Photive Speaker Review

Photive Speaker
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Photive Speaker Review

Photive Speaker Review

A photive speaker is referred to as a wireless speaker. It will connect to your phone, tablet, Pc, or any other device with Bluetooth or wireless signal capabilities. You will listen to your favorite songs on your playlist wirelessly to this photive speaker. You will also change tracks and adjust the volume directly from your Bluetooth device. When buying a photive speaker, you should always consider some factors such as the quality of sound, durability of the speaker.

The price of the speaker should also be a key factor while selecting for that Bluetooth speaker. It should produce good quality sound. Portability will also be another critical consideration. Don’t let the size of this photive speakers be a limit to you carrying it around when you are out for a walk, hike, camp, or hill climbing. Below are some of the features and considerations while selecting an ideal photive speaker.

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Cost of the device

Photive Speaker

Just like all the products in our markets today, the price of products will never be the same. They may serve the same purpose, but the price is different. The more advanced a photive speakers will be, the more the features it may have. Always ensure you work on your budget and have the best device according to your money.


If you want you to want to carry along your photive speakers, it should be rechargeable. Reliable photive speakers should have a short charging time and a long-lasting battery that will ensure you enjoy long hours of music listening. You will either charge your photive speakers using a power bank or via a wall socket.

The durability of the battery should also be long enough to ensure one enjoys music for a long time without having to charge this device every few hours. Overcharging is not recommended since it will lower the battery life of your photive speaker.

Output power

Different photive speakers have different output powers, and it will all depend on your preferences as a user. The more powerful the speaker, the more expensive it might be. The best photive speaker is known to have an output power of about 20 watts, and this will be incredibly audible enough.

The market today has a variant of different photive speakers with varying strengths of output. Yours will be a selection and you will be good to go.



Depending on the place of use, the portability of your photive speaker will be a crucial consideration. For example, if your photive speaker is intended for indoor use only, you may not put into consideration how portable it will be. But for people who will plan to carry along their wireless speakers to hikes, swimming, camps of hill climbing, Portability, and compactness will be considered.

A heavy photive speaker will be a drawback or a speaker that will require special transport will not be liked or preferred by people who wish to have this speaker with them when they are out there.


A durable photive speaker will withstand some harsh climatic conditions. Some of these photive speakers will be dustproof and waterproof. These will be ideal for the people who are intending to use these speakers during outdoor expenditures. The materials that to make these speakers must be sturdy enough to resist shock from falls or accidental knocks.

For people who love swimming and listening to music at the same time, a waterproof photive speaker will be ideal for them. Materials such as the treated aluminum grill and rubberized exteriors will make a durable photive speaker.

The Bluetooth version of your photive speaker

The higher the version of Bluetooth, the more it will be easy to connect, and the more it will be easy to stream. For example, a photive speaker with a Bluetooth version of 4.0 will be faster in terms of connection and stream speed than a photive speaker with a Bluetooth version of 2.0. Hence the higher the Bluetooth version, the more convenient it will be in terms of connection and stream capabilities.

Ease of control

Listening to your favorite music should come quickly with no hustles. Connecting a photive speaker to a Bluetooth device will be very easy. But comparing it to a wireless network may pause a challenge to some people, and it will not be easy. Some of these speakers feature easy to use control buttons that will allow you to switch between tracks, adjust the volume.

Always select a device that will not pose usability challenges to you as the user of the photive speaker. The more it will be easy to use, the more you will enjoy your music. Don’t buy a device that will be taking your 15 minutes to configure.

Availability of other connection media

Imagine your photive speaker draining its power, and this will disable the wireless function. But if it has the option of an audio jack, you will plug in the audio jack and continue listening to music. Some photive speakers have 3.5 mm audio cable, that will ensure you will listen to your favorite music even if the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capabilities are deactivated. For example, in an airplane, or in areas where Wi-Fi networks are restricted, it will be ideal for connecting your photive speaker via an audio cable.

Will your photive speaker have a manufacturer or sellers’ warranty.

Always lookout for the warranty on your device since anything can happen, and you may require to return the device to the seller or manufacturer. For instance, imagine buying a photive speaker, and upon arrival at home, you find out that its battery will only last for ten minutes after fully charged, or the speaker’s Bluetooth connectivity is not working. If you have a warranty, you will return this device to the seller or manufacturer, but if your product didn’t have a warranty, you would end up a frustrated person who will have lost their money and time too.

Connection range

The connection range will be the distance between the photive speaker and your device without interfering with the streaming rate. Some of the photive speakers will have astonishing intervals of up to 33 feet. You may be charging your phone and, at the same time charging your photive speakers and listening to music too, and they may say feet away. A good photive speaker will not suffer from attenuation and should have the maximum feet between the two devices.

With a Photive speaker, your hikes will never be boring again, since they will be portable and easy to use. You will wirelessly connect to your devices without any worry. You can connect to any device as long it has Bluetooth connectivity options. Created with a compact design, these speakers will not be heavy. Don’t limit your self while taking a shower, with this device, and you will enjoy music without minding since these speakers are waterproof. Even while enjoying your swimming expenditures, you will never remember this device getting wet of being buried under the sand. They are feature durable materials.

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