Master & Dynamic MH40 Review

Master & Dynamic MH40 Review

Master & Dynamic MH40 Review

Master & Dynamic MH40 Review

The Master & Dynamic MH40 is the best over-ear headphones with a closed-back design. The retro design stands out from other earphones in the same price range. On the other hand, the build quality is excellent, and you can buy it in six different color combos. You even get a leather, blackened metal, and stealth option. But how well does the MH40 perform and sound? Find out by reading the MD MH40 review here.

Master & Dynamic MH40 Design

Master & Dynamic MH40 Design

We found the MH40 beautifully crafted with the combined matte and polished metal look. The leather stitching is neat, and the photo-edged logo is impeccable. The cables detach, and you have a choice of selecting one with or without an inline remote/mic. The wires are braided in a silver color with etched plugs. You use the headphones wired and have two options on how to attach the cables on either earcup. On the right side, you have a small mute button as well. When pressed, you get instant silence while the earcups are a bit bigger than the Momentum. They do not squish your ears. On the other hand, you can twist the cups for a comfortable fit.

The only problem is the heavy-weight of 12.7 ounces. Therefore, we did not find them as comfortable as other over-ear headphones for long listening sessions. The earphones closed-back and the 45mm drivers available are sealed. Therefore, you will not get a more extensive and airy sound making the tunes sound boxed around the ears. The upside is that the closed-back headphones work well in public places or casual listening at home. On the other hand, they are well made, but a hard case included would have been nice.

Master & Dynamics MH40 Presentation

While the headphones have a closed-back design, the MH40 managed to give an excellent soundstage. You can hear the music coming from far away instead of your outer ears. You get excellent timing and can feel the bass in your gut. However, the MH40 does fall short of providing you with a complete audible package. The mid-range is a bit congested as it feels as if the vocals closed in. On the other hand, the acoustic details a bit lost compared to using the Sennheiser Momentum. At times the sound can also become overpowering and might be a bit off-putting for some audiophiles. Here the bass takes center stage and may appeal to other listeners.

Master & Dynamic MH40 Specs

  • Color: Wide Selection of Color Combos
  • Cord Type: Detachable
  • Extras: In-cord Volume Control, Omni-directional Mic, Mute Button,
  • Form Factor: Over-ear and Closed-Back
  • Included: Carrying Case, OFC Straight Cable, and Detachable Straight Cable
  • Noise Isolation: Yes
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Weight: 12.7 ounces

Pros and Cons

What we like:

  • You get a wide soundstage
  • The bass is thundering
  • Excellent build
  • Retro Design
  • Stylish
  • Reasonably Comfortable

What we do not like:

  • Heavy for on-the-go listeners
  • Not a very detailed mid-range and the bass may be too much for some audiophiles

Is the Master & Dynamic MH40 for you?

If you love a warm sound over subtleness, you will love this pair of over-ear, closed-back headphones. The MH40 has an eye-catching design and displays well anywhere. However, for controlling sound leakage, they are not the best. Here we recommend the Sennheiser Momentum as it makes for a better travel companion.check out Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT

Our Verdict

The Master & Dynamic MH40 is a fun headphone with a wide soundstage and powerful bass. What they lack is in the refining department. What you do get is a perfect blend of quality and comfort with reasonable sound. On the other hand, you get noise isolation for a flawless listening experience. Moreover, the lambskin ear pads interchangeable as well, and it comes with oxygen-free copper cables. Another highlight is the Omni-directional mic with Bluetooth wireless connection.

We can recommend this flagship from Master & Dynamics that is beautifully designed. The earphones are relatively comfortable with a superb sound-profile for those in need of extra oomph. The biggest problem is the price as they do not come cheap. However, we are not saying you should avoid them. As mentioned, if you want heavy bass tones with a fantastic design look no further than these headphones.

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