Plantronics GameCom 780 Review

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Plantronics GameCom 780 Review

Plantronics GameCom 780

Are you a gamer and looking for a good headset essential to your gaming experience? Plantronics GameCom 780, can provide you with a combined comfort and performance.

The Plantronics GameCom 780 headset is a device that transforms standard audio into a stunning 7.1 surround quality sound. Background noise is no more when you make your commands loud and clear. GameCom 780 headset is the best gaming gear on your ears, making internet calls, or listening to music.

There is no problem in adjusting your volume because the controls are on the ear pods.

1. What does Plantronics GameCom 780 headphones Include

Here is what to expect from these headphones.

  • Dolby Technology

Plantronics GameCom 780 has a Dolby technology, which also includes Pro Logic llx technology. The technology is responsible for the exceptional 7.1 surround sound experience. In the headset, it has 40mm speakers that provide deep bass and immersive stereo sound. The sound gives you a total concentration on the task you are performing. Sound that is perfect in your ear when playing that cool music or in a gaming experience, GameCom headset offers all the quality and detailed sound that you need.

  • Noise-Cancelling Mic

A noise-canceling mic is a feature in Plantronics GameCom 780 headset. It has a design that reduces all your background noise. The noise-canceling feature helps you to give clear commands when gaming and your team members to hear them.

  • Ease of use

Plantronics GameCom 780 is not a complicated headset. It does not require you to have complicated software or software for it to function. The USB plug connector is the feature in the headset to connect to your device directly through plug and play. USB connection increases digital clarity.

  • Convenient On-Ear Controls

Plantronics GameCom 780 headphones, has easy to use controls. While your hands and eyes are focused on the game, you can adjust the volume or microphone with ease.

The controls on GameCom 780 include a microphone mute switch, an adjustment wheel, and a monitor. These features allow you to turn the surround sound on or off, thanks to the on-ear controls.

  • Compatible Fit

Plantronics GameCom 780 has soft ear cushions. The cushions and comfortable headband provide optimal comfort even with your extended gaming sessions. The pleasure is also ideal long movie watching, making PC voice calls, and listening to music.

When not in use or maybe on a break, built-in spin joints allow secure storage. The ear pods swivel and lie flat.

  • Sturdy

The Plantronics GameCom 780 has strong cords and joints that make it of quality and long-lasting. The wires are rubber made, which are resistant to wear and tear, which may affect sound transmissions. With a cable length of 2 meters, it gives you enough room for your gaming experience especially if there are many movements.

  • Compatibility

Your headset works with PC for all the music play, internet calls, and gaming. It has the USB plug-and-play feature.

  • Lightweight

Plantronics GameCom 780 is very light. It is because it has a light plastic make and light wire reinforcements. You do not have to worry about being tired carrying the headset around because the weight is not noticeable to your head during the long hours play.

2. How to maintain your Plantronics GameCom 780 headset?

Below are some of the precautions to take in securing your headset.

  • Cleaning

Water and cleaning products don not mix well with electronics. A soft cloth, perhaps little soap and warm water is the best way of cleaning your headphones. Use a soft and dry toothbrush to dislodge dirt and grime in the mesh areas where your cloth can’t reach. If you don’t prefer using a fabric, baby, or restaurant wipes can do a decent job.

  • Storing

You should store your Plantronics GameCom 780 headphones in a cool, dry and clean place. Avoid placing your headphones in extreme temperatures, whether cold or hot. Damage may occur when the headphones swelter or freeze.

When not using your headphones, utilize the pods swivel feature, which helps reduce wear and tear.

Dangling cables may be the end of your Plantronics GameCom 780 headphones listening experience. Keep the cord organized by wrapping it carefully in a figure-eight shape. Also, you can wrap wire on the headband.

  • Using

Take care of your Plantronics headphones when you are using them. It can make a big difference than you think. Necessary precautions like avoid using in high or low temperatures, pulling the cord on the end plug rather than yanking on it to remove.

Liquids and high humidity should be far away from your headphone. The sensitive electronic parts in your headphones become affected, resulting in no functioning.

Adjust to the perfect size of your head and avoid over pulling or bending, which can lead to damage.

Plantronics GameCom 780 headphones should have a long function life in a clean environment. The environment should be free of dirt and dust, which easily enter into the internal parts of your headphones. Also, regularly check and clean dirt in your area of work.

  • Protection

Protect your headphones from external damage. It is advisable to get a protective casing for your GameCom 780 headphones. There are hard/soft pouches and cases available. The elements protect your headphones from dust when stored. During commuting, the headphones are break free because the casing or bag protects it from impacts.

Also, keep your headphones safe from table edges where they can fall. Avoid any kind of falls of the headphones, for it may result in damage or breaking.

