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Best Presonus Mixer in 2020

If a person has more than one sound source, a Presonus mixer is needed to combine the audio signals. It helps control the balance between signals before sending then to a loudspeaker. Although the right mixer which is properly gain-staged will make mixing and recording much more comfortable, selecting the best Presonus mixer can be a challenging task. Careful consideration of the channel count, connection types, Aux buses, whether digital or analog, recording options, and onboard signal processing is needed. This article will help one pick the best Presonus mixer, which will guarantee the best results and will fit the budget.

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9.​ PreSonus StudioLive 32 Series III 32-Channel Digital Mixer


 PreSonus StudioLive 32 Series III 32-Channel Digital Mixer

Studiolive 32 provides ways to customize things to fit your work well. It has user layers for the channel faders to allow one place any channel or bus fader anywhere you want. Also, there are several workflow options to personalize the mixing experience.

The mixer has eight user-assignable buttons for mute groups, and scenes, 40 total inputs, 16 flex mix outputs, 32 input channels with recallable XMAX Class-A mic preamps, and two stereos.

  • 33 faders
  • Transport control
  • 8-user buttons

8. PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2AI Active Integration Digital Mixer

PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2AI Active Integration Digital Mixer

The StudioLive 24.4.2AI provides a networked, tightly integrated hardware and software ecosystem where every touchpoint in the system communicates to enhance each mixing task.

The model offers both wired and wireless connectivity to any standard router and networks with Macs, IOS, and PCs. The connectivity makes it run the studio live AI software library, which contains UC multi-touch mixer control software with smart measurement technology, Capture 2.1, studio one three artist DAW and specialized IOS apps.

  • Flexible connectivity
  • Virtual soundchecks
  • Easy configuration

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7. PreSonus Studiolive 24.4.2 24-Channel Performance and Recording Digital Mixer

PreSonus Studiolive 24.4.2 24-Channel Performance and Recording Digital Mixer

This Presonus mixer model provides 24 input channels with each having a trim pot, XRL mic with XMAC preamp, ¼ inch TRS balanced line inputs, and unbalanced insert points with high headroom class A XMAX mic preamplifiers. There are two internal digital effect processors.

The mixer also has four subgroup buses, ten aux sends, and a fat channel with rotary encoders. Lastly, is the direct recording interface which is compatible with logic, Nuendo, Sonar, Cubase, digital platformer, two more internal digital effects processors, and Ableton Live.

  • 45 pounds’ weight
  • Direct interface
  • 50 reverbs and delay presets

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6. PreSonus StudioLive 32R 34 Input, 32 Mixer

PreSonus StudioLive 32R 34 Input, 32 Mixer

Studiolive 32 R can operate solely as a stage box or as a combined stage box and monitor mixer. It is a series III fully recallable digital rack mixer with 32 channels. Studiolive 32R has a total of 32 inputs which includes 32 locking combo mic/line channel inputs with recallable XMAX Class-A mic preamp.

Furthermore, it has 16 flex mixes and four dedicated subgroups, 40 by 40 USB2.0 recording interface, and 55 by 55 AVB recording interface.

  • Four buses
  • Scene safe
  • Versatile

5. PreSonus StudioLive 24R 26-input

PreSonus StudioLive 24R 26-input

Studiolive 24R has a total of 26 inputs which are 24 mic/line channel inputs and 2RCA inputs. Its outputs are 12 ¼ inches TRS flex mix outputs, stereo headphone output, and 2 XLR main outputs.

For connectivity, studio lives 24R has 1 Ethernet control network port, manual, dynamic, and self-assigned IP address modes. Also, there is an onboard stereo SD recorder, 40 by 40 USB recording, and 55 by 55 AVB recording interface.

  • 115 Db dynamic range
  • integrated software
  • 24-bit resolution

4. PreSonus StudioLive unpowered-audio-mixers, Multicolored (SL-1602 USB)

PreSonus StudioLive unpowered-audio-mixers, Multicolored (SL-1602 USB)

In just an area of 0.19 square meters, SL-1602 USB provides 8 mono input channels, four stereo channels, and 4 Aux buses. Each of them has a high-quality 60mm fader. Also is a solid-state mic preamp, a talkback input with class A mic preamp, MIDI control, accurate metering, extensive signal processing with physical controls, and a built-in multichannel recording interface.

Furthermore, the 1602 USB is compact and light hence easy to hold on the hand and tuck it under the arm. It has plenty of DSP power which has no shared resources nor limitations. There is a unique fat channel that provides a compressor, expander, limiter, and 3 –band semi-parametric EQ and bus.

  • Clarity
  • High-quality converters
  • Analogue connection

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3. PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 16-Channel Audio Mixer

PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 16-Channel Audio Mixer

For small clubs, churches, bands, and schools, studio live 16.0.2 is perfect. It features eight mono and four stereo channel inputs with 60 mm faders, four auxiliary buses, and two internal FX buses.

The mixer has a 16-in/16-out firewire recording interface and 3-band semi-parametric EQ, compressor, downward expander on all channels and buses, limiter, 31-band graphic EQ on the main bus and stereo.

  • MIDI interface
  • Scene recalls
  • Capture live recording

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2. PreSonus StudioLive AR12C 12-Ch USB Live Sound/Studio Mixer

PreSonus StudioLive AR12C 12-Ch USB Live Sound/Studio Mixer

The SLM AR 12C channel mixer has 14 input USB recording interface, Rockville RCM PRO professional recording condenser microphone. It is best applicable at home studio, live performances, recording studio, broadcasting, among others.

Also is the PROMO-M50 studio headphones or removable coil cable with extra ear pad, accurate sound production, sound isolation, and minimal bleed. Furthermore, there is a heavy-duty mixer stand up to 300 LBS and is foldable for easy portability and storage.

  • Portable
  • Signal clarity
  • Adjustable width

1. PreSonus StudioLive AR12c 14-Channel USB-C Hybrid Digital

PreSonus StudioLive AR12c 14-Channel USB-C Hybrid Digital

The studio lives AR12c functions at up to 96kHz for high recording and definition mixing. It has eight lauded XMAX mic preamps which enable the capture of even the subtle details without requiring extra noise.

In the presence of a USB-C compatible connection, the StudioLive AR12c can use an audio interface for nearly any computer. Its interface and analogue mixer have tight integration with state of the art recording software.

  • Comfortable performance
  • Four mono channels and stereo channels
  • Two monitor mixes

Do not allow confusion to scare you anymore. As observed in the article, most Presonus mixers share the same features and functions. However, there is a slight difference between the analogue and the digital types. For instance, analogue Presonus mixers are less expensive and less complicated despite having the same size. Analogue mixers, however, have fewer onboard features and their sound quality entirely depends on the quality of the analogue circuitry. With the knowledge in this article, the difficulty in making the selection choice is minimized by first making sure you calculate needs accordingly. Try it, and there is a definite probability that the wish in life will come to satisfaction.

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