearly as a pin dropping in an empty soundless room. To have the most amazing experience and without being limited to cables, premium quality wireless headphones are an excellent option. Logitech h800 wireless headsets are one of the best and most versatile headsets out there. Stay tuned to find out what makes Logitech h800 headsets so good!

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Product Description

Logitech h800 Wireless Headset

Logitech is a well-known brand for its electronic entertainment devices and solutions. Starting from audio speakers, to music players and headphones Logitech’s products have captured the hearts of millions. Bluetooth-driven earpieces have been used for phone calls previously Logitech has introduced their wireless headset device for the all-in-one purpose of listening to music, talking, and playing video games.

One of the smartest features this headphone has is that it contains a microphone system. With an impedance of -47 ohms. The distance of the microphone from the mouth is adjustable so that you do not feel any form of discomfort while talking. The microphone has excellent noise-canceling features. It prevents interruption from background noise while you are conversing with someone using the headset. The range of frequency starts from 200 to 6500 Hz.

The earpads can be folded easily, they are large enough to cover your ears completely, and are flexible. Control buttons are divided on each side of the headset. The right earpad side contains control buttons for playback and accepting calls. The left side contains storage space basic volume control, the upper button on the left side is used to increase the volume level while the lower button is used to decrease the volume level, a pause and play button, mute button, a mode selection switch, and position to insert a wireless dongle.

The headset can be connected and disconnected using Bluetooth within 3 seconds. It has no difficulty pairing with other devices. Distance is not a factor either, you can stay 15 feet away from your speaker yet hear the music clearly with your headphones. The lowest frequency at which this device plays music is 30 Hz and the highest is around 15000 Hz.

The headset comes with a rechargeable battery. The battery has an indicator level, which informs the user if the device requires charging. The batteries can also be removed and changed. Another interesting feature of the Logitech h800 is that it has a multi-point count. The multi-point count system allows users to link more than one Bluetooth device with the wireless headset, making it easy for the user to switch between devices without having to manually connect and disconnect each and every time.

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Product Quality & Designs

Logitech h800 Wireless Headset


Logitech h800 has a sleek appearance and looks user-friendly. It is flexible, compatible, and does not require much effort to maintain. In terms of design and outlook, the Logitech h800 is black in color, with a basic look and style. After having the first look at it will give you the impression of an all-rounder headset. It does not look too heavy or too light, but just the right size.

The headband can be adjusted according to your preference, the ear pads are made of foam and not felt or cloth covers, and an extending microphone arm. The quality of the headsets is standard and is not made of any tensile strong materials. A pressure at an uneven angle or large force can cause the headphones to break down easily.

  • Logitech h800 has a sleek design
  • It provides rich high-quality sound
  • Its microphone can cancel external background noise
  • The range of sound in the headsets is from 30 Hz to 150000 Hz. It has a different frequency range for the microphone too.
  • The earpads are covered with a cushion to provide comfort
  • It comes with a micro USB connector spot on the left
  • The microphone arm is adjustable
  • Compact in size
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around

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Overall Logitech h800 is one of a kind, reasonable, and versatile headphone set. Logitech headphones are not too expensive and are affordable for people from all classes. Its quality, style, and features are satisfactory and well appreciated. With its performance, it has received good reviews on Amazon from its previous users and has earned people’s trust. You can purchase a Logitech h800 from Amazon for only $108. If you are not a resident of America you need to add shipping charges along with the price.

Logitech h800 is better than most wireless headsets in the market. The headsets which have similar features to the Logitech h800 are two or three times more expensive than it. Hence, we would recommend the Logitech h800 to you.

Now that you have read this review article you are ought to know all the features of the Logitech h800 wireless headset. If you are interested in getting a wireless headset that can be used to receive calls and also used in playing games or listening to music Logitech h800 is the one. Logitech h800 has satisfied all its users with high-quality sound, good microphone features, and its ability to connect to more than one device at a time.

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