Plantronics GameCom 780

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Gaming Headphones: Issues and Fixes

Whenever we talk about gaming headphones, we imagine big over-ear headphones with colorful RGB lighting, funky design, and mouthpiece. But in reality, the usability and functionality of a gaming headphone are much more than just the appearance. Let’s have a look.

Why is a gaming headphone a must-have for gamers?

Why is a gaming headphone a must-have for gamers?


Blocking of External Noises

This is probably the most obvious reason why you should get gaming headphones. We mean, what good are those huge ear muffs if they can’t even block external sound? It’s one of the main functions of a gaming headphone as it not only cuts out the noise, it also reduces distractions for those super intensive moments.

Better Sound Quality

Gaming headsets are inherently made to sound better than your average earphones or headsets. Most of the gaming headsets out support all the latest codec which ensures that you get a superior in-game experience. The games that you find today, most require a highly intensive precision, much of which is also dependent on the sound.

So, having a headset that can deliver the preciseness is always a plus point.


Most of the gaming headsets that you will see have a dedicated mouthpiece. For most multiplayer games, communication is very important. Sure enough, you can say that even basic headphones these days have a mouthpiece. Yes, you can get by with them, but that’s about it. You can only get by. The sound quality that you will get from a dedicated mic is unparalleled and an essential requirement for intense gaming sessions.

How to improve the sound of your gaming headphones?

How to improve the sound of your gaming headphones?


Activating Windows Sonic

What most people don’t know that in addition to Dolby Atmos, windows itself has a dedicated surround sound feature called windows sonic. When playing RPG games, surround sound often makes a crucial difference as you get to sense your enemy approach through sound. You can activate windows sonic to take advantage of this feature.


Everyone is subject to have their own choice in music and sound output. Naturally, the preset sound that is on your laptop or computer might not feel good to your ear. You can easily tweak your preference through the equalizer.

Amp or DAC

The amplifier and digital to analog converter can be a useful addition to get the best out of your gaming headphones. An amplifier significantly increases the sound output so that you can have an alleviated sound experience. So does the DAC. You can opt for both of these or any one of them based on your budget and preference for sound.

Use the Main Board

Another useful hack to get the most out of your headphones is to connect the headphones directly to the mainboard instead of the front port. The relay from the mainboard to the front port causes significant sound distortion which can be avoided if you opt for the mainboard connection.

Tips to make your gaming headphones last longer

Tips to make your gaming headphones last longer


Taking care of the cable

Most of the gaming headsets that you will find in the market are wired headsets. And with a wired headphone comes a host of new troubles. You need to take care of the cable and jack to make sure your headphones last longer. Our suggestion here is that, if your cable is not braided, make a braid for it, this will significantly increase its durability. Another thing that you can do is not tie the cable as strongly as it might harm the internal component.

Avoid Moisture

For cable headphones as well as the pads, moisture is a no-go. You need to make sure that the pad and the cable are away from any sort of contact with moisture.

Moderate Volume

This might not sound good to many of you that like to always blast off their headphones. The truth is, headphones wear out faster if you are playing them at a high volume. We suggest that you switch for a moderate volume level so that you get optimum performance and longevity out of your headphones.

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How to fix the headphone jack when it is not working?

How to fix the headphone jack when it is not working?


Make sure the jack is plugged in properly

This is a very common issue and one that is often overlooked. You need to give it a little bit of an extra push to make sure that the jack is secured in its place. Sometimes something as simple as this might be the reason for your trouble.

Check the headphones

Find out where the actual issue is. Sometimes it’s not the jack rather the headphones themselves that might be causing the issue. Check whether the speaker drivers are receiving power and whether it is functional or not.

Update the audio driver

Sometimes when using newer models, you must update the drivers to the latest firmware. If the drivers aren’t properly installed, it won’t work, as simple as that, so make sure to check your drivers.

Uninstall IDT drivers

This is a fairly new codec that enables window’s form of HD audio. This audio codec is not supported by many headphones and if you have this driver enabled, there’s a high chance that you will face issues with your headphones. So, we suggest you uninstall the IDT driver.

Headphones as default

Another simple fix can be to simply set your headphones as your default audio output. This switches over to your headphones as the primary output. This way you will know whether it is the driver or your headphones which is actually at fault and needs fixing.

Plantronics GameCom 780 headphones are the best choice as your gaming partner. With its noise cancellation feature, your gaming experience is on another level. They eliminate external noise distraction enhancing total concentration. The high-quality inbuilt sound feature takes your gaming and music listening experience by a storm. The speakers have a technology that improves your sound quality from the source. Full blast bass and stereo capabilities filter your sound to a level of perfection. These qualities make gamers sit for longer hours without tire.

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