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Optoma Nuforce be Sport4 Review


Optoma Nuforce be sport4

Optoma nuforce be sport4 wireless Bluetooth earphones are worth your attention. They feature a design that will let you have an activated lifestyle, and you will use them for training in any environment. These wireless earphones are available in either black or silver colors. You will easily Push yourself to the limits with musical and gaming motivation using the NuForce BE Sport4 Bluetooth earphones. They feature a design that comes with an athlete and an active lifestyle in mind. These NuForce BE Sport4 are always up and ready for any challenge since they will come with unique features such as ultra-durable IPX5 water resistance rating, audiophile sound quality, light-weight design, an impressive 10-hour battery life. They are extremely light-weight and hence ideal for those who love workouts and any other form of any outdoor activity.

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Optoma nuforce be sport4 Physical features.

  • Bit Resolution is 16z
  • Cable length of 580 mm
  • Connections Input is Bluetooth V4.1
  • Driver Type is Dynamic
  • Driver Unit is 6mm, graphene-coated
  • Frequency Response of 20Hz – 20,000Hz
  • The impedance of 16 Ohms
  • In-line Remote including Sync, Play, Pause, Mute, Prev. Track, Next Track, answer, hang up, activate/deactivate voice assistants
  • Maximum Sampling Rate of 16-bit / 44.1 kHz
  • Microphone Sensitivity of -42±3 dB
  • Operating Range of Up to 10m (33ft)
  • The sensitivity of 95dB at 1kHz
  • Supported Codecs are aptX¨, SBC, AAC
  • Volume Control is In-line remote
  • Wireless Frequency is 2.4GHz

Unique features of Optoma nuforce be sport

  • Sweat Proof & Water Resistant These earphones are IPX5 rated, and this makes them both waterproof and sweat resistant. You will use these headphones for training, hiking, snow activities, marathons, and workouts. They will not let any form of rain, mud, sweat, and snow without interrupting your playlist.
  • Quick charging. The headsets will charge quickly. For example, if you charge them for only 15 minutes, you will be able to listen and make calls for two hours with just 15 minutes charge.
  • Comfortable and secure fit Optoma nuforce be sport4 wireless headphones are very comfortable and will securely fit on your ears. Since they come with revolutionary spin fit twin blade ear tips that will offer you as a listener maximum comfort and stability. They will also offer superior noise cancellation features and a secure fit. The silicone ear tips are interchangeable, and their ear wings will easily personalize the fit even well.
  • Light-weight and durable. The earphones feature a combination of aluminum and polycarbonate housings. This will help keep it light-weight while maintaining the rugged durability you expect from Sport earphones. They will not peel off since they have no form of a coating. They also have a Kevlar strengthened cable that makes them difficult to cut. Their small size also makes them light-weight.
  • Talk and control features Since these earphones will come with an inbuilt remote that will make it easy for you to control the volume, activate Siri or Google assistant, and media playback without you taking your phone out of your pocket.
  • Ten hours of non-stop playtime. When you fully charge these earphones, you will get 10 hours of non-stop playtime. This is due to its quality and incredible battery life. The ten hours is ideal for all your training and workouts.
  • Audiophile and quality sound. You will get quality and crystal-clear sounds when you listen to music using these earphones. They feature graphene-coated drivers, and ACC and apt support will maximize the audio quality. The audio quality is ideal for both Apple and Android devices.
  • Variety Color options. You will either select between black and silver color options. The colors are attractive and exciting.
  • Wings tips Optoma nuforce be sport will come Supplied with specially designed wingtips. The wingtips will perfectly securely lock into the earbuds in your ear and stop them from falling out during strenuous activity such as workouts, gym, jogging, and other outdoor activities.

Optoma nuforce be sport4

Advantages of Optoma nuforce be sport4 other wireless sports earphones

  • 10-hour battery life
  • Kevlar strengthened cable
  • Quick charging
  • Graphene coated drivers for extra bass
  • AAC support for Apple Devices
  • aptX for Android, PC and MacBook’s
  • durable aluminum housing
  • Wings tips

Cons of Optoma nuforce be sport4

  • Poor microphone quality
  • Housing rubs against the outer ear
  • Ineffective Spin Fit ear tips

What is included in the package when you buy this Optoma nuforce be sport 4?

When you buy these earphones, you will get a zipper bag that you will use as a carrying case and also feature a carabiner for clipping onto your gym bag. You will also get nine pairs of ear tips and wingtips that will vary in size and density. A single set of SpinFit CP230 ear tips, a micro-USB charging cable, and the NuForce Be Sport4 earbuds.

Optoma nuforce be sport 4

How are the Optoma nuforce be sport4 playback controls, and how are they?

The microphone and playback controls of the Optoma nuforce be sport4 playback are located along with the elongated module that generally interrupts the cable. They are closely located to the right earbud, and aside from the slightly raised “+ O -” or volume up and down symbols, it’s nearly impossible to differentiate between the buttons if you will not look carefully. Even though the design looks sleek, it is not great for blind adjustments, for example, while running or jogging.

  • Connectivity of Optoma nuforce be sport4 playback

Each pair of these NuForce Be Sport4 earbuds operates and connects via Bluetooth connectivity. Each pair will offer a 10-meter connectivity range that is quite nice and amazing. Surprisingly, these earphones will even maintain a connection far beyond 16 meters.

  • The battery life of Optoma nuforce be sport4 playback

It will take only 2.5 hours to charge these wireless earphones fully. They come with 3.7V lithium-ion battery that will offer a long listening time. But if you’re short on time, for example, 15 minutes you will enjoy a total listening time of two hours.

How does the NuForce Be Sport4 sound?

The sound of Optoma nuforce be sport4 playback is amazingly good for working out. Initially, the wireless headphones will offer a low-end and lower midrange. But generally, the sound signature somehow leans heavily on the bass and under emphasizes the treble aspects.

NuForce Be Sport4 is truly amazing in terms of the benefits and advantages they will have over some other wireless earphones in the market. So, if you are out there trying to figure out the best type of headsets you will buy, please consider NuForce Be Sport4. They are water and sweat resistant, meaning you will use them during heavy workouts activities. Charging them will only take 2.5 hours, and with an only 15-minute charge, you will listen to music for 2 hours. Their Kevlar strengthened cable is strong enough, and hence the cord will not break easily. The sound quality is also amazing thanks to the Graphene coated drivers for extra bass and the best sound quality. Consider yourself lucky if you plan to have them.

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