Plantronics BackBeat Pro
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Plantronics BackBeat Pro Review

Plantronics BackBeat Pro Review

While we have already reviewed the BackBeat Pro 2, we wanted to share our feelings on the sibling the BackBeat Pro as well. The headset is a premium wireless headphone with NFC syncing and active noise canceling. Therefore, these earphones are great for blocking out the background noise in busy environments. you may like to see Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

Plantronics BackBeat Pro Design

Plantronics BackBeat Pro Review

Compared to the BackBeat Pro 2, the BackBeat Pro has a great design, but the earcups are small with an over-ear design. Furthermore, the headset folds flat for transportation. Moreover, you get a felt-line fabric case as well. When you take a closer look at the earcups, it is equipped with buttons, switches, and dials. The festoon of buttons well hidden and does not interfere with the style of the headphone. However, on the other side, they do look busy with the play/pause and call buttons found on the exterior.

You have black plastic joining the leather earcups while the headband and mic grilles metal. The headset looks durable and has an excellent finish. Furthermore, they are massive at 340 grams. While the BackBeat Pro is a wireless headphone, you can use it with an analog cable as well by connecting it to the left earcup. Included is a mobile phone cable for volume control on Apple device only and play/pause/answer/end for both Apple and Android devices with a mic. While it is a handy cable to use for phone control even when it is turned off, you can still use it in the old fashioned way as well. However, neither the noise-canceling or headphone buttons will work in the wired mode.

To use the headphone wireless, you need to flip the switch behind the right earcup, and the battery is juiced up with a micro-USB cable. On the right earcup, you have a rubber ring that controls the volume but does not work when you run out of power. In the middle of the earcup, you have a call button, and below it is the open mic button for muting audio for conversations. On the left earcup, you find the play/pause button with a surrounded rubber ring for skipping tracks. More towards the back you have the ANC control to listen or block out background noise.

Plantronics BackBeat Pro Performance

As mentioned, the cans have a small over-ear design and may not enclose your ears entirely but catch some of the ear lobes. The padding is shallow and presses against the ears. Furthermore, the adjustment of the earcups limited and angled more towards the bottom of the head than the top. The overall comfort is okay and depends on your head and ear size. Therefore, you may find the headset uncomfortable after a while and is more prone to shifting around.

The noise isolation is excellent, and the earcups seal well with the closed-back design. Therefore, background noise is reduced while the ANC function and open mic feature work well. The sound is excellent but not perfect. You get loads of bass with detail yet fun and versatile at the same time. If you enjoy heavy-bass, you will love the BackBeat Pro. Not only do you get bass oomph, but it also delivers detail and warmth in the mid-range suitable for vocal and instrumental music.

Even the high-end is decent but not outstanding as it impacts the sound stage giving you closed-in listening experience. However, turning on the ANC function reduces the overall sound quality. To make the best of this headset, it sounds better connected with wired than wireless. The battery lasts up to 24-hours with noise-canceling, and without it you get up to 60-hours. Lastly, the battery is not replaceable, which is a bit of a shame as you will need to replace the headphones or use it in wired mode.

Plantronics BackBeat Pro Specs

  • Battery: 24-hours wireless streaming and 60-hours standby time
  • Color: Black
  • Cord Type: Wired and Wireless
  • Extras: Deep Sleep Mode, ANC, OpenMic, Smart Sensors
  • Form Factor: Over-ear
  • Included: Travel Sleeve, Audio Cable, Charging Cable
  • Noise Isolation: Passive
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Weight: 340 grams

Pros and Cons

What we like:

  • Active Noise Cancelling
  • Excellent battery life
  • Can connect to devices at the same time
  • Fantastic sound
  • Works well in wired and wireless mode

What we do not like:

  • A bit bass-heavy for some people
  • Busy design
  • Not that comfortable for some users

Should I buy It?

Yes, it is a superb and portable over-ear headphone you can use wired or wireless. The battery is impressive, even with the noise canceling on. Furthermore, you can use it with passive noise if even the battery does fail. The noise-canceling is impressive, and the sound signature can be a bit bass-heavy, but the mid-range and high-ends balanced and impressive. The only negative thing is the comfort that can be a letdown for some audiophiles.

Our Verdict

The Plantronics BackBeat Pro offers excellent sound with impressive noise canceling. The battery is class-leading, and the controls are easy to use. When used in busy places, the background noise is removed even on a plane. Furthermore, the ANC does help to listen to your tunes on a low frequency to hear everything in your ears. Furthermore, compared to the Beats Studio Wireless, these headphones prevail in sound. Overall we found the BackBeat Pro impressive for the price. However, if you do want to spend a bit more with upgraded features, the BackBeat Pro 2 is another excellent option.

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