Outdoor Stereo System
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Best Outdoor Stereo System Review

Outdoor Stereo System

If you want a fantastic summer, all you need is a well-mowed lawn, BBQ, and, last but not least, an outdoor stereo system. With that combination, you will be in a position to host your relatives and loved ones without having to worry about the available space in your house. You may not be a party person, but listening to music while reading in your backyard, trimming your hedges, or relaxing under the sun is fantastic. However, only an excellent outdoor stereo can make that possible. Here is where you learn what you need to know about a perfect outdoor stereo system.

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Where do you plan to set up your outdoor stereo system?

Outdoor Stereo System

Is it a small porch, deck, or patio? A yes won’t come as a surprise because most people have small outdoor space. For that reason, manufacturers have precisely what you need. That’s why you find that the majority of them have in-ceilings and in-walls designs. The former is most suitable for an overhang, charming pergola, or a covered porch. If that’s your case, go for it. On the other, an open area can also accommodate a wall-mounted outdoor stereo system. Under such circumstances, you will also need to look for one that is waterproof. Either way, ensure that they are 10-feet above the ground. In addition to that, the distance between the two should be 10 feet.

If you have a large yard or intend to install your outdoor stereo system need a swimming pool, you need to consider several things. After all, the sound produced must be loud enough to reach everyone within the area. The right way of achieving that is going for a zoned outdoor stereo system. Consequently, each zone will have a dedicated space. Another option is settling for one of the most robust outdoor stereo systems. It will definitely cost you some more cash, but it is absolutely worth it.

Do I need Receivers and Amplifiers?

When using an outdoor stereo system, a receiver or an amplifier can come in handy to ensure that you get the best listening experience. That’s because they are passive devices hence lacks any built-in mechanisms of amplifying sounds. Fortunately, most of these outdoor speakers are compatible with the ones available in the market. For exterior sound, take advantage of the extra channels since most of them have A+B channels. See to it that you connect the amplifier or receiver correctly with the help of their respective manuals.

Which type of cable matches the task perfectly?

Any expert will recommend the CL3 rated speaker wires and their corresponding connectors. Are you wondering why? That’s because of the fact that they are weather resistant. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about high temperatures, snow, or rain. At the same time, they are UV rays resistant. The material of the jacket is polyethylene for that, durability, and insulation. For underground use, ensure that you go for the direct burial cable. OSD audio outdoor speaker cables exist in several gauges. Go for 16 gauge, 14 gauge, and 12 gauge for 100 feet, over 100 feet, and above 200 feet, respectively.

Tips when installing an outdoor stereo system

Given the conditions under which an outdoor stereo system works, there are several strategies that can take your listening experience to a whole new level.

The speakers should face downwards. That will promote a great sound projection to listeners regardless of whether near a pool or on the patio. It is a great strategy of ensuring that the accumulation of water in the casing or cone is a thing of the past. After all, rainwater or any other kind of water will always flow down naturally.

To achieve a balanced sound, see to it that speakers are not more than 12 feet apart. As a matter of fact, a 10-feet distance is the most recommended one.

Make sure that you not only inspect but also clean your speakers. Given the high exposure to harsh elements, including weather conditions, that becomes a necessity. To maintain high sound quality, ensure that the grilles have no obstructions. Look out for debris, and once you spot them, remove them sooner than later. Otherwise, they will distort the sound. If grilles are removable, the better, remove them and get rid of any sand particle or other types of debris. If otherwise, no need to worry. Clean them regularly. Nevertheless, cleaning with high-pressure water is wrong no matter how high the waterproof rating is.

Do not neglect the wires. Otherwise, they will be vulnerable to lawnmowers. In addition to that, they might pose a danger to visitors and loved ones since they might trip over. So, how do you avoid that? Ensure that none of the wires are sagging around. Preferably, bury them underground.

Always balance the volume you want and the speakers that you buy. It is recommended that you use a number of speakers instead of raising the volume of one speaker too high.

Ensure that the wall mounts are firm so that they don’t fall off and spoil. Install them under a shade or cover them with plastic bags. Also, consider installing it under the eaves. That way, harsh elements, including sunlight, rainfall, and cold, will not be a problem.

Last but not least, use an amplifier if you are looking for a great bass.

This article has covered everything that you need to know about an outdoor stereo system. It ensures that you get to take home a great product worth investing in. Once you get the right purchase, it helps you install it perfectly. So, it becomes a great guide all the way. Once you are done fixing them, this guide remains relevant during maintenance. With all that information, you get to enjoy great music for a long time.

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