Razer Kraken X
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Best Razer Kraken x Review

Razer Kraken x

The gadget sounds incredible in a game, with a fitting spotlight on trebles and voice work. Moreover, it’s amazingly agreeable to wear for a considerable length of time at once and sufficiently lightweight to cause you to overlook how larger than average Razer’s different headsets will, in general, be. On the off chance that you need a modest gaming headset that sounds entirely great and works with all that you possess, this is a simple proposal, even though it’s not precisely yet a conclusive one. These are cross-stage good. You can utilize them with PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and cell phones. With the Razer Kraken X, the gaming and your music world are well taken care of due to its simple and smart features this headset comes with. Check out Most Expensive Gaming Headsets


Razer Kraken x


The headset estimates 7.5 x 6.5 inches and weighs just 8.8 ounces. You get an all-dark plastic frame with unpretentious honeycomb structures and Razer logos on the ear cups. There’s a cushioned headband on top and indents to alter a fit on the sides. It’s everything agreeably straightforward and exquisite.

At that point, you find a good pace ear cup, where the greater part of the additional highlights lives. There are a mic-quiet catch and a volume dial. Both are great, in spite of the fact that the volume dial is somewhat slimmer and a step down in relation to I would have preferred.

The Kraken X has an adaptable mic that doesn’t fall off, doesn’t withdraw, and doesn’t crease upward. It’s fundamentally going to be someplace in your fringe vision at whatever point you use it. In that capacity, it can get pretty diverting, except if you overlay it up in unmistakable compliance.

Kraken X is extremely adaptable. As a matter of course, it interfaces with everything by means of a solitary 3.5mm sound link. Be that as it may, the headset additionally accompanies a splitter for the individuals who want to isolate the mic/sound contributions for a gaming work area. The default link is fairly short; with the splitter link, the compass is any longer.

Polycarbonate-ABS, a strong thermoplastic, makes up the headband and slider. This lightweight material pair with the covered up eyeglasses channels makes these agreeable to wear with or without glasses. Said channels reduce pressure at the sanctuaries. In addition, the adaptable foam ear cushions add to general solace.

The remote switch requires the perfect measure of obstruction and gives a wonderful snap when depressed or discharged.


Because of its size, weight, and ear cups, the Kraken X is one of the most agreeable headsets Razer has ever constructed. The cushioned leatherette headbands and ear cups push down delicately, regardless of whether you’re wearing glasses, and it’s anything but difficult to get a tight seal around the ears.

The adaptable cardioid blast mic is exceptionally sympathetic as far as arrangement. For ideal voice quality, place the stomach corresponding to your mouth.


 Razer Kraken X

The 40mm unique drivers duplicate a characteristic portrayal of three-dimensional space. That is something gamers ought to require from any headset. This practical view of sound makes it simpler to comprehend where adversaries are found spatially.

Bass notes get the most accentuation—run of the mill for gaming headsets—as this makes blasts progressively effective. Vocal frequencies are close as supported, making it simpler to character and partner discourse. The wide plunge from 1-6.5 kHz isn’t as emotional as it looks, yet subjects piercing frequencies, similar to music, to sound-related concealing.

The headset’s intensified bass reaction loans itself pleasantly to Brown’s folksy style, focusing on the drum kicks. In the meantime, the light midrange accentuation features Brown’s voice considerably more than the blend proposed, which functions admirably for the class. Tambourine shakes are hard to hear, especially from 2:15 on. Dark colored’s vocals and sponsorship vocals at 2:35 cover the treble frequencies.

Voices get through the Razer Kraken X receiver boisterous and clear. The plunge from 100-300Hz is odd seeing as most vocal essential frequencies fall in this range. All things considered, certifiable use exhibits the Kraken X has an incredible blast mic.


The Kraken X associates through 3.5mm jack as opposed to USB, so there’s very little programming usefulness to talk about. Acquiring another Kraken X gives you access to Razer’s exclusive encompass sound programming, which you can use to empower computerized 7.1 encompass sound. This is sufficiently basic to set up. On the other hand, introducing separate programming from Razer Synapse, which controls all other Razer peripherals, is all in agony.

The Kraken X conveyed top-notch sound on convenient stages, regardless of whether I was investigating the backwoods of Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition on the Switch or testing the prisons of Dragon Quest III on Android.

The Kraken X is perfect with gaming PCs, the PS4, the Xbox One, Switch, and cell phones (those with an earphone jack, in any case), and games on each stage sound phenomenal.

On-board sound and mic control, a non-separable (yet adaptable) cardioid receiver, and 7.1 virtual encompass sound by means of a downloadable application.

It’s entirely incredible in any case, and it’s outstanding an incentive for cash. If you need to go Razer, the Kraken TE is the top-notch decision, yet for those looking for a conventional, moderate headset, you’ll battle to discover an option that is superior to this at that price. The Razer Kraken X is a solid spending headset that meets every one of the prerequisites of a decent gaming headset. The eyewear channels are an absolute necessity to have highlighted for anybody with glasses. On the off chance that you need a right pair of gaming earphones with cross-stage similarity, the Kraken X is easy to use an alternative. It gives more noteworthy profundity, clearness, and definition that makes returning to standard sound troublesome. It likewise pushes the X’s score up a couple of indents. For jars that solitary set you back $50, that is an excellent worth.

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