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Top 10 Philips Headphones in 2021

Choosing a headphone can be tough. And when the brand is Philips, people have a hard time choosing anyway. Philips has a reputation for making affordable headphones that rival the quality of high-end headphones. But not all headphones are not what they promise to be. In our review, we have picked the ten best Philips headphones of all price ranges. With the help of this review, it will be easier for you to decide which one is suited to your needs.

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10. Philips SHL3000BK

Philips SHL3000BK

This is one of the most affordable Philips headphones and has a great price to performance ratio. It comes wired. The sound quality is unparalleled to any other headphones at this price.

It has a simple design. The texture of the shells is a bit scratchy which gives it a good look. The bass quality is not great but the overall sound quality is good.

  • The cord is attached to only one side,
  • Sturdy built,
  • Energy-efficient.

9. Philips L2BO/27 Fidelio

Philips L2BO/27 Fidelio

The L2BO/27 is perfect if you want to enjoy a premium feel without spending too much. It has built-in mics. The cushions are soft and comfortable. And you also get a 6.3mm adapter with it.

The minimalistic design is full of black leather and red stitches. The cushions will dissipate heat. The sound drivers are not perfect, but the experience that you will have with this headphone is completely satisfactory. The treble is lucid, the vocals sound stunning.

  • Balanced audio quality,
  • Comfortable to wear,
  • Budget-friendly.

8. Philips Audio Philips SHP9500

Philips Audio Philips SHP9500

This Philips headphone comes with neodymium drivers. And this one is far cheaper than most other headphones that come with these drivers. The crisp sound quality, flexible, and comfortable materials will surely satisfy you.

This headphone is inspired by vintage designs. The headband is thick and comfortable. It is wired and the cables are pretty thick. The open back system provides excellent high pitch. And the sound never gets scratchy.

  • Balanced bass,
  • Great build,
  • Suitable for gaming.

7. Philips SHS390 

Philips SHS390 

The sleek, oval Philips headphone that we have now is simply alluring. It has a cord attached to only one side so you don’t have to be afraid that your wires will be getting tangled. The cord length is considerably longer and you will have no issues using it at home or on the go.

The design is simply different from most headphones. It has a rich, crunchy sound quality. The headband comes with a good grip and so, it won’t fall off.

  • Unique design,
  • Great for long hours of listening,
  • One-sided cord.

6. Philips BASS+ On-Ear Headphones 

Philips BASS+ On-Ear Headphones 

If you are into pop, rap, or other sorts of groovy music, this Philips headphone can be a great choice. It is a wireless headphone and can be used for twelve hours with a full charge.

The headphone is really good. You can carry it in your bags as it is foldable. The cushions are big and will fit comfortably. It has 10m of Bluetooth range.

  • Wireless connectivity,
  • Articulated bass,
  • Great battery life.

5. Philips SHO7205BK/28

Philips SHO7205BK/28

This is for the black and red enthusiasts. This headphone delivers amazing sound with 40mm drivers. It comes with an adjustable neckband which is comfortable. The headphone is sleek, stylish, and light.

These Philips headphones have a closed-back which will keep ambient noise away. The cushions are comfortable but don’t dissipate much heat.

  • Durable and light,
  • Has control-interface on the shell,
  • It can produce high-quality sound.

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4. Philips SHP2600/27 

Philips SHP2600/27 

If you worship black, this might just be your new favorite. The Philips SHP2600/27 comes with a full black, edgy look. The neodymium drivers of 32mm sure have a kick. You will surely not regret buying this one.

The headphone is very sturdy and builds quality is top-notch. It is designed to perform. Also, the sound quality is impressive. You can hear a crisp mid-range and a clean treble with this.

  • Amazing sound quality,
  • Noise isolation,
  • Comfortable.

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3. Philips SHO7205BK/28 

Philips SHO7205BK/28 

The headphone has an amazing build quality compared to most other headphones in the market. It is a fusion of comfort, style, and performance. It has a mic on the cord so you will have an equally great listening and calling experience.

The leather padded comfortable cushions will isolate noise. The sound quality is amazing with the neodymium drivers of 40mm. It has an articulated bass and is fine-tuned.


2. Philips SHB6250/27

Philips SHB6250/27

This Philips headphone is very lightweight, compact, and wireless, no wonder why so many people choose to buy this one. It will provide a non-stop listening experience in your daily life, on tours, and in workplaces even.

The headphone is very thin and compact. You can use Siri or Google Assistant with this. It has in-built mics which are great for calling. It features deep, clean bass.

  • Comfortable, compact and portable,
  • Intuitive controller design,
  • Long-lasting performance.

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1. Philips X2/27 Fidelio 

Philips X2/27 Fidelio 

The Philips X2/27 has a clear sound quality, pure bass due to its neodymium drivers of 50mm. It is an over-ear headphone. The plush cushions offer comfort. It comes with a flexible, lightweight hammock.

The headphone delivers a controlled bass thanks to its Layered Motion Control technology. The back of ear cups open and they tilt fifteen degrees to adjust. The cushions can dissipate air and heat.

  • Comfortable and flexible,
  • Immersive sound quality,
  • Stereo sound imaging quality is great,
  • Studio-friendly.

Philips headphones come at all prices and are versatile in their build and performance. But not all of them have everything right? So, pick the one that comes with the features that you require!

